HOW To: Build Your Very Own Cable Arm (From Deadpool 2) [Video]

In this tutorial, artist and cosplayer Hendo Art will show you how to build a foam version of Cable’s arm from Deadpool 2 for about $50! [Hendo Art] Advertisements


The Queen of Shitty Robots Goes to TED: Why You Should Make Useless Things

Back in April 2018, Simone Giertz, who is affectionnaly named “The Queen of Shitty Robots” by the whole Internet, has given a TED talk on why you should make useless things. Simone is one of the person I admire the most online: she’s funny, witty, and her inventions, which are not always very useful, encourage […]

There are 5 Ticks on This Poppy Seed Muffin. Can You Spot Them?

Ticks are usually the size of a poppy seed. Can you spot all 5 of them in this picture of a poppy seed muffin? Sure, ticks usually don’t hang out on a muffin, but th CDC released this picture on twitter just to illustrate a point: how difficult it is to spot them. After posting […]

Make Your Very Own Infinity Gauntlet at Home [Video]

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your very own light-up foam Infinity Gauntlet! Cosplayer and artist Hendo made hers using a pair of Darth Vader gloves from Amazon. Check it out! [Hendo Art]

Anywhere Tools: The Ultimate Modular Set of Tech & Tools for Geeks!

A few years ago, the folks from Keyport released their awesome key organizer, which was a hit right away, and now, they’re back with a new product: The Anywhere set of modular tools! Behold: Anywhere Tools is a major addition to Keyport’s modular everyday carry system by introducing a series of new tech and tool […]

8 Stop-motion Camera Tricks in 2 Minutes

In this video, Animator and Youtuber edu puertas will show you 8 simple tricks to help your stop-motion animations stand out. The tricks are simple, using common materials such as aluminum foil, metal wires, tape, and more. Check it out! [edu puertas]

How to Make a Simple Mechanical Robotic Hand From Cardboard

Interested in trying your hand at making a mechanical robotic hand using materials (cardboard and glue) that are easily available everywhere? Youtuber SKM has a fun video that will teach you just that! Just watch the tutorial below and use the templates that are available at this link, and you’ll soon have your very own […]

How to Make an International Standardized Cup of Tea [Video]

From Tom Scott: As far as I can find, no-one has actually made a International Standard Cup of Tea – ISO 3103 or BS 6008 – for the internet before. Lots of people have talked about it, but that’s easy. Making one? That requires precision… and some specialist equipment. [Tom Scott]