Amazing “Homemade” Recreation of the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Trailer

The force is strong with this DIY Star Wars trailer! Take a ride on a millennium falcon made of cardboard, because you don’t need CGI to visit a galaxy far, far away, just imagination! Join the Homemade Movies crew for their last episode, on the appropriately titled, “The Last Jedi”! The last episode? WHY? Have […]

These Black Metal Comics Are Hilariously Dark [Comics]

Finnish artist JP Ahonen has created a series of comics featuring a black metal family that are quite the opposite of dark. They’re funny and quite delightful to read. Here are a few of our favorites. [Source: Belzebubs Comics]

Dorkly Comic: 6 Winter Activities For Introverts

In this comic, @JHallComics from Dorkly illustrates 6 winter ativities that are perfect for people that are extremely introverted. Check it out: [Source: Dorkly]


From the studio that took everything fun about the Star Wars franchise and turned them into microtransactions, this is Star Wars Battlefront II! [Smosh Games]

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment

Before The Last Jedi opens this weekend, catch up on the finale to the Original Star Wars trilogy that can best be described as “the third one” – It’s Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. [Screen Junkies]

Geektastic Holiday Card For Code-Loving Geeks: Egg Nog Array

Designer Matt Raw based himself on various programming languages to make these really cool holiday cards for the code-loving geek(s) in your life. Raw eggs, sugar, and copious amounts of alcohol. What web developer hasn’t known the rich pleasure that only this combination can provide? Especially when disguised in a coffee mug? At 11 AM? […]

White Death [Comic]

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100 People Show Us Their Best Chewbacca Impression [Video]

Sure, we’ve all heard Chewbacca speak to Han, and a lot of us have probably attempted to replicate his signature dialect, but most people can’t do a decent impression of the Wookiee. Here’s a video of 100 people attempting to speak Shyriiwook… badly. Very badly. This is hilarious. [Cut]

Planet Earth’s Hum [Comic]

[Source: Einstein’s mama on Facebook]

Forceloose! – A Star Wars Footloose Parody

Kylo Ren channels 1984 era Kevin Bacon and teaches you to never hide your dark side in Forceloose! [Nerdist]

This USB 3.0 Hub Looks Like a Self-Destruct Control Panel

This might be the greatest USB 3.0 hub of all time. Behold: The Cube-Works Self-Destruct USB 3.0 Hub by Thinkgeek: Will you push the red button and trigger the self-destruct protocol? On the one hand, you only have one chance at this, before it’s too late and that pile of reports becomes *your* problem. On […]

What if Animals Could Talk… [Comic]

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