Get some Insane Deals on the Fitbit Alta, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and More!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few amazing deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning, including the best price we’ve ever seen on a Fitbit, a deeply discounted robotic vacuum cleaner, and more! –Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Black (Small or Large) – $129.95 $69.99 (46% Off) –Eufy […]

The Cosplay of Geekulture Lanaudière: When Geekery Meets Family Fun [Gallery]

It seems that geek-focused conventions are popping up everywhere these days, but among those, very few seem to distinguish themselves from the crowd. It certainly was the case with “Geekulture Lanaudière,” the first exeptional edition of an event that took place in Repentigny, Quebec last weekend. For the first time, I brought my three kids […]

Super Mario Fish Tank Cool Enough To ALMOST Make You Want A Fish Tank

Note in the title of this article I said ALMOST. Having and maintaining a fish tank is a great deal of constant work. But seeing an original fish tank like this done so superbly in a Super Mario theme, I cannot but think of how cool that would look in my home. But (and there […]

10 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

The world is a strange place, filled with even stranger places that are ripe with intrigue and full of unanswered questions. From the circular mysticism of Stonehenge to strange places far less well known, here are the ten most mysterious places on Earth, via Mindchop.

The Fabulous Cosplay of Ottawa Comiccon 2017 – Part I [Photo Gallery]

Since 2012, the city of Ottawa, the georgeous capital of Canada, has been holding its very own Comiccon. This year marked the 6th edition of Ottawa Comiccon, and even though it was a little rainy outside, it certainly did not prevent people form attending the event! Just as last year, yours truly along with my […]

Dorkly Comic: Why I, as a Nerd, I Should Not Be Allowed to Have Money

In this comic, artist extraordinaire and professional geek Julia Lepetit from Dorkly tells the world why she thinks some nerds should not be allowed to have any money, ever. And for those who are wondering, yes, this $75,000 Alien statue does exist and you can buy it right now on eBay. AND YES! IT EVEN […]

Wear a Custom “Hero-Kini” and Kick Butt on the Beach! [Pics]

…or by the pool! All these are available via SciFeyeCandy’s Etsy store. BANG! POW! WHAM! Order one today from Etsy seller SciFeyeCandy before the summer starts! [via SciFeyeCandy]

May The Fourth Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!

I don’t want to stereotype here and say that all geeks are excited about today, but I’m willing to bet that a fair number of you have May 4th marked on the calendar, just like Grandma’s birthday and that long-awaited game release. (Half-Life 3, anyone? Sigh.) For those of you who have a smartphone, there’s […]

BIG T-SHIRT SALE: All Our Tees Are Just $14 for a Limited Time!

Update: There’s just a few hours remaining to our big t-shirt sale! Our t-shirt sale for April is now live, and starting today and until the end of the week, all our tees are priced at just $14! Getting a t-shirt (or a few) from our store is a great way to support us! We’ve […]

Solid $1.4 Million Gold Darth Vader Mask On Sale

A solid gold Darth Vader mask is going up for sale in Japan to mark the movie’s 40th anniversary. It’s yours for a mere $1.4 million. It’s the work of Ginza Tanaka, a leader Japanese jeweller, and will go on sale in its Tokyo store on… yes… May the fourth. The mask is solid 24k […]

T-SHIRT SALE: Save 40% Off on Over 1000 Geektastic Tees! – Just $12 Each! (With Promo Code)

There’s currently a big sale over at Busted Tees where they’re offering 40% off on all their t-shirts (use promo code spaceship). There are hundreds of tees to choose from for all tastes and fandoms, so be sure to check ’em all out! Plus, if you order over $80, shipping is free! [T-Shirt Sale: 40% […]

When Little Golden Books Meet Pop Culture [Pics]

Artist Joey Spiotto inspired himself from some of the books of our childhood to create a series of fantastic illustrations that picture various pop culture characters and franchises as they would appear on the cover of Little Golden Books. Please note that most of these are available as prints via the artist’s Etsy store. [Joey […]