Stranger Things Episodes Edited On Netflix

The co-creators of Stranger Things have confirmed they have gone back to edit past episodes of the show. They described the episodes as having been “George Lucas-ed.”

Speaking to Variety, Matt and Ross Duffer said they weren’t going to reveal details of the edits to past seasons but noted obsessive fans could find them by comparing the DVD and Blu-ray releases with the current Netflix editions.

The subject came up as the pair confirmed post-release changes to the current season. They said some visual effects have been improved since the shows hit Netflix, a process they described as “patching in shots.”

They also said they’ll likely go back to edit an episode in Season 2 where Joyce establishes Will’s birthday as March 22. That caused a continuity error in the latest season – spotted by fans – in which a camcorder timestamp shows a scene takes place on the date but there’s no mention of Will’s birthday. (No spoilers, but it wouldn’t be the happiest of celebrations.)

The Duffers say it was a genuine oversight on their part, but that it makes no narrative sense that the characters – including Joyce — would all have forgotten. They believe the simplest solution would be to ret-con with a sound dub on the Season 2 scene, most likely changing “March” to “May”.

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