The Epic Game of Thrones Retro Theme Song Featuring Michael Bolton [Video]

Michael Bolton singing a retro version of the Game of Thrones theme song? Now how awesome is that? Oh, and the video also features other singers singing the theme songs of other series as well.

Note: The Game of Thrones song starts at 3:10.

If you’re an Emmy voter do us a solid and vote for Honest Trailers for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series. 😀 Thanks to Michael Bolton, Brian McKnight, Paula Cole, and Natasha Bedingfield for helping to make this video extra epic.

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10 years ago today, a Twitter user posted a hashtag for the first time. That means a decade of a useful feature, many years of annoying advertising and several years of annoying spoken redundancy.

The idea of hashtags came more than a year after the site’s launch and was suggested by user Chris Messina who literally walked in off the street to talk to Twitter founder Biz Stone, who remembers liking the idea but dismissing Messina with an insincere “Sure, we’ll get right on that.”

Undeterred, Messina tweeted [pictured] to propose the idea of using the hash character as a way to allow people to intentionally add tweets to a collection on a particular topic. Using the hash sign was a way to avoid the collection of tweets including ones that used the same term by coincidence and weren’t intended to be part of the collection. The hash (or pound) sign worked because many Tweeters at that time were writing on phones without a full alphabet keyboard, but with a dedicated hash key.

Initially hashtags only worked with users manually searching for the term. Eventually the practice became widespread enough that Twitter management redesigned the software to automatically hyperlink any term that started with a hash sign.

The concept is now well established and harnessed for good and bad. All that remains now is to sort out those folk who speak the word “hashtag” out loud, failing to realize it’s the combination of the hash symbol and the word that forms the hashtag, not just the symbol itself.


A Voodoo Doll of Yourself [Comic]

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Forging the 3D Maneuver Gear Sword from Attack on Titan in Real Life

From Man at Arms:

Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on the 3D Maneuver Gear Sword from Attack on Titan!

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Pickle Rick: The Action Figure! (From Rick and Morty)

The Nick and Gary from Sneaky loved Pickle Rick so much, they’ve decided he needed some 90’s action figure treatment! Check it out!

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WANT: Bob Ross’s Happy Little Blanket

A throw blanket featuring Bob Ross and one of his happy little paintings.

There are a few people on this great ball of dirt we call Earth who were just too good for it. We count Bob Ross amongst those cherished few. Truly an inspiration for us all – and not just because he taught us how to paint, but because he taught us to believe in our dreams and in ourselves. Who knew you could be so inspired by a blanket?

Keep yourself warm and fuzzy with positive vibes… and maybe a polyester blanket. Cover yourself in happy little trees and remember the good times that you and Bob spent together.

[Bob Ross’s Happy Little Blanket]

Dreaming [Comic]

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The 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Comics!

In this video from VariantComics, host Arris Quinones counts down the 10 most powerful weapons in comics! Check it out!


WANT: Keytendo NES Console Key Holder Rack

This Keytendo NES Style key holder is quite possibly the coolest key holder I have ever seen. The rack is wall mountable, comes with two controller input keychains and features a storage compartment, which you can open up, to store some of your small belongings… for you AND your player two! Now how cool is that?

[Keytendo video game console key holder rack]

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Gamescom 2017 Trailer

I don’t care what anyone says, it may have had its small problems but I still think Shadow of Mordor is one of the better open-world games out there, and the Nemesis system in the game makes taking down enemies feel extremely gratifying (I was NOT paid to say that). For those reasons alone you must also know I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on the sequel, Shadows of War, which is almost ready to drop.

Here is the most recent trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War from Gamescom 2017, and my Gandalf is it fantastic!