Anthem – This Is Anthem Gameplay Series Part 1: Story, Progression and Customization

The first video from a series featuring everything you need to know to get started with the very promising Anthem game when it comes out! I can’t wait for this one!

Go in-depth on Anthem and get detailed information about the javelins, customization, and progression. Plus, learn more about the Freelancers and your purpose in the world of Anthem.

ANTHEM (PS4 or Xbox One)


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Having an Affair [Comic]

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Competitive Monopoly [Comic]

We all have a Trevor in our lives unfortunately…

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Meditate While Watching Bob Ross Peeling Off Contact Paper

Three minutes and forty seconds of Bob Ross peeling off contact paper from some of his paintings. You’re welcome.

[alice v | Via BoingBoing]

Parallel Universe Adventure [Comic]

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What is Insomnia and What You Can Do About It [Video]

Something within us, you might call it an inner guardian or conscience, prefers that we should stop deriding all the many obvious benefits of sleep rather than leave a raft of existential issues untreated for much longer. This points the way to an important solution to insomnia. Not so much a pill or a special kind of tea or a long bath, but principally more time in the reasonable hours of the day for thinking. More time in which there are no demands on us and we can at last meditate philosophically. That is, systematically examined everything we’re concerned about. Sifting through our regrets, discussing our work with our inner critic, airing the tensions of our relationship with our true selves. In short reacquainting ourselves with ourselves. Insomnia is seldom physical disease. It’s an inarticulate maddening but ultimately healthy plea released by our core self that we confront the issues we’ve put off for too long. Insomnia isn’t really to do with not being able to sleep, it’s about not having given ourselves a chance to think.

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