Damian Todd: Who Is The Most Skilled Robin?

When it comes to Batman and Robin, anyone who has followed the Caped Crusader’s adventures can tell you there have been quite a few different versions of Robin, often with very different personalities. You have the boyishness of Jason Todd (stained by The Joker’s assault, voted on by READERS AND FANS) and you even have the rage and anger of Damian Wayne, which was the complete opposite of Todd’s Robin. Hell, Frank Miller made his Robin female (and she was cool as hell) so really, picking the Robin who is the best at the job is a heady job with lots of viable candidates.

Luckily the talented folks over at VariantComics put together this list that breaks it down to the fine details. Who was the most skilled Robin and why? Watch and find out (and you may just find the final results surprising).

WANT: X-Zylo Glowing Gyroscope Travels 600 Feet! [Video]

The X-Zylo is a toy gyroscope that can travel incredible distances (up to 600 feet!) when thrown!

When the sun goes down, the fun starts flying with the X-Zylo Night Flight. Just like the original X-Zylo, the Night Flight can soar nearly 600 feet—all after dark.

Two included glow sticks light up the Night Flight and make it easy to catch—even when it’s so dark you can’t see your hands in front of your face!

To whip the X-Zylo incredible distances, start to throw it like a football and then follow through low and side-armed. The flying gyroscope will gain altitude like a kite in an updraft.

Please note that you can also get the regular non glowing version on Amazon.com right here.

[X-Zylo Night Flight]

Nice Try, Noob [Comic]

Yep, I’ve seen this happen too many times to count to some of my old clients (I was called on site to clear them,) but just once or twice on my own servers. Hey, nobody’s perfect! :)

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The Dark Side Of Star-Lord You Probably Never Knew About [Video]

Before their hit movie came out in 2014, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy were obscure comic characters known only to hardcore fans. Now, Groot, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon are household names. But what many fans may not know is that some of the characters underwent drastic changes in their transition to the big screen. So hold on to your robot legs, because here’s what the Guardians of the Galaxy are really like…


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The Magical Whisperstone [Comic]

The Magical Whisperstone, a comik by Spencer Moreland from A Comik.

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The Entire Star Wars Saga Gets an Epic Fan-Made Trailer [Video]

A Star Wars: Episodes 1-7 trailer by Dylan Trost featuring the music from The Force Awakens.

[Dylan Trost]

Comic Sans: The Man Behind the World’s Most Contentious Font [Video]

You remember Comic Sans. You know, that irreverent, off-kilter font that came pre-programmed on 90s versions of Microsoft Word? In fact, you probably have very strong feelings about that font. Here’s the story behind the most polarizing font ever made.

[Great Big Story]

Stubbed Toe [Comic]

A comic by Alex Culang and Raynato Castro from Buttersafe Comics.

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The Evolution of FINAL FANTASY: From FF I to FF XV [Video]

Final Fantasy is a massive game series spanning generations of gamers, consoles, and gameplay styles. But where did it all begin, and how did it get to where FFXV is today? Gameranx breaks it down.


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This Valentine’s Day Feisty Pet is Rather Terrifying

We’ve already posted about Feisty Pets a little before the holidays, but this Valentine’s day of the plush toys is just… terrifying. With the words “I Love You to Death” printed under its back paws, it’s the perfect thing to give to your significant other if you’re totally obsessed by him/her.

How’s it work? Just a squeeze of its head and this cute and cuddly plush bear turns deadly – revealing shifty eyes and sharp teeth! (Squeeze our heads and we’ll reveal shifty eyes and sharp teeth, too!) It’s the perfect way to tell your sweetie that they’re stuck with you – and they should just grin and bear it!

[Feisty Pets – Valentine’s Day Bear]