A NERF Dart Gun That Breaks the Sound Barrier [Video]

Youtuber Giaco Whatever recently built a NERF dart gun that fires darts at 2.3 times the speed of sound, or 800 meters per second! That’s pretty insane! Check it out in the video above!

[Giaco Whatever]

The Adventures of the Ampersand [Comic]

A comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics.


Grumpy Skeletor” is The Funniest Twitter Account Ever!

I thought “Skeletor is Love” was pretty funny, but today, I stumbled on “Grumpy Skeletor” on twitter, and I have to say, the guy behind the account really cracks me up!

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NARCOSIS – Official Reveal Trailer (New Underwater Horror Game 2017)

Anyone who reads my writing on this site knows I love horror games and anytime a new one is about to drop I share it with the masses, like it or not.

Narcosis takes horror to a whole new depth (literally) by placing the player underwater and THEN letting the horrors begin. It kinda looks like what would happen if you were to visit Rapture (from Bioshock) after it sunk in part 2. A haunted underwater place where escape feels less and less likely. Narcosis looks claustrophobic and scary as hell. Two things that make horror games work really well when developers can pull it off. And boy do I need something scary now that I  finished RE7 already, twice. This looks like it could do the trick.

Expect Narcosis to drop by the end of this month.


Just Released: Official Justice League Movie Trailer #2 [Video]

8 months after its first trailer, Warner Bros. has just released the second trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie, exactly one year after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in cinemas. Check it out above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Warner Bros. Pictures]

Monsters Living Under Your Bed [Comic]

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Today’s Hottest Deals: INSANELY CHEAP Philips LED Light Bulbs, Mini LED Flashlights, Under Armour Gear, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning, starting with an amazing deal on Philips LED light bulbs (soft white.)

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Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Fixed Confusing Plot Points

It is odd how sometimes you will find out about a scene cut from a movie that would have really worked well at flushing out the story more, yet was left on the cutting room floor due to some technical or financial reason. Whereas most deleted scenes from final cuts are made for the betterment of the movie, sometimes the deleted scenes worked really well and definitely should’ve have stayed in the final cut. Here are deleted scenes from some well-known movies that would have cleared up some confusing plot points for the audience.

Thank God for director’s cuts, huh?


How Does This Even Exist?

The real, glaring question here is how do these small IOS game developers think we, as diehard fanboys, won’t notice stuff like this?


How to Get Link’s Hylian Shield in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Hylian shield in Breath of the Wild makes the game ten times more playable (as you do not need to flee from every other battle) but some gamers have had trouble locating its whereabouts on the massive new map that Breath of the Wild has.

This video from IGN tells you exactly what you need to do to land your hands on one of the better defense objects in the game. But as an old-school gamer, don’t you think half the fun of a game this fully-realized in the joy of discovering the shield on your own?

I guess not.

Third Law Of Thermodynamics Gets Proof

Two quantum physics professors have developed a proof of the third law of thermodynamics. As well as being academically satisfying, it could help make quantum computing more viable.

The wording of the third law varies, but a common version is “The entropy of a perfect crystal at absolute zero is exactly equal to zero.” That has a variety of practical effects, one of the most important being that it’s impossible to reduce temperature to absolute zero in a finite number of steps or in a finite time.

Until now, the law hadn’t been mathematically proved and there were even some practical steps involving quantum ‘shortcuts’ that appeared to violate it.

Jonathan Oppenheim and Lluis Masanes of University College London looked at the topic and mathematically derived the principle. It’s some hardcore stuff which I don’t mind admitting is largely over my head, but the upshot is that there’s a relationship between the energy used to cool a system and the speed at which it cools, even when using quantum shortcuts.

In very simplified terms, no finite speed will ever be fast enough to take the system all the way down to absolute zero within a finite time. In turn, infinite speed isn’t reachable without an infinite amount of energy.

The pair also used these relationships to calculate the theoretical maximum speed at which a system can be cooled within a given time. At the moment technological limitations mean such a speed isn’t practical, so it’s more a case of knowing the ultimate limit.

As well as filling in a missing gap in physics, the work could have some practical benefits for quantum computing, which takes advantage of the way quantum bits can be in multiple states simultaneously, unlike the binary on/off (or 0/1) of traditional computing.

While keeping processors from overheating is a big part of operating computers, temperature control and cooling are even more important with quantum computing where temperature changes can change the state of particles and potentially wreck the data.