Do you want Humans? Because that’s how you get Humans [Short Sci-Fi Story]

It started with one shuttle. The craft was old, scarred from countless flights through superheated atmosphere, and its crew wore a mismatched collection of patched-together flight suits. They landed on the diveball field a mile from my house, looked around in utter confusion for maybe ten spans, then left. A few rotations later, another shuttle […]

Stop sending Heroes, otherwise I will send one of my own. [Short Fantasy Story]

The High Bishop massaged his temples, hoping to the Gods above to relieve him of the headache he was enduring of late. He was dealing with the aftermath of an uproar within the Church and the Theocracy’s leadership as a whole. They had sent no less than a dozen separate groups of Heroes to slay […]

Humans Tricked a Rock to Think? [Short Sci-Fi Story]

Quickzar looked over the documents handed to him regarding a newly discovered species that identified itself as humanity. They had met with ambassadors from the Schell, and a general exchange of information had been agreed to. Nothing too groundbreaking so far. The Schell had encountered many other species and been able to create bonds that […]