Meanwhile, At The Apple Store [Animated Gif]

Yep, that looks about right.


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  1. You keep calling iPhone users sheep, yet iPhone keep selling more with each iteration. Maybe it's time to rethink your name-calling strategy?

  2. I gotta agree with this. Not because I dislike apple or the iphone even a little bit. But because waiting in line and rushing in to get a phone day 1 seems like a huge waste of time to me. Your old phone worked just fine last week, it'll still work fine for a few more, no need to rush.

  3. And what about you people who flock to ridicule? Aren't you doing the same thing, going with the herd mentality? Or is it a boost to your fragile egos? "Look at those people doing something I wouldn't do. They are losers. I am better than them."

    Here's an idea: next time there's a football game why don't stand next to the gates and yell "Sheep!" at the people who are lined up and crowding to get in. It works so well in discouraging iPhone buyers, should be equally effective with professional sports.

  4. Palenoue, that's not a very good comparison. Also I don't think anyone is trying to boost any ego by the ridicule of Apple fans. It's just easy to do when most of them couldn't even tell the difference between products but it's still OMG AMAZINGLY BETTER THEN THE LAST!

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