iPhone 5 rumors keep on coming

There are plenty of news and rumor floating about concerning Apple’s iPhone 5 — both the product itself and the infamous missing handset. San Francisco Police have formally confirmed that they did assist Apple security staff in visiting the home of a suspect in this year’s case of the stolen iPhone. The force said it […]

iPhone to Carry Earthquake Warnings

< Apple is adding earthquake notification for Japanese users of the iPhone. But the alerts aren’t in an app: instead they are built into the operating system itself. The iOS5 feature was uncovered by 9to5Mac, which was sent a screenshot of the Japanese edition. It connects the device to an early warning system launched in […]

Dirty: Apple Caught ‘Shopping Evidence Against Samsung

  You might be aware of Apple’s lawsuit against Android device maker Samsung (SEO:005930), which claims that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is just a little too similar to Apple’s iPad 2. (If you weren’t, that’s the skinny.) This week, Webwereld.nl, the Dutch counterpart to Computerworld, was poking around in Apple’s case files and noticed something… wonky. An “exhibit” supplied by […]