iPhone retains its sticky crown

iPhone users really love the iPhone and plan to get a new iPhone. That’s the not-so-shocking conclusion of a new survey, albeit it one that’s got some limitations. The survey comes from a wider report into the telecoms industry by analysts at UBS. They questioned 515 people in Europe and America, most of whom were […]

Gamestop to launch own gaming tablet

Gamestop is working on a tablet device specially designed for gaming. In what appears to be an unconnected move, it’s also now accepting Apple portable devices as a trade-in. The tablet won’t be a brand new creation but rather an existing device that will become “a GameStop certified gaming platform.” It will be repackaged, sold […]

Drunken Elk Stuck in a Tree

Most of our stories at GeeksAreSexy concentrate on technology, but we also touch on science. And today we have a tale that involves biology, chemistry and physics. The biology involves a Swedish elk. That’s an animal that, while known as an elk in Europe, is called a moose in North America. The animal’s species name […]

iPhone 5 rumors keep on coming

There are plenty of news and rumor floating about concerning Apple’s iPhone 5 — both the product itself and the infamous missing handset. San Francisco Police have formally confirmed that they did assist Apple security staff in visiting the home of a suspect in this year’s case of the stolen iPhone. The force said it […]