11 Year Old Wins $20,000 in App Contest

An 11 year old has won $20,000 from AT&T in an app competition to try and discourage texting while driving. In collaboration with the designer David Grau, Victoria Walker created an app called Rode Dog for the “It Can Wait” campaign.

How the app works is that you join a “pack” with your friends (you all have to download the app) and then if you realize that another friend is texting while driving, you’re permitted to send a loud barking sound to that friend. The sound then stops when you put the phone away.

The app is designed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and the prize money is going to go towards improving the app. It will come out later this year.

While I believe the campaign is great, I wonder if this app should really win? I don’t know but the description of how it works doesn’t seem particularly that effective to me. Who’s actually going to say they’re texting while driving? And wouldn’t your phone suddenly barking at you be extremely distracting in itself?

In any case, it’s good to see that there’s starting to be more of a focus on preventing texting while driving. Because, you know, It Can Wait.

[Via Geek.com | Image and more info from Rode Dog]

6 Responses to 11 Year Old Wins $20,000 in App Contest

  1. "Who’s actually going to say they’re texting while driving?"
    Well… you could be sitting in the car, while your friend texts and drives…
    You could also be the one receiving the texts from a friend who's driving. (And learn it with him/her saying "I'm on my way to <insert place name here>")

    Agree the barking sound might be distracting though…

  2. Yeah, I figure if i can Bark my friends while they are in church or meetings this is totally worth getting them to install it.

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