This Ecto Cooler Cocktail is the Perfect Adult Drink for Halloween!

The perfect drink for a Halloween party! What you’ll need: 6 oz. orange tangerine Juicy Juice 2 oz. lemonade 3 oz. clementine vodka ½ tsp. Blue curacao Instructions: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain over ice in a pint glass. [Secret of the Booze]

OMG: Butterbeer Donuts are a Thing!

For the Harry Potter fans who happen to live near a Sugar Shack Donuts location, you’ll be glad to learn that the Donut shop has recently started selling Harry Potter-inpired butterbeer donuts! Behold: The donuts feature a white glaze and are covered with gold sprinkles, with the donuts themselves being butterbeer flavored. The Golden Snitch […]

Baking Doritos & Mountain Dew Cupcakes with DVA from Overwatch [Video]

Watch as Angie from The Screen Team (as DVA from Overwatch) makes Mountain Dew Doritos cupcakes! Recipe below: How to make Overwatch Dva Mountain Dew Doritos Cupcakes -1 box of lemon cake mix -1 box lemon pudding mix -4 eggs -1 1/4 cups Mountain Dew -1/2 cup vegetable oil Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. […]

Cooking the Ultimeatum from Regular Show: A Burger Within A Burger With Burgers For Buns [Video]

Regular Show regularly shows some fantastical and impossible food items – sandwiches that kill you, wings that kill you, skydiving pizza pockets – but few are quite so worthy of recreation as the Ultimeatum, the burger-within-a-burger-between-two-burgers. And ketchup from the Himalayas. Follow along this week to see if we can beat Chef Ajay Maldonaldo at […]

A Fully Playable Operation Game Cake [Video]

Ann Reardon from “How to Cook That” recently made a cake version of the traditional Operation game, and the best part about this cake is that it’s fully playayble, thanks to a Maykey Maykey invention kit! [How To Cook That]

Fried Chicken’s Deliciousness Explained With Science

Battered and deep-fried chicken might be one of the most delicious foods ever. But what makes this summer picnic staple so tasty? It all comes down to the chemistry of frying. In the latest Reactions video, learn how the delicate dance of fat at high temperatures leads to a crispy, savory summer snack. [Reactions]

An Aladdin-Inspired Palace Piescraper [Pics + Video Tutorial]

From The Pieous: In honour of Disney’s impending live-action release of Aladdin (and their great casting announcement!) I’ve created this “Aladdin-Inspired Palace Piescraper.” It has three separate apple pies hidden in it! I’m really pleased with how this one turned out – it’s my first pie with stairs :) In honour of Disney's impending live-action […]

Binging with Babish Makes Food from Zelda – Breath of the Wild [Video]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild may very well be the first open-world RPG developed for the Switch, released in 2017, not including DLC, to so prominently feature cooking in its story and strategy. At least it will be in my mind until someone angrily corrects me in the comments. Seldom have fruits and vegetables dancing […]

Man Eats 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies in 27 Minutes [Video]

Competitive eater Matt Stonie recently consumed 13lbs of Cookies and Milk in just 27 minutes. Cookie Monster would be proud of this man. Check it out in the video above! [Matt Stonie]

Star Trek: The Original Series Trekkie Tikis

Just the perfect gift for the Star Trek fan who has everything! Here’s a set of 6 geeky tikis modeleted after the likelyhood of Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, a Gorn, a Klingon, Mr. Spock, and a Mugato. Be the hit of the landing party with these Star Trek: The Original Series Geeki Tikis. A set […]

Nickolodeon Slime: The Secret Recipe

Depending on your age, you’ll likely associate a particular Nickolodeon show with green slime: for me it’s You Can’t Do That On Television. Now former network presenter Mark Summers reveals exactly what was in the slime and why it was safe to eat. [Via: Neatorama]

How Does Caffeine Keep Us Awake (Video)

Grab a cup of hot java and relax with this explanatory video… then find out why you can’t relax. [Via: Laughing Squid]