Hansel and Gretel [Comic]

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The Sword of Swap [Comic]

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Out of Toilet Paper [Comic]

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Where’s Your Costume? [Comic]

For some people who are anxious and don’t feel comfortable in situations where many people gather (such as a Halloween party) I guess simply attending and pretending to be someone you are not could be considered as wearing a Halloween costume. The only Halloween party I had this year got cancelled unfortunately, so I won’t […]

World War ZzZ [Comic]

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Gordon Ramsay Gets Captured by a Cannibal Tribe [Comic]

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The Geektastic Cosplay of Quebec Comiccon 2018 – Part 2 [Picture Gallery]

As promised yesterday, here is the second part of our photos from Quebec Comiccon 2018 featuring some of the best cosplays we saw at the convention. If you missed our pics from part I, be sure to check them out right here. Many thanks to all of you who agreed to let us take pictures […]

The Ugly Pluckling [Comic]

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