Quebec Comiccon 2019 in Pictures – Part 2 [Gallery]

As promised yesterday, here is the second part of our photos from Quebec Comiccon 2019. Part one mainly featured pictures from Saturday, and today, we have photos from both days. I’d also like to thank my wonderful girlfriend, Marie-Hélène Amyot, who was there the whole weekend with me and also took some of these photos.

A “Superhero” Heavy Metal Cover of the Ghostbusters Theme [Video]

Note: the song starts at around the 1 minute mark. Enjoy!

From The Heavy Metal Heroes:

We’re back and Happy Halloween👻! We hope you enjoy our cover as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of this amazing film ghostbusters and the song by Ray Parker Jr!

[Heavy Metal Heroes Official]

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Pee-wee Herman Laughing as the Joker [Video]

This is creepy. And funny.

[Via BoingBoing]

Quebec Comiccon 2019 in Pictures – Part 1 [Gallery]

As we’re entering fall once again, it’s the time of the year when Quebec City gets its annual Comiccon! Quebec Comiccon 2019 was everything we came to expect from the event and more: Cosplay, fun, amazing artists and meeting friends, both new and old. Here is the first part of our pictures from the convention. Part 2 will follow tomorrow! We’d also like to thank the amazing folks from the 501st for inviting us to their bash. Geeks were tipsy and got up a little too early this morning!

Update: The second batch of pics are now online right here once you are done with those below!

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