New iPhone 4 Antenna Design Not So Handy

If you’re having reception problems with your new iPhone 4, the answer could be in the palm of your hand — literally. It’s now looking suspiciously like the design of the new model means the antenna is compromised when the phone is held in the hand. That’s because rather than being a small block unit, […]

Why I’m Not Standing With the iPhone Crowd

Today, I am not standing in line anywhere for an iPhone. It’s expected to be close to 100F here in North Carolina, and even though I’m sans child, I have no inclination to do such a thing, nor do I harbor feelings of jealousy against the people who have ordered and can afford these new […]

DC Comics iPhone/iPad App is Awesome (If It Will Stop Crashing)

So speaking of super heros… this morning DC Comics finally released an iPhone/iPad comic reader app. Following in the footsteps of Marvel, it’s built by Comixology, and so basically works exactly the same way. I had a grand plan to give it a test run and let you guys know what I think – but […]

Apple iOS 4 Tried and Tested

One day after the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS4, it’s time to examine whether it really lives up to the hype. As I have a second-generation iPod touch rather than an iPhone, there are a few features which aren’t available to me. I’ll start by summing up the general online response to […]

Banned iPhone 4 Promo [Spoof]

If someone at Apple would have released something like this, I’m sure it would have been banned in no time, but fortunately for us (and for them,) this is just a spoof. Enjoy! [Via TechEblog]

Comedy Duo: Gates and Jobs [Pics]

Remember when we were poor? Let’s flip a coin! I went to a bank yesterday to talk about a loan.

iPad e-mail leak: FBI rolls in

The security researchers who uncovered part of AT&T’s list of iPad users have inadvertently brought out the big guns. No, not Steve Jobs and his Apple cohorts, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin told the AFP news agency that “The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions and has opened an […]

Star Wars iPad Briefing

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Steve Jobs does his best to convince a skeptical Rebel Alliance that the iPad really is a game changer. [Via Digg]