Chrome Extension Installations Get More Secure

Google is changing the way users can install Chrome extensions. You’ll now only be able to do so by visiting the Chrome Web Store itself. Sites will no longer be able to have a one-click button that directly installs the extension, known as an inline installation. Instead such buttons will have to lead to the […]


Status Slap [Comic]

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Google Still Says “Don’t Be Evil”

Google has removed “Don’t Be Evil” from the start of its code of conduct. But contrary to some reports, those exact words still feature – they’re just now at the very end of the document. Since 2000, the phrase has been not just an unofficial slogan, but also among the very first words to appear […]

All Change For Google’s Web Security Warnings

Google is changing the way it indicates secure and insecure websites in Chrome. It’s a measure of https:// becoming more of a norm. The changes affect the description of the site in the address bar. Right now, https:// pages come with the traditional padlock and the word “Secure”, both highlighted in green. That policy’s been […]

New .app Domain Is HTTPS Only

Google says its .app top level domain is the first publicly available domain where HTTPS is mandatory. The search giant paid $25 million for the rights to control the domain in a 2015 auction. It offered it through an early access program that started last week and had a price premium that reduced every day. […]

Chrome To Mute Autoplay Videos By Default

The Chrome browser is finally muting the sound of autoplay videos by default. The update, in Chrome version 66, has arrived three months later than planned. During that delay period, users were able to actively choose to mute all autoplay videos on a specific site. Now that will not only be the default, but the […]

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome [Video]

Microsoft Edge has one purpose and one purpose only… [Viva La Dirt League]

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