EPIC RAP BATTLE OF HISTORY: Freddy Krueger vs. Wolverine [Video]

Watch as Freddy Krueger and Wolverine square off in the Epic Rap Battles of History Season 6 Premiere!



Pikachu as Various Superheroes and Villains [Gallery]

Boss Logic is an amazingly talented artist. He never fails to impress me with his impressive mashups and original art. Here is one of his latest series of illustration featuring Pikachu impersonating various superheroes. Check ’em all out below!

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Impostor [Comic]

[Source: Tumble Dry Comics by Tyler Haas | Tumble Dry Comics on Facebook | Tumble Dry Comics on Twitter]

Today’s Hottest Deals: AMAZING Deals on Super Tough USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning Cables, Chargers, and Power Banks!

Currently looking to get a few extra cables for your gadgets? Or what about charging accessories and power banks? Amazon is currently holding a big sale on Anker charging products, offering big discounts on everything you need to keep your gadgets up and running, and yes, it also includes products for your car.

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The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Set to “What’s Up Danger” from Spider-Verse is Amazing

From Star Warship:

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser set to What’s Up Danger from Spider-Verse – after I saw the FLIP I just wanted this to exist.

I love both Star Wars & Spider-Verse and all the people who made them amazing.

[Via Nerdist]

Lucifer Season 4 is Almost Here! Here’s a Recap of the Three First Seasons.

Picture Credit: FOX

Haven’t watched Lucifer yet? It’s an amazing show! The three first seasons aired on Fox, who cancelled it a few months ago, but Netflix was quick to snatch it for the fourth season, which will start airing on May 8, 2019. For those of you who need to catch up to season 4, here’s a quick recap of the show so far presented by Lucifer Morningstar himself. Enjoy!

Bob Ross: The Joy Of Cereal

After a toaster and an energy drink, now is the time for another Bob Ross product: Cereal! Bob Ross, The Joy of Cereal are a little like Lucky Charms: oat-based and accompanied by marshmallows! The marshmallows are shaped like something you’d expect to see in a Bob Ross painting: happy little trees, happy little accidents, almighty mountains, guiding stars, rainbow hearts, charming little cabins, and lovely little bushes.

[Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal]