Google’s AlphaGo Destroyed By Less Humane A.I. Successor

Remember Google’s program that learned to beat champion Go players? It’s been comprehensively beaten by its successor, which learned the game from scratch. AlphaGo Zero, which worked without any game history data, beat the original AlphaGo in a 100 match series by a margin of 100 games to zero. Go has always been a challenge […]

AMAZING DEAL: Get the PlayStation VR + Camera For Just $280 + Free Shipping!

For those of you who have been considering getting the PlayStation VR for their PS4, today is the day to get one! By using promo code 100VRSAVE, you can get the virtual reality system for just $279.99 instead of $379.99! That is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on the PS VR Headset! –PlayStation VR […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Trailer [Video]

I don’t really like multiplayer only titles, but since Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a single-player campaign, it might just push me over to get the game. Ignite the inferno and burn the Rebellion to the ground in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign. Take on the role of Commander Iden Versio in a story […]

Young PS4 Users Get Mini Controller

Sony has licensed a mini PS4 gamepad for children who struggle with the full-size controller. The Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than the standard DualShock 4. The “Mini Wired Gamepad, produced by Hori, is a single curved rectangle rather than the inverted bunny ears of the standard controller. Sony says that makes it […]

A “Surf Rock” Cover of the Green Hill Zone Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog

A fantastic “Surf Rock” interpretation of the Green Hill Zone Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog by Youtuber 130Grit Sound Studio. [130Grit Sound Studio]

Activision Patent Would Profit From Mismatches

Activision wants to arrange mismatches in online games so that the less experienced player spends more on microtransactions. That’s not a conspiracy theory but rather a directly stated goal of a system it’s just patented. It’s arguable whether this should be considered to its credit or not, but there’s absolutely no subtlety or euphemisms in […]

Goku VS Super Heroes [Video]

Watch as Goku easily takes on superheroes from both DC and Marvel. [GamebillStudio]

Visit Hyrule with These Amazing Deals on Legend of Zelda Books

If you’re a huge fan of anything related to the Legend of Zelda (or if you know someone who’s passionate about the series,) Amazon has some great deals on three awesome and beautifully finished and illustrated Legend of Zelda books today. –The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia – $34.99 $20.99 –The Legend of Zelda: Art […]

Epic NPC Man: 100% Completion in RPGs [Video]

For some people the game isn’t finished until every single side quest is complete… [Viva La Dirt League]

DARK SOULSH: Height of Despair [Video]

And that’s why there will never be a “parkour mode” in Dark Souls. [Ricepirate]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec City Comic Con 2017 – Part I [Picture Gallery]

To keep up with tradition, we were on location at Quebec City Comic Con 2017 to cover our French followers’ fav event. Once again, we were amazed by the talent displayed by cosplayers from around the province of Quebec, as well as a few from all over the world, young and not so young. Since […]

7 Years of League of Legends Cosplay [Video]

For the last 7 years, our pals from Beat Down Boogie have been filming League of Legends cosplayers while attending various pop culture conventions througout the United States. Here is a compilations of some of the best LOL cosplays they’ve stumbled on since they’ve started creating videos on Youtube. [Beat Down Boogie]