Thinkgeek Now Has a Monthly Subscription Box: The Thinkgeek Capsule!

You’ve seen geeky subscription boxes around for several years on the web, but did you know that Thinkgeek now has their own geeky box? The new Thinkgeek Capsule (U.S. only for now, but other countries will be available soon!) is priced at just $29.99, including shipping and handling, and features plenty of geeky goodness delivered […]

Why Every Gamer And Movie Fan Is Excited For October 27

As much as August and September have some awesome movies and games coming out, I don’t think the world is ready for this October of 2017. So many amazing geek things are coming out and premiering, you best not make any plans outside of Halloween itself because between the top-shelf games and top-shelf TV and […]

The Disgusting Money-Making Ways of Modern Gaming, Summed Up

I have nothing to say here except if ¬†ANY OF YOU DO THIS, it will only get bigger and more predominant. Shun such packages and ‘games’ and let’s send a very clear message that we are people and not walking dollar signs. This crap aint’ right. Via

THINKGEEK Is Turning 18 This Week and They’re Having an EPIC Sale!

Did you know? Thinkgeek is turning 18 this week, and to celebrate, they’re having an epic sale where they’re offering up to 60% off on over 100 geektastic items, some of them available for a short period of time only! They have stuff for everyone in there, so be sure to check out everything they […]

Kevin Conroy Voices Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight! (Talkin’ Toons w/ Rob Paulsen)

For those who may not know, Kevin Conroy is the penultimate VOICE of Batman as he played him on the amazing animated series that helped cement his current popularity. And many people (myself included) think his Batman growl is easily the most befitting of the DC hero. It seems I am not alone as on […]

The Cosplay of Montreal’s Otakuthon 2017 [Picture Gallery]

Sure, most of you know about Montreal Comiccon since I’ve been covering the event since 2011, but Quebec’s biggest city also has a second event that celebrates cosplay and pop culture in general: Otakuthon. The convention, which focuses on anime and manga, has been in existence since 2006. Unfortunately, I could not attend the event […]

10 Biggest Hoaxes That Fooled a Foolish World

Listen, if the world believed there was fairies at one point, I cannot even be mad. I mean, we all know better, but it’s fun to fantasize. Problem is, in some of the cases of these hoaxes listed here (like the aforementioned fairies), some people get sucked into believing a straight up lie, and a […]

The Most Important Deleted Scenes From Game Of Thrones

With the new season of Game of Thrones dropping jaws, what better time to look back on the show and reflect on some missed opportunities (via deleted scenes). While HBO did a great job of mixing the massive world from the book series into smaller portions that were easier for mass consumption, we cannot help […]

San Diego Comic Con 2017 (SDCC): The Cosplay Music Video

From Sneaky Zebra: San Diego Comic Con! One of the best events on the geek calendar so of course we had to make our pilgrimage and try to film with some of the best cosplayers & costumers celebrating their favourite characters! [Sneaky Zebra]

ALMOST OVER: All of Our Geektastic Tees are Currently Just $14 Each!

Update: Just a few hours left before the end of the sale! Getting one of our tees is a great way to support us! Ladies and gentlegeeks, our mid-summer t-shirt sale has just started! For the next week, you can get all of our geektastic tees for just $14 each! There’s plenty of geektastic designs […]

Microwaving An Airbag: Slowmo Video

These days you can’t move for videos attempting to blend unconventional objects or pit them against red hot lava balls. But way back in 2009, Youtuber Jogwheel was microwaving inappropriate objects for (potentially perilous) research. Now the people behind a slow motion video channel have decided to replicate one of his more spectacular experiments…

Tormund Has His Say On Brienne Crush [Video]

Many Game Of Thrones viewers have commented on the obvious adoration (or lust) that Tormund has for Brienne, with all manner of screencaps, GIFs and musical tributes. Now actor¬†Kristofer Hivju has created a video giving his take on the whole affair…