The Deadpool Rap: Dead to the Pool to the Pool to the Dead [Video]


Dead to the pool to the pool to the dead: If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s all in your head! A fantastic new song by the always amazing and entertaining Dan Bull! [Dan Bull]

Multitasking [Comic]


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Introducing the New Apple AirBag #Courage [Parody]


Apple has revolutionized carrying technology and is bringing the bag into the 21st century. That’s right. Apple: We don’t even know what you want anymore. #courage [Team Coco]

Babyproofing [Comic]


As you’ll see in the comic below, babyproofing your house is a task of an utmost importance. Babyproofing your medicine cabinet is super important as you’ve seen in the comic. You wouldn’t want to end up with a real life Stewie Griffin in the family, right? Back when my kids were younger, my mother once […]

Learning [Comic]


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The Guy Who Only Posts Sad Stories On Facebook [Video]


We all know a guy like that or two, and I have a few of those that pop up regularly on my Facebook feed. We all need positive news in our lives to brighten our day! The evil men do will not be forgiven by any just God. Oh, and there’s also all these people […]

IT EXISTS: A Gatling Gun That Shoots Meatballs [Video]


No arsenal–or kitchen–is complete without a meatball gatling gun. Check out how this ultimate convergence of meat and firepower came to be, then see it in delicious action. Take cover or grab some napkins. [Science Channel]

Staring at Our Screens Isolates us and Makes us Anti-Social [Comic]


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Modern Games [Comic]

I don’t know how the update and installation process is on the Xbox One, but this comic reflects how installing a new game on your PS4 feels like, especially when you buy it a few months after release when a few patches already came out for it. [Source: Ry-Spirit on Deviantart]

Happy Birthday! [Comic]


Well, it’s my birthday today, which I also like to call “Facebook Wall Spam day!” I don’t know about you guys, but getting all those messages on FB is nice, but you have to wonder how many people would truly recall your birthday if the social media site wasn’t there. In the meantime, here’s a […]

Super Deadpool Bros. [Comic]

A Deadpool mushroom in Super Mario Bros. Now how EPIC would that be? Oh, and let’s not forget about flying tacos… we need those too. And chimichanga missiles. Oh so delicious tacos and chimichanga. That’s it, it’s 8AM as I’m writing this on a Saturday morning, and I’m hungry now for things I shouldn’t eat […]

Simpsons Time: The Simpsons Parodies “Adventure Time” in Newest Couch Gag [Video]


The Simpsons likes to make fun of all sorts of pop culture phenomenons in their couch gag intros, and this week, for the “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” episode, the show decided to parody “Adventure Time.” Check it out below! “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” will air on Sunday, September 25th as the opening episode for Season […]