Dear Geeks: Help Keep “Geeks Are Sexy” Alive

Dear readers,

I’ve been running Geeks are Sexy for 18 years. I’ve launched the site in 2005 as a hobby project, but it quickly became much more than that. Now that I’m approaching the age of 50, the web is changing and small, independant websites such as mine are suffering. Traffic has been dropping since February because a large percentage of the site’s visitors come from our Facebook page. As you can imagine, this is having a drastic effect on my life. I’m running a deficit on most months, and my neurodegenerative disease is flaring up badly because of the anxiety that all this uncertainty brings.

I’ve been posting daily on this place for over 6500 days, here since 2007, and before that, on Blogspot. Geeks are Sexy has over 48,000 posts that I’ve published mostly alone. There’s also the Facebook page and group, which are thriving communities, but just not for links anymore.

If you’ve been with me for a while, and as a small business owner and single dad of three, I humbly ask for your help.

If you enjoy Geeks are Sexy, please consider donating a small (or large) amount to help me keep on going. Here are a few options:

Contribute monthly to our Patreon
Make a donation via Paypal (Via a Paypal account or a credit card. It can be a single donation or a monthly one!)
-Get us an gift card to help with the purchase of a new laptop (Send it to [email protected]). Mine is hanging by a thread and I need to change it badly. The hinge actually holds with duct tape. See below. Why don’t I change it now? 3 kids, with one in college heading to university, and another entering college next year.

If we get enough via monthly payments, It will allow me to remove some of the most annoying ads on the site. I profoundly dislike them, but they’re a necessity unfortunately.

Whatever you do, thank you for being there. I am eternally grateful to you guys for the support you’ve been giving me for the past 18 years. Thank you.

Oh, and if you are here from Facebook, bookmark the site for easy access so you can read us daily! There is so much you are missing out by reading us via social media!