In a Dream [Comic]

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Your Conscience: Should I Go Out Today? [Comic]

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Bald [Comic]

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Black Panther’s Emails

[Source: Texts from Superheroes]

Kangaroo Younglings [Comic]

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Justice League Gets an “Honest Trailer” [Video]

Somewhere between the awful Suicide Squad and the really good Wonder Woman there’s a movie that is determined to be right in the middle – It’s Justice League! [Screen Junkies]

I Know [Comic]

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Corporate Speak [Comic]

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Teen Falls Down Stairs and Bounces All Over the City Causing Chaos and Destruction [Video]

A special effect video showing a teenager falling down some stairs and then bouncing all over the city, causing chaos and destruction everywhere he lands. [Nukazooka | Via LS]

Spider-Man Dances in Video Game Store [Video]

Super, we all know Spider-Man fights crime, but he also happens to be a really good dancer! [Ghetto Spider]

Every Hotel Ever (in a Nutshell) [Video]

Your stay at every hotel ever resumed: Just like not staying at home! [Tripp and Tyler]