Apple: Samsung didn’t rip us off (oh, and they suck)


Apple has complied with a British court’s demand that it publicly admit the Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t rip-off the iPad (according to the UK legal system at least.) But the way it’s done is a masterclass of making the best of a bad situation. As we noted in July, although Apple has had some court […]

Apple, Samsung: Nyah Nyah Nyah


Samsung looks set to no longer supply LCD panels for Apple’s portable devices. Perhaps predictably it’s unclear which side is initiating the break-up. A “senior Samsung source” told the Korea Times of the split, saying it will take effect from next year. It seems Apple has been cutting back on using Samsung screens, with the […]

Batman Uses Apple Maps [Video]


See what happens when Batman tries to use his Apple Maps App to navigate Gotham on his way to save Rachel in The Dark Knight. [movieclipsTRAILERS]

Apple Developer’s Life Cycle [Comic]


[Source: C-Section Comics]

Oh GoogIe, You So Mean! [Pic]


[Source: GoogIe Maps @ (Sadly, this is not the official Google Maps twitter account. The l in Google is a Capital i]

The AMAZING iOS 6 Maps [Pics]

Stockholm's New Coordinates

One of the best things to come out of Apple’s iPhone 5 and iOS 6 launch has arguably been their new map system. And by best, if you are an Android user,  you finally get the one-over on all your Mac-touting hipster friends. The complaint by users world-wide has centered on the sheer inaccuracy of […]

AppleCare may be mis-sold in Europe


European officials are urging national consumer regulators to check that Apple isn’t misleading customers over the usefulness of its AppleCare protection. It follows a $1.2 million fine for violations in Italy. European consumer law, which applies in all European Union member countries, automatically gives buyer a minimum of two years’ warranty on products. During the […]

Apple Maps Attempts an Apology with Siri


As I’m sure you must have heard by now, Apple’s new iOS6 (which the iPhone 5 has installed on automatically) has had a number of issues. The most irritating, of course, was that they completely bunged up the map functionality as they shifted away Google maps to try their own vectorized version. Of course, the […]

iExpander Adds Physical Features to iPhones


Charlie Corry and his team wanted features on the iPhone that simply weren’t there. Instead of whining to Apple about it, they decided to build these features themselves, in what they’re calling the iExpander. They have built a prototype for the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as one for the iPhone 5. Here’s a […]

Apple boss: Our maps suck, try Google instead


Apple chief Tim Cook has admitted the new iPhone and iPad map service just isn’t good enough. He’s told customers to try out rival services or even just visit the Google Maps website instead. Apple stopped using Google to provide its map service starting with the recent release of iOS6. Originally it appeared Apple was […]

One Does Not Simply Use iOS 6 To Walk Into Mordor + Other Funny iPhone 5 Map Jokes [Pics]


[Via MUO]

11 Year Old Wins $20,000 in App Contest


An 11 year old has won $20,000 from AT&T in an app competition to try and discourage texting while driving. In collaboration with the designer David Grau, Victoria Walker created an app called Rode Dog for the “It Can Wait” campaign. How the app works is that you join a “pack” with your friends (you all have […]