Savings Ain’t Easy [Comic]


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I Used to Be an Adventurer Like You… [Comic]


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How to Win an Introvert’s Heart [Comic]


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Mobile Woes [Comic]


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The Justice League Movie Trailer Gets Really, Really Weird [Video]


Youtuber Aldo Jones takes footage from popular surperhero movies and puts his own personal and very weird touch on them. Now watch his version of the recent Justice League movie trailer. [Aldo Jones]

Dietetic Idiomatic Schematic


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Why I Hate Open Office Spaces: When You Just Cannot Not Listen [Comic]


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The Queen of Shitty Automatons Makes Crappy Sandwich-Making Robot [Video]


Oh Simone, please never change. I had a robot arm make me a sandwich with help from my friend Fiona Rolander and a remote control from Stuart McConnel. GOOD STUFF. Didn’t manage to feed me anything though. [Simone Giertz]

What’s Your Biggest Fantasy? [Comic]


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A Pokémon Go Robbery [Video]


A Pokemon Go robbery escalates into a battle over which team is best: Mystic, Valor, or Instinct? [The Warp Zone]

The Snooze Fairy [Comic]


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Rick and Morty Easter Eggs Would Make No Man’s Sky the Best Game Ever


Found on Reddit today, can we just stop and imagine for a second how amazing it would be in No Man’s Sky if you could discover random Rick and Morty easter eggs sprinkled throughout the massive galaxy? Imagine for a second how schwifty that would be?