Butterbeer Ice Cream Launches

While Harry Potter-style butterbeer is only officially available at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can now taste the flavor at home, albeit in ice cream form. The new line from Yeungling’s Ice Cream is not officially licensed, though the makers say they took “inspiration from a popular wizarding beverage” and quote JK Rowling’s description of the taste […]

Zelda Hydration Cartridge w/Straw

From Thinkgeek: The Zelda Hydration Cartridge w/ Straw features the original NES classic gold cartridge repurposed for all your drinky needs. Take a swig of your favorite drink, or, if you feel so inclined, use the included straw. Please drink potions responsibly. [Zelda Hydration Cartridge w/Straw]

How to Make A Giant Standing Lego Batman Cake

If you want to make a giant LEGO minifig Batman cake, this is the tutorial you need to follow! Please note that you can also create any other LEGO character using this technique. All you need to do is to swap out the color of the fondant and change the shape of the head! This […]

Washing Machine Gets Curry Mode

Panasonic has made a washing machine for India that has a dedicated button for cleaning curry stains. It’s one of five custom cycles on the machine designed to meet the specific stains that Indian customers said were often not removed by washing machines. The others cover hair oils, sauces, general sweat, and tide marks on […]

Legend of Zelda Rainbow Apple Pie [How-To Video]

From @ThePieous: In honour of the Nintendo Switch AND the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild release this week, I created this colourful Princess Zelda pie. It’s made from basic apple filling tinted with gel food colouring and a bit of edible gold paint for some bling. Hope you enjoy! [Pies Are Awesome]

Coffee You Can Spread

Coffee and toast is a quick morning pick-me-up for many people, but from tomorrow people in Japan will be able to make it even more efficient with a spreadable coffee. The company behind Snow Brand, an instant coffee/cream mix, are celebrating its 55th anniversary with a spread that appears to mix the powder with butter-like oils […]

One Cake to Rule Them All [Pic]

Ok, this cake might not be in the shape of the one ring and it may only have 5 of the 7 levels featured in the magnificent city of Minas Tirith from the LOTR movies, but when you get a spectacular cake like this for your wedding, this isn’t stuff you really care about, unless […]

How to Create a Queen of Hearts Cherry Pie [Video]

For Valentine’s Day, Jessica from “Pies are Awesome” came up with a fantastic Alice in Wonderland-inspired Queen of Hearts cherry pie that was just perfect for the holiday! [Pies Are Awesome]

How To Make A Death Star-Inspired Pie For Valentine’s Day [Video]

Want to surprise your Star Wars loving significant other for Valentine’s day? Here’s a fun video that will teach you how to make a Death Star-inspired love pie! Note: The media player below takes a few seconds to load.

Stealing Ideas: The Origin of the Oreo Cookie [Video]

Did you know that “Oreo” is a knockoff brand? I’m fairly sure that most people think that Oreos are the original cookie and cream sandwiches, but the truth is, Hydrox is. A company named ‘Sunshine Biscuits’ first marketed the cookies back in 1908. Then, the National Biscuit Company, who would later become the brand we […]

These Bento Boxes Are Too Cute to Eat (Almost) [Video]

In Japan, children bring bento boxes to school with them for lunch, and Tomomi Maruo has a knack for making these lunches way more fun. As a food artist, she can take up to an hour each day creating entirely edible characters for these special bento boxes called charaben. Her talent for crafting these intricate […]

Robotic Hand Treats Fruit Gently

An online grocery firm is testing a robotic hand that picks up fruit and vegetables without bruising or squashing them. The next step is for the hand to be able to detect the fruit’s ripeness. British-based Ocado is working alongside five universities and Disney on a project called SOMA, short for soft manipulation. Among its […]