Must-Watch: Two Vortex Rings Colliding in Slow Motion [Video]

The video you see above took 4 years to recreate and is what tought the true value of persistance to Dustin Sandlin from Smarter Every Day. Watch it, it’s quite a marvel to behold.



Deep Learning AI Transforms 30FPS Footage Into High Quality Slow-Motion

Wow, this is really impressive! A deep learning AI from Nvidia that turns 30FPS footage into high quality 240FPS slow motion footage and 60FPS videos into 480FPS.

Researchers from NVIDIA developed a deep learning-based system that can produce high-quality slow-motion videos from a 30-frame-per-second video, outperforming various state-of-the-art methods that aim to do the same.

[NVidia | Via Geekologie]

A.I. Bot Forced to Write Olive Garden Commercial

Writer and comedian Keaton Patti, the man behind the A.I. written Saw script we’ve posted in the past, forced an A.I. bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write one from scratch. As you’l see, the end result is rather funny. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to eat that steaming plate of lasagna wings with extra Italy that’s waiting for me in my kitchen.

[Source: Keaton Patti on Twitter | Via GG]

App Store ‘Monopoly’ Case Goes To Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will rule in a seven year battle over claims the iOS App Store is an illegal monopoly.

The case was originally based on two facts: that iOS users can’t (officially) download apps from any other source, and that Apple takes a cut of the app revenues. The plaintiffs say the former point shows a monopoly, while the latter means that the monopoly harms consumers because the need to provide Apple’s cut means prices are inflated.

It’s a slightly odd case as there’s not actually a lower court verdict for the Supreme Court to debate. The original claim was dismissed in a district court on procedural grounds rather than on the merits or otherwise of the claim. The plaintiffs then went to an appeals court, which agreed the claim should be heard after all.

Apple then went straight to asking for a hearing at the Supreme Court, despite there being no disagreement or conflict between lower court verdicts. That’s been granted and the hearing begins this week.

As is usually the case with the Supreme Court, the justices aren’t so much looking at the facts of the specific claim but rather settling a wider legal point. In this case it’s all about a precedent from a 1977 case that Apple says means it is automatically exempt from the antitrust claims regardless of whether a monopoly exists.

That 1977 case says plaintiffs can’t sue a company over antitrust violations unless they buy the relevant products or services directly from that company. Apple argues that iOS users are buying from the app developers themselves and likens the App Store to a shopping mall. It also notes that (even with Apple’s 30 percent cut), it’s the developers who set the price.

The plaintiffs say that’s not a fair analogy because it’s not the actual apps that are monopolized, but rather the distribution method.

It appears the main question for the Supreme Court to answer is whether the extra step in this relationship (Apple ‘monopolizes’ the distribution by developers > developers charge more to customers) is enough to shield Apple from antitrust claims by customers.

It’s important to note that if the Supreme Court finds against Apple, it doesn’t mean the original claim itself automatically succeeds: the plaintiffs would simply win the opportunity to make that case in court.

[Via: Wired]

Yeticon 2018: When Partying Meets Cosplay

From Legend of Micah:

Yeticon is a pop culture convention at a mountain resort in Canada, complete with pool parties, dance parties, outdoor activities like mini golf, and indoor activities like giant pillow forts. It takes place at Blue Mountain Resort, a scenic village with several hotels and villas to rent. Natural and man-made features make it a perfect place to photograph and film cosplay, or just kick back and hang with friends.

[Legend of Micah]

Dorkly Comic: The Problem With Gaming Themed Bars

In this comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly, the artist takes a look at one big problem most gaming themed bars have.

[Source: Dorkly]

Predator Cosplayer Rides Custom Xenomorph Motorcycle [Video]

This Predator cosplayer riding a custom Xenomorth motorcycle was cilmed on June 15, 2018 in Chumphon, Thailand. Unfortunately, we don’t have more details about the the person or the motorcycle, but seriously, it’s not everyday that you can film something like that out of the window of your car.

[ViralHog | Via LS]

GoCube: The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

The GoCube in a smart app-connected version of the classic game we all know and love. It can turn anyone from a beginner to a master with tutorials and coaching. The GoCube is equipped with sensors to track and measure activity, and an inertial measurement unit to track the cube’s position, allowing you to sync with its app, helping you become a better cuber. It even allows you to compete against players from around all the world! Check out some of its amazing features in the video presentation below!

As I’m writing this, the GoCube has raised $390,000 on an initial funding goal of $25,000, with over 4200 people backing the project (and rising fast!)

[GoCube: The Classic Puzzle Reinvented]