Take a Closer Look At the New Costumes from the Upcoming Power Rangers Movie


Nostalgia is a really tough highwire act to master. You have to hit all the right chords without it seeming like you are pandering to the fan base, yet you don’t want to stray so far from original that fans do not recognize what they loved in the first place. That seems to be the […]

The Amazing Evolution Of The Joker Throughout History


Do you know what it takes to make you into a madman as unhinged and sickly as The Joker? One bad day. One bad day is all it takes to drive even the most sane man to break into something “else”. This is from the Joker’s own mouth, a speech given during the amazing Killing […]

Bedpool: I Drew A Very Subtle Deadpool and Hung Him Over My Girl’s Bed


I feel like Deadpool himself would be proud of this. Maybe not the so/so chalk art I did, maybe not the fact that he does look a little more like Deathstroke (though only the nerdiest of nerds will notice that). I mean I think Deadpool would approve that he gets to hang over my girlfriend’s bed […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II [Gallery]


As mentioned yesterday, I was at Montreal Comiccon 2016 last weekend and took plenty of photos of the fabulous costumes that could be seen at the event. Since I had so many, I divided this post in two parts. Here is the second batch! As always, if you recognize yourself in one of these, be […]

Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]


Another year, another edition of Montreal Comiccon! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location once again this year along with my photographer friend Patrick-Michel Dagenais to snap some shots of the best costumes the con had to offer, and as usual, I was not disappointed. I also ran into many of you […]

Magic Is Real: Iron Giant is Playing in Theaters Again!


I had heard about a re-release of Iron Giant during 2015, but had no idea of anything other than that. Meanwhile, today I am writing about the amazing film and while Googling it, found (and crappily screen-capped and circled) the simple fact that The Iron Giant is playing at a movie theater not very far […]

Phoenix Comicon 2016 [GALLERY + VIDEO]


The 16th Annual Phoenix Comicon took place June 2-5 at the Phoenix Convention Center, and the 117-degree heat(!!!) didn’t stop thousands from donning their cosplay best. Check out the music video by Rincon Studios and the below photo gallery, with images taken by yours truly (Lauren Berkley) and Ryan Casey.

Star Trek: TNG One-Piece Swimsuits (Now Back in Stock!)


Update: Just a quick update to let you know that the Star Trek: TNG swimsuits are now back in stock over at Thinkgeek, and since a lot of people have complained about the confusing sizing table, the product page now has an updated and easier to understand version! I know a few ladies who’ll be […]

Game of Thrones Memes: Khal Drogo Vs. Khal No-Go


When it comes to come cheaper brands, sometimes you can’t even tell the difference. I have some generic Crunch Berries (with marshmallows!) right now in my cabinet that are just as awesome as the real thing (but +10 points for the ‘mallows). But some stuff you just can’t skimp on. Seems this Imgur user and […]

May The Fourth Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day!


I don’t want to stereotype here and say that all geeks are excited about today, but I’m willing to bet that a fair number of you have May 4th marked on the calendar, just like Grandma’s birthday and that long-awaited game release. (Half-Life 3, anyone? Sigh.) For those of you who have a smartphone, there’s […]

Step Up Your Game, Voldermort!


We all look back at the Harry Potter franchise with loving eyes. From the fantastic books to the stellar films, the series has embedded itself in geek culture, and with good reason. A great story about a young boy who finds himself and his true purpose in the process, it is also easy to look […]

The “Game of Thrones” Dilemma


The good fellows over at Kotaku have come up with a rather interesting article in the wake of this week’s Game of Thrones season premier. As many of you know, this season of the stellar HBO fantasy series based on the best selling books by George R. R. Martin will be deterring from the books […]