Official Announcement Video for Apple’s New iPhone 4S

Here is the official announcement video for Apple’s new iPhone 4S, which was announced yesterday. Unfortunately, the phone itself looks exactly the same as the old iPhone 4, but the inside has been completely revamped, featuring new and more powerful specs. Check it out: The new iPhone will be available in stores on Oct 14th. […]

An Original Apple 1 Birthday Cake [Pic]

We don’t know who Carl is or who made this cake for him, but it’s probably safe to say that his thirtieth birthday was pretty awesome, at least where cake is concerned. Complete with awkwardly positioned caps lock and super-advanced angle irons, this cake is a pretty good edible rendition of the original Apple 1.–which, […]

Cool iPhone Game: Ready Steady Bang! [Video]

UK design firm Chambers Judd and animator Ed Barrett have recently teamed to up create a really cute looking iPhone dueling game called Ready Steady Bang. Check it out below. A beautifully addictive quick-fire dueling game Play face-to-face with a friend in 2 player mode or pit your trigger finger against 10 of the fastest […]

Gamestop to launch own gaming tablet

Gamestop is working on a tablet device specially designed for gaming. In what appears to be an unconnected move, it’s also now accepting Apple portable devices as a trade-in. The tablet won’t be a brand new creation but rather an existing device that will become “a GameStop certified gaming platform.” It will be repackaged, sold […]