Management Lessons Everyone Should Know

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Hansel and Gretel [Comic]

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The Sword of Swap [Comic]

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Fictional Fight Commentary: Freddy vs Jason [Video]

Fight commentators Craven and Zak are bringing in the Halloween spirit FFC style. Does a mindless immortal killing machine have bad dreams? Does a crafty nightmare demon have good kickboxing? All of the questions that no one ever asked have been answered by Freddy Vs Jason, and we’re here to call the shots as they […]

Out of Toilet Paper [Comic]

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Where’s Your Costume? [Comic]

For some people who are anxious and don’t feel comfortable in situations where many people gather (such as a Halloween party) I guess simply attending and pretending to be someone you are not could be considered as wearing a Halloween costume. The only Halloween party I had this year got cancelled unfortunately, so I won’t […]

World War ZzZ [Comic]

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Babies for Dummies 101 [Pic]

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