An A.I. Attempt (Rather Badly) to Explain Star Wars “A New Hope” [Video]

Here is what happens when an A.I. watches Star Wars and tries to explain it…

The Star Wars was fought in space, with two heroes, R2-D2 and C-3PO. With help form their owner Luke, his friend the homeless ObiWan Kenobi, they save the space form evil. From the planet of Tatooine, with the help of pirate Han Solo and his dog, they rescue a shiny-lipped woman from a That’s No Moon, which R2-D2 destroys.

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Can you solve the multiverse rescue mission riddle?

It was a normal Tuesday at the superconductor, until a bug in the system caused your team to be trapped in 11 separate dimensions. Fortunately, there’s a half-finished experimental teleportation robot that may be able to get you all home… if you can figure out how to work it. Can you work out the robot’s design quirks and get your team back home safely? Dan Finkel shows how.

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This is Adventure [Comic]

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Workplace Safety Koala [Comic]

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2021: A SpaceX Odyssey (Featuring Elon Musk) [DeepFake Video]

Apart from HAL’s Voice, this is almost perfect considering how difficult putting Elon’s face there must have been with all that constantly changing light.

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Epic Rap Battles of History: Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter [Video]

Steve Irwin and Jacques Cousteau go at it for the fifth battle of Season 6!