Broken Record [Comic]


As a dad of three, I often feel that way. Sigh. Kids these days don’t really know what a broken record sounds like anyways, so it’s perfectly useless to use that expression on them. Also, the panel where the dad is “buffering” hits painfully home. As I grow older, I found myself buffering more and […]

Knight Rider 2016 [Parody]


Michael Knight and his talking car KITT are back, and now, KITT want Michael to change his look a little. KITT has an updated look after all now and looks amazing as a Lamborghini! Also, I love the fact that even though we’re in 2016, the creator of the video used the same old theme […]

He Ant Gonna Waste No Ice Cream: The 5-Second Rule [Comic]


This man ant gonna waste no ice cream! Those ants shouldn’t have taken it for grANTed. Seriously though, the 5-second rule has been tested by scientist, and you should just not do it. The five-second rule was also featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel series MythBusters. There was no significant difference in the […]

Candy Crush: FOR SCIENCE! [Comic]


We all know that those of us who play Candy Crush (and its many variations: Saga, Soda, and so on…) only do it for science. We’ve all been playing for years and still have to pierce the mystery on why this game is so darn successful and how the company behind it makes so much […]

Stupid Humans [Comic]


So yeah, humanity can be pretty stupid as demonstrated by this comic from “Anything About Nothing.” We don’t really need any help from outsiders to put ourselves in trouble. Just open the television on any random channel or start surfing the Internet on random sites, you’ll quickly notice that this is all true. [Source: Anything […]

Red Dead 2 (Technically 3) Fever Has Already Hit Its Comedic Apex


Here’s a great spin on the “shut up and take my money” meme that Fry from Futurama made so famous over the last five years. This one looks to address the current Red Dead 2 obsession that is definitely only going to grow into a fever pitch before the game’s release this time next year. […]

Just One Wish [Comic]


You stumble on a magical lamp in the desert. You rub it a few times, and then a genie comes out offering you to make just one of your wishes reality. You wish for a time machine, but unfortunately for you, the genie is a smart ass, and even though he makes your wish a […]

PS4 vs. Nintendo Switch [Comic]


From what I’ve heard, when it comes to raw power, the Nintendo switch will be similar to the Xbox One, and a little less powerful than the PS4. However, there’s one thing for sure: both of its competitors just won’t be able to perform what is pictured in this comic by Lolnein, and this is […]

The World is Like a Superhero Franchise [Comic]


Yep, thanks to this comic, I see it now: Our world is exactly like a superhero franchise. It just goes on and on and no, with no end in sight. They’re the most accurate movies that have ever graced the big screen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the perfect example of this! When we hit […]

Fast & Ferocious – 10 More Fast & Furious Sequels are Coming [Video]


There’s already plenty of “Fast and Ferocious” movie out there, and 10 more sequels are coming, including: Fast & Ferocious: Self-Driving Cars, The Fast Fellowship, Fast & Ferocious Z, and more! The Fast & Ferocious movies have been a big success, and the studio is planning more sequels. Do they have to be faster? Is […]

11 Ugly (But Amazing!) Star Wars Christmas Sweaters


Now that it’s colder outside and that the Holiday Season will soon be upon us, what better time than now to get an epic Star Wars Christmas Sweater? There are A LOT of shops selling those online, and here is just a few of our favorites: Star Wars: Lack of Cheer Disturbing Unisex Knitted Christmas […]

Summoning [Comic]


For those of you who have kids, you all know that this would totally works. Some would say that this applies only to kids who were recently born, but I remember doing just the same thing back in the 1980s when my mother wall calling me for lunch and I was “busy” playing Dragon Quest […]