iExpander Adds Physical Features to iPhones

Charlie Corry and his team wanted features on the iPhone that simply weren’t there. Instead of whining to Apple about it, they decided to build these features themselves, in what they’re calling the iExpander. They have built a prototype for the iPhone 4 and 4S as well as one for the iPhone 5.

Here’s a run-down of the features it offers:

  • A lithium ion battery just like that in the iPhone already, that will have its own indicator in your menu and will essentially double your battery life.
  • A xenon bulb to improve the flash, using new circuitry that should feed the light more power, which is meant to improve low-light photos and videos.
  • MicroSD card slot that supports cards up to 64GB. It should allow you transfer files and photos between the card and your phone.

Of course, all of this is going to cost you in size. It seems there are plenty who don’t care about the 6.3mm addition in thickness to the phone.

Something I find curious is that nowhere do they indicate what the weight change would be. Considering that one of the benefits of the iPhone 5 is that it is so much lighter than the iPhone 4 and 4S, I would think this would be a point you’d like to make. Unless the weight is so huge that they don’t want to deter people…hmm.

What do you guys think? Worth the 6.3mm increase or not?

If you think it is, go and back them on their Kickstarter. It expires Sunday October 21st!

[Via Mashable]

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