I Just Got An iPhone and I’m Never Going Back! [Editor Says: Yeah, Right…]

Editor’s note: Be sure to read my note at the end of the post. On Friday, cellular carrier T-Mobile released the widely anticipated iPhone 5 to their customers. Until this point, if you wanted to own an Apple phone and use it with T-Mobile, you would have to purchase it directly from Apple or a […]

Apple hit by bogus parts replacement scam

Apple has fallen victim to a particular ironic scam in China. The same warranty program loophole that the company exploited until being exposed by a state-run TV program has now been mirrored by a creative money-grabbing scheme by staff an at electrical store. Once a year, Chinese state TV airs a high-profile consumer rights show. […]

iMessage is double trouble for drug cops

The Drug Enforcement Agency has told staff that it can’t find a way to beat the encryption used in Apple’s iMessage system. Even if it could decrypt the messages, a legal loophole might make it problematic. The revelation comes in an internal DEA intelligence note leaked to CNET. It notes that even with a federal […]

Steve Jobs designs the iPhone 6

A government lawyer suggests the next two models of iPhone could both be the work of Steve Jobs. The tidbit leaked out in an article in the San Francisco Examiner about physical security in the smartphone world. It profiled the troubles district attorney George Gascon has faced in his efforts to get manufacturers and service […]

Apple & Samsung quibble about $85 million here, $450 million there

There’s no doubt that anyone looking at the Apple vs Samsung court room battles would easily be confused. Unfortunately Apple reckons that includes the judge in the case, Lucy Koh, and says her mix-up made about $85 million worth of difference. It’s part of a complex series of legal judgements that has also led to […]

Cameraphone works as makeshift microscope

A Canadian specialist in infectious diseases says he found some success in using a modified iPhone to diagnose worm infections in Tanzanian children. But Dr Isaac Bogoch says the results aren’t quite reliable enough yet. The main way to diagnose worms is to examine stool samples for eggs. They are around 40 to 60 micrometers […]

Original iPhone design was seven inches

Leaked prototype photos show that at one stage the iPhone was planned to be the size of the iPad mini and a much squarer shape. It would also have been a pocket-challenging almost two inches thick. The pictures were provided to ArsTechnica by a former Apple staffer and date back to 2005. That makes them […]

Extortionately priced Smurfberries lead to Apple payout

Apple has agreed to pay up to $100 million in compensation to parents whose children made in-app purchases without their knowledge. But the settlement only covers a specific 45 day period and won’t protect parents with the same problem today. The case doesn’t involve purchases of apps themselves, but rather in-app purchases such as for […]