True Facts: Frog Fish (Ze Frank is Back!)

After almost 3 years of not posting anything, Ze Frank has just uploaded a new episode of “True Facts!” Not there for 36 months, and then BAM, a new video, just like that! In this episode, he takes a look at the very weird and rather funny looking Frog Fish. [Ze Frank] Advertisements


Interrogating Zuckerberg: A Bad Lip Reading [Video]

Tension mounted during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing… [Bad Lip Reading]

When Real-Life Anime Meets Self-Driving Cars [Video]

Two racers pit their self-driving hyper-fast cars against each other. Some say victory is guaranteed if you can program your car to be smart. But what if you program you car to have a heart? [Corridor]

The Tour [Comic]

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The Adventures of Little Deadpool [Video]

Patrick Boivin’s son is a huge fan of Deadpool, so the animator decided to transform him into the character and have him fight Cable. Check it out above! And here’s the “Making of:” [Patrick Boivin]

Perspectives: The Various Realities of Developers [Comic]

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An Alternate Origin Story [Comic]

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Thinkgeek’s May the Fourth Star Wars Sale is Already Live!

Sure, Star Wars day isn’t here yet, but the folks from Thinkgeek have decided to launch their “May the Fourth” sale today. They’re offering up to 80% off on HUNDREDS of geektastic items from a galaxy far, far away! There’s a lot of stuff over there, from t-shirts, to gadgets, toys, and much, much more! […]