WANT: Critical Hit D20 Necklace Glows With LEDs

Casting time: 1 action. Range: Touch! A fantastic necklace for roleplaying and tabletop game fans! Welcome the Critical Hit D20 LED Necklace to the party. In normal circumstances, it looks like a purple d20 hanging from your neck. But when orcs or goblins are nearby, it starts to glow blue. Provided you’ve turned it on. […]

Batman Vs. Batman Fan Film Edit is Amazing


Batman’s most recent movie outing was not as well received as the Dark Knight Trilogy that came before it, and that was enough fuel for ScreenRant to pose the following cinematic question: What would happen if Bale Batman fought Batfleck? Now obviously we are all wise enough to know this will never happen, but the […]

Anovos and Gold Bubble Create New Geektastic Line of Star Trek Fashion Dresses


Anovos just partnered with Gold Bubble to create a new line of Star Trek fashion dresses. Unfortunately, I’d look a little weird wearing one of these, but I’d totally see my wife wearing one, especially the NCC-1701 fashion dress! The dresses are available for pre-order now, and shipping is estimated to begin by December 2016. […]

Rick and Morty Easter Eggs Would Make No Man’s Sky the Best Game Ever


Found on Reddit today, can we just stop and imagine for a second how amazing it would be in No Man’s Sky if you could discover random Rick and Morty easter eggs sprinkled throughout the massive galaxy? Imagine for a second how schwifty that would be?

Can Flubber Protect an iPhone SE from a 100 FT Drop Test?!


So apparently, flubber is now a thing you can make at home. Sadly, it will not become sentient like the classic Jerry Lewis and Robin Williams’ movie. What it WILL do might impress you, though, as someone encased an iPhone SE in the stuff and then dropped it off a building. Now if you’ll excuse […]

Newspaper Tells Us What We Already Knew, Gamers Rule


But kids, show this to your parents next time they tell you video games will rot your brain while they spend nine hours on social media, uploading Instagram pictures of what they wore and ate that day. (Reddit)

Glow In The Dark Constellation Dress


Think Geek has this great navy blue dress which, once the lights go out, glows to show stars and constellations. Sadly it appears to be a repeating pattern made up of a few familiar shapes rather that a complete and accurate map of the night skies. (Glow In The Dark Constellation Dress)

Deal of the Day: $9.99 Geek Tees, 3.3 Feet Apple Certified Charge and Sync Lightning Cable for Just $3.99 + MORE Deals!


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a 3.3 Feet Apple certified charge and sync lightning cable for just $3.99 with promo code CJWIO2OC. You can also get two for $8 with promo code U8W5AXGE. –Mpow Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable 3.3 Feet – $7.99 $3.99 (Use Promo Code CJWIO2OC) Other […]

Amazon Deal Of the Day: Save BIG on a LARGE Selection of Top-Rated Strategy Board Games (Up to 52% Off!)


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers some HUGE savings on a large selection of top-rated strategy board games such as Coups, The Resistance, Labyrinth, and much, much more! As I’m writing this, there are over 100 of them spread over 5 pages, so be sure to check ’em all out! [Save […]

None-Up: In My World, Super Mario is a Wee Bit Darker….


I like geek stuff. I like dark stuff. It’s never made sense to me why I am not allowed to like both at once. It is like the geek world and horror world are different, but they aren’t. They are both genres and mediums people use to escape the monotony of their own lives. As an […]

Prop Wars: Prop Harder [Must-Watch!]


The second edition of Sneaky Zebra’s epic Prop Wars is here! If you haven’t seen the first edition, be sure to check it out right here! [Sneaky Zebra]

8 Things You Might Not Know About Harley Quinn


With each Suicide Squad trailer release it becomes increasingly obvious that we’re all in this for one reason – Harley Quinn. She’s sassy, sexy, hilarious and has a serious dark side. Harley has been adored by DC fans for decades, and it seems she’s finally finding her place in the broader spotlight of mainstream pop […]