Free eBook: Windows 10 All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition ($19 Value)

Today, we’re offering you Windows 10 All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition ($19 Value) for free! This eBook includes all the guidance you need to make the most of this latest update of Windows. This freshly updated resource cuts through the jargon and covers everything you need to know. It shows you how to set up […]

FREE I.T. eBooks: Kali Linux Penetration Testing, Powershell Scripting, Windows 10 for Enterprise Administrators

Today, we have 4 free I.T. ebooks for you guys. These ebooks are mainly for people working in the I.T. field, but if you’re curious about Kali Linux penetration testing, Powershell, or Windows 10 for administrators, they’re available to anyone. –Kali Linux 2 – Assuring Security by Penetration Testing, 3rd Edition ($22 Value) FREE For […]

Demonstration: You Can Speed Read at 500 Words per Minute

Usually, people can read at around 300 words per minute, but this video shows you that anyone can read much, much faster. It only lasts 19 seconds, so give it a try! [Quirkology]

What’s the Best Way to Rescue a Drowned Phone?

The best way to rescue a phone or piece of electronics that “drowned” under water. Step 1: Act quickly and turn it off (if it’s still on) Step 2: Do NOT attempt to turn it on if the screen is black Step 3: Dry your gadget with a piece of cloth. Step 4: Put your […]

How to Make the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War at Home

Watch as Odin Abbott makes his own version of the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War using cheap parts that should not cost you a leg and an arm. Materials used in this video (If you don’t already have them): Welding Gloves – Lowe’s Floor Mats (EVA foam) – Harbor Freight Tools Craft Foam – […]

How To Build A Safe With LEGO Bricks

From HouseholdHacker: In this project we will show you how to take those old Legos you have laying around and turn them into something unique and useful! We will be creating a hidden drawer inside a lego block that will not draw suspicion. By attaching some magnets to our final project we can create a […]

How To Survive The Apocalypse: Scientific Survival Tips

A look at some scientific tips that will help you survive the apocalypse. Just don’t expect to learn these from youtube videos when the apocalypse starts as there will likely be no Internet at that point. [ASAP Science]

The Skivvy Roll: How to Fit a Full Outfit Into Your Socks

The ability to fit a full outfit into your socks is useful for travellers, hikers and anyone going on an overnight trip that can’t be bothered to pack a bag. And it could even be used to pack more outfits in a smaller suitcase for longer trips. [Toby Lerone]

Free eBook: Learn Linux in 5 Days!

If you want to learn how to use Linux and level up your career but are pressed for time, this free ebook is just what you need! In this eBook, you will learn the most important concepts and commands, and be guided step-by-step through several practical and real-world examples. As new concepts, commands, or jargon […]

Easy Origami Dragon Tutorial [Video]

This short video tutorial will teach you how to make a cool and simple origami Dragon. Most origami dragons are extremely difficult to fold, but this one will only take you 10 minutes! Just the perfect thing for kids and beginners! [Origami Plus – Easy Origami Tutorials]

Starting a Fire With a Water-Filled Sandwich Bag [Video]

The intensity of sunlight on Earth is about 1300 Watts per square meter. When you focus the sun’s rays using a magnifying glass (or in this case sphere of water) you can increase the intensity roughly ten thousand fold. This increases the temperature of wood to its autoignition point starting the reaction with oxygen in […]