Xbox One Gets 1440p And 120Hz Display

The Xbox One is getting a series of updates with picture quality the key. 1440p and 120Hz support are among the big changes. The April update is already rolling out and adds support for 1440p displays, also known as QHD. While this isn’t widespread with TVs, it’s a popular option for PC gaming monitors. With […]


Spotify Tweaks Free Mobile Options

Spotify is revamping its mobile app for free users. They won’t be stuck with shuffle mode but there’s still a catch. Originally the mobile Spotify apps were only available to people on premium (paid) subscriptions. That was then switched so that free users could run the app but any album or playlist they selected would […]

eSports Players Can Get College Scholarship

An Ohio university is offering scholarships for eSports players in games such as Fortnite Battle Royale. But it’s not exactly going to pay your way through college. Ashland University has a small but dedicated eSports program headed by Joshua Buchanan, a competitive Starcraft player and commentator on streaming coverage. The team will practice and compete […]

Cook: MacOS And iOS Will Stay Separate

Tim Cook says Apple has no plans to merge MacOS and iOS. He says the move would water down both systems. The comments, made in a Sydney Morning Herald interview, come after rumors of a project codenamed Marzipan that would let developers easily make apps that work for both systems. It’s hardly surprising that Apple […]

Chrome To Mute Autoplay Videos By Default

The Chrome browser is finally muting the sound of autoplay videos by default. The update, in Chrome version 66, has arrived three months later than planned. During that delay period, users were able to actively choose to mute all autoplay videos on a specific site. Now that will not only be the default, but the […]

Gary Gygax Archive To Become Video Games

Unpublished work by Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax will be turned into video games. His family is searching for developers to make the adaptations. Perhaps most excitingly, the source material will include Gygax’s personal campaign that he used for game nights. He never published details of that campaign for fear that the people who […]

Scientists Improve Plastic Recycling Enzyme

Scientists investigating bacteria that can eat plastic have accidentally made the relevant enzyme even more effective. It could significantly improve the options for recycling plastic bottles. Such bottles are commonly made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in which the bond between molecules is particularly strong. That’s a big benefit when the material is being used and […]

Sega Doubles Down On Retro Market

Sega is going all-in with retro gaming, not only confirming the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini, but also talking of bringing Dreamcast and Saturn games to the Nintendo Switch. The Mega Drive Mini (which is a working name) isn’t a great surprise but has now been officially announced and a prototype was shown off at Sega Fest […]