Cosplay Remix Video Features Amazing Mega Man Cosplayers

A video compilation of some of the amazing Mega Man cosplayers the folks from Beat Down Boogie have film throughout the years.


Feeling Down [Comic]

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10 Things DC Wants You To Forget About Batman

Yeah, I won’t lie here, when Batman was a drug addict, that was pretty messed up. Especially since the drug he was addicted to was the drug Bane used to get the strength to break Batman’s back. He even grew a beard to show how far he’d fallen (though I don’t know how a beard represents that, but whatever).

But sorry DC, we are not likely to forget any of these! Bearded Batman passed out on a recliner with an empty pill bottle in his hand? Yeah, sorry, that is the kind of sight you can never unsee.

Live with your shame, DC, never disrespect Batman!


Sculptor Carves Wondrous Dragon From Watermelon [Video]

Watch as Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica carves a beautiful dragon from a watermelon in this short time-lapse video.

[Ortolano Production – Valeriano Fatica]

Try [Comic]

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Movie Posters From the 80s and 90s Reimagined With Superheroes

Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Tarusov (link slightly nsfw) inspired himself from movie posters from the 80s and 90s and reimagined them with superheroes. The result is rather amazing. Check them all out below (and be sure to hit the “Read More” link if you are reading this from the front page!)

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Will the Ocean Ever Run Out of Fish?

When most people think of fishing, we imagine relaxing in a boat and patiently reeling in the day’s catch. But modern industrial fishing — the kind that stocks our grocery shelves — looks more like warfare. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Jennifer Jacquet explain overfishing and its effects on ecosystems, food security, jobs, economies, and coastal cultures.

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We Always Come Crawling Back [Comic]

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Today’s Hottest Deal: Save BIG on a LARGE Variety of AMAZING Strategy Board Games!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is having a huge sale on a large variety of strategy board game, including titles such as Kingdomino, Shadows Over Camelot, Isle of Skye, and a LOT MORE! There are over 90 games available!

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Why Does Humidity Make It Feel Hotter? [Science Video]

It turns out there’s a scientific explanation behind the saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Learn why a hot and humid day feels so dismal and some tips to avoid the really sweaty, gross days on today’s Quick Question!


Star Trek TOS Road Trip Sunshade

This Star Trek TOS road trip sunshade might be just the thing you need to protect the inside of your car from those dangerous radiations coming from our sun.

It’s only logical to protect your car’s interior, and this Star Trek TOS Road Trip Sunshade will block UV rays and keep your parked car cooler. Made in the USA, it’s also a universal size to fit most cars, trucks, and vans. You’ll definitely need this for traveling by car when your transporter is malfunctioning. Perfect for your next five-year mission!

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Fun Money [Comic]

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