Apple map bugs take a turn for the worse

Apple’s notorious iOS6 maps have turned from amusingly inaccurate to downright dangerous according to Australian police. They say a location blunder has left some motorists stranded in a national park. Stories of people blindly following mapping and GPS services and winding up in completely the wrong place have been commonplace, particularly when the technology took […]

Instagram Security Flaw on iOS

Apple fans have always touted how much more secure they are with iOS is in comparison to other mobile operating systems – how the iron fist of the iTunes store also means that you are saved the hassle of having to face malware and viruses. Well perhaps not so much. A security flaw has recently […]

13 Year Old Makes App for Rocket Attack Warnings

In a world where we have purported the benefits of smartphones only to give them to 4 year olds to play Angry Birds, it’s inspiring to see an app that’s literally saving lives. And that it comes from a 13 year old is astounding. Liron Bar came up with this app called “Color Red” which […]

Google pays $22.5 million for stealth cookies

A court has confirmed Google must pay a $22.5 million penalty — and Google will consider that a relief. That’s because a consumer group had argued the punishment was insufficient, an argument a federal judge has now rejected. The penalty is a settlement of charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission after Google intentionally bypassed […]

Scrollbars Through History [Pic]

There’s quite a few Windows scrollbars missing from the picture. Hmmm, I guess this was put together by a Mac user! :) [Source]

Apple makes peace with HTC but Android wars continue

Apple has reached a deal with HTC that ends the two firms’ patent disputes. It looks as if Apple is now narrowing its intellectual property wars from an all out assault on Android to a battle focused on Samsung. The Apple-HTC deal is largely under wraps, but it is known they’ve dropped all legal action […]

AT&T makes minor FaceTime backtrack but critics unsatisfied

AT&T has relented slightly on its restrictions on customers using Apple’s FaceTime service. But it’s still blocking some users and won’t have staved off accusations that it’s breaching net neutrality rules. The network angered users by blocking FaceTime over cellular (non-WiFi) connections to all but the customers who had signed up to its new shared […]

What do you think of the iPad Mini Ad?

Say what you want about Apple, they’re pretty good at marketing their stuff. They’ve had a pretty good recipe of clean white backgrounds to showcase the product being advertised and a carefully crafted voice-over making the features sound like conversation pieces. They kinda make the tech a talking piece – which isn’t an entirely bad […]