A Detailed Look at Adventure Time’s Tree Fort [Pic]

Check out this amazing cutaway illustration by Russian artist Max Degtyarev featuring the tree fort from Adventure Time. I’ll include the complete picture below as well as some enlarged versions of certain sections so you can all admire how ridiculously detailed the whole thing is.

[Max Degtyarev | Via IO9]

Mad Max Junior: The Post-Apocalypse is No Place for a Baby [Video]

From SpringBreak1984:

My wife and I turned a couple of Little Tykes cars into Mad Max Mobiles for our kids. With the help of some friends we took the cars and kids out to the desert to make this “family home video.”


Sega Games Come To Mobile

Sega is launching a range of classic games to play on iOS and Android. They’ll be free to play with ads, or $1.99 ad-free.

While the Sega Forever games will be a mix of straight ports and emulation, they’ll also have some more contemporary features such as game saves, an online high score leaderboard, and support for wireless Bluetooth controllers. Sega says the games will be faithful to the originals, but have adaptation for mobile devices (and presumably for touchscreens.)

The initial releases, coming tomorrow, are Altered Beast, Comix Zone, Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star II and Sonic the Hedgehog, with plans for a new batch of releases every two weeks. The titles will straddle consoles from the Master System to the Dreamcast.

Once downloaded, the games can be played offline. The only in-app purchases will be to remove ads. While that fee will initially be $1.99 per game, eventually there’ll be an option to pay a monthly subscription to remove ads from all games. That means Sega will have to get the balance just right of making the ads intrusive enough that some people will pay to remove them, but not intrusive enough to create ill will and bad reviews.

Sega’s Mike Evans, the man behind the project, says there’ll be some titles that were previously only released in Japan, including Segagaga, something of a metagame spoofing the Dreamcast-PS2 rivalry.

Company Man [Comic]


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Winter is Here: Game of Thrones S7 Gets a New Massively Epic Trailer #WinterIsHere

Today might be the first day of summer, but Winter will be here on July 16th.


Mattel Releases Hipster Douchebag Ken Doll with Man Bun

According to many people, guys with man buns are the new douchebags of 2017. While I’m not sure I agree with this, some of my friends say it’s true. With that in mind, here’s a something I stumbled on a little earlier today: Mattel has just released a new Ken doll… with a man bun and distressed jeans. The only thing missing is a tribal tattoo sleeve… or something.

Some reactions from Twitter:

A few extra dolls from the new generation of Ken Dolls:

[Via LS]

Mongolian Tubal Worms [Comic]

It’s true, researchers often have a taste of their work. Eww.

[Source: John Sutton at The Petri Dish | Via Neatorama]

Is Space an Abscence of Things or is It a Thing Itself? [Science Video]

Since the days of Ancient Greece, philosophers and scientists have been wondering: What is space? Is the absence of things… a thing? These questions continued to fascinate physicists in the modern era, leading Isaac Newton, Ernst Mach, and Albert Einstein to wonder about the true nature of the fabric of the cosmos. The search for an answer led them to some of the greatest theories in physics. This week, we ask if space and time are really real, and how they come together to make “spacetime”!

[It’s Okay To Be Smart]

Meetings [Comic]

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Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on 3TB External Hard Drive, Segway Personal Transporter, Swivel Wall Outlet, and More!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning:

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Deal of the Day: Up to 50% Off Crocs

Save Up to 45% on Klymit Camping Gear

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Nintendo Switch aka The Wii 3: A $300 PSP [Honest Game Trailer]

From the creators of some of the most successful consoles of all time, blast into the future of gaming – according to Nintendo and no one else!

[Smosh Games]

Instructions for a Happy Life

And most importantly, do not forget to floss, it is essential for good dental hygiene. Also, that thing about people that don’t have books at home, remember this one.