NASA Releases Apollo 11 Audio Archive

NASA has released 19,000 hours of audio recordings from the Apollo 11 mission. The collection covers communications both on-board, at mission control and between the two. It was made up of 200 tapes, each 14 hours long and made up of 30 audio tracks. The recordings have been released under the rules that NASA’s work […]


Spitfire Beats Fusion To Win Overwatch League (And a $1 Million Prize)

The London Spitfire franchise has won the first Overwatch League season, picking up a $1 million prize before a live audience of 20,000 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The team faced Philadelphia Fusion in a battle to be decided by the best of three matches, each set being the best of five games. It […]

Red Light Is Green Light For Einstein’s Theory

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way has proven one of Albert Einstein’s key predictions is correct: light climbing out of a black hole is ‘stretched’ so that it turns red. The theory of general relativity addressed the issue of how photons would get out of a gravitational well such as a […]

Windows Updates Could Get Less Frustrating

Microsoft is trying to make Windows more likely to install updates at a time that won’t annoy users. It says it’s doing this with a “predictive model.” At the moment, Windows will sometimes install an update (and even reboot the machine to complete it) after simply checking that nothing is actively running. Microsoft notes one […]

Private Browsing Mode Confuses Users

Many web users overestimate exactly how private a “private browsing mode” really is according to new research. That’s partly because of confusion in the way browser developers name and explain the modes, which also include “incognito.” Researchers at the University of Chicago and Leibniz University in Hannover ran a study with 460 participants. Each was […]

Japan’s Calendar Could Pose Computer Problems

Japan could be facing its own version of the Y2K bug, with Unicode also affected. It’s all to do with the upcoming abdication of Emperor Akihito. As The Guardian notes, Japan’s date system resets every time a new emperor take over, marking what’s considered a new historical order. Emperor Akihito announced last December that he’ll […]

Taking Website Data With You Could Get Easier

Four web giants have signed up to a project to make it easier to transfer data between different online services. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are all working on the Data Transfer Project. The project has been described as making it easier to leave a service, though it’s more about moving the data itself. It […]

Windows To Better Support Leap Seconds

Windows 10’s next major update will add support for leap seconds. It’s designed to make the system compatible with some regulatory requirements The leap second is necessary because of the way we keep track of time. Almost all timekeeping, including computer operations and the internet, is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That’s an atomic […]