Become a Casual Superhero with Marvel’s New “Gear Up” Clothing Collection

The folks at Thinkgeek have recently partnered with Marvel and Mighty Fine to launch an amazing clothing collection for both men and women that’s just perfect for about any situation, whether it’s at work, at school, or during the weekend! With our Marvel x ThinkGeek Gear Up Collection, we were aiming for wearable, comfortable looks […]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec Comiccon 2017 – Part 2 [Picture Gallery]

As promised on Saturday, here is the second part of our pictures from Quebec Comiccon 2017. We were supposed to post the second part of our photos yesterday, but due to unforseen circumstances, including a bottle of wine, we were only able to work on the article this morning. As usual, if you see yourself […]

New York Comic Con 2017 Cosplay in Pictures [Gallery]

Once again this year, geeks from all around the globe gathered in New York City to attend one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the world: New York Comic Con! As usual, cosplayers went above and beyond to show their amazing costumes to the public, and some very talented photographers were on location to […]

Terry Pratchett’s Study Recreated In Museum

The contents of Terry Pratchett’s office have taken pride of place at a museum in the UK, complete with his writing desk. The Salisbury Museum is hosting “Terry Pratchett: His World” for the next three months and includes a recreation of his study with a range of possessions from spectacles to floppy disks and personal […]

Gorgeous Handmade Dragon Sculptures

Artist and Etsy seller GloriosaArt makes adorable dragon sculpture (and jewelry too!) using polymer clay. All the creations you see below are available for purchase via her Etsy store. [GloriosaArt on Etsy]

Zero Gravity: A Magnetic Miniatures “Capture-the-Flag” Board Game

Zero Gravity is a new innovative capture the flag game for 2 to 4 players. The game features over 80 magnetic miniatures (40mm) and a 3D arena. During a game, each player controls 14 miniatures that needs to score points (called cheers) to win the game. How does it work? Each miniature has a metal […]

Star Trek: TNG Warp Core USB Car Charger

Now, thanks to this Star Trek: TNG warp core USB car charger, you can recharge your gadgets while driving where no man has gone before, or at least, while cruising the highway! The charger features two USB charging ports that provide 2.1 Amps each (enough to charge 2 devices at the same time!) This Star […]

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: The Board Game! (Available for Pre-Order)

Remember the insanely popular Labyrinth board game that was released last year by River Horse? If you’re a fan of anything by Jim Henson and board games in general, here’s something that should please you quite a bit: The company is releasing a new game based on the 1982 fantasy classic, The Dark Crystal! For […]

Man Uploads Petabyte Of Porn To Amazon Cloud

A man who tried to find the limits of Amazon’s unlimited online storage deal gave up when he exceeded a petabyte. In doing so, the user may have created the largest ever hoard of adult videos. The man, who posts on Reddit as beaston02, realized that manually uploading files from his hard drive would prove […]

Rick and Morty -Rick TV- Pixel Perfection and Pickles [Pixel Art Trailer]

Nothing to see here. Just an awesomely insane pixel art trailer (or something) for the outstanding Rick and Morty show on Adult Swim, which you all already love so really, what do I need to say except…. Via

WANT: Keytendo NES Console Key Holder Rack

This Keytendo NES Style key holder is quite possibly the coolest key holder I have ever seen. The rack is wall mountable, comes with two controller input keychains and features a storage compartment, which you can open up, to store some of your small belongings… for you AND your player two! Now how cool is […]

A Gameboy Camera Photo of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Seems like old is the new new. Here you see someone used an old Gameboy camera to catch today’s solar eclipse and the end results are, well, very Gameboy camera. Looks like the eye of Sauron. Just saying. Here is the setup, from reddit user zhx. Via