Impossible Engineering: Building The World’s Largest Radio Telescope

On September 2016, China unveiled the world’s largest radio telescope, and has started test operations searching for signals to understand the origins of the universe and the Big Bang.

This 500 metre Aperture Spherical Telescope, or FAST, has been constructed over 5 years in a 45 million year old crater in Southern China. The remote location is highly unlikely to be affected by flooding, and far from human interference which may affect the telescope’s readings.

[Your Discovery Science]

Still Here [Comic]

So sad.

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This Pirates Of The Caribbean Metal Remix Will Rock Your Socks Off! [Video]

A fantastic metal remix of the Pirates Of The Caribbean theme by Jimit GANDHI (Drums, Orchestra & Bass,) Matthew PEGOLI (Guitar & Video Production,) and Mark BOLLELLA (Guitar & Audio Production) from Remix Fix.

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The Luckiest Airplane Toss Ever

That has to be one of the luckiest airplane toss ever… and the music makes it just perfect!


Four Stormtroopers Playing The Imperial March on Bottles [Video]

In honor of Star Wars day earlier this month, four Stormtrooper teamed up to play the famous Imperial March on a bunch of bottles. Check it out!

[Bottle Boys]

Do Anti-Aging Creams Actually Work? [SciShow Video]

You can’t open up a magazine without seeing someone with impossibly smooth skin selling some sort of “anti-aging” cream, but could some of these products actually work? According to scientic litterature, yes, they do work, but there’s mostly only 1 thing that’s really effective in these creams: Retinol. Watch this episode of SciShow to learn more about how these creams work.


Emotional Geometry [Comic]

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Wonder Woman Classic Warrior Tapestry

An officially-licensed woven tapestry throw that features the warrior princess.

Keep your walls or your own cold feetsies warm with this deluxe Wonder Woman Classic Warrior Tapestry Throw. This is no basic poster print, but a real tapestry weave suitable for decorating your wall, or your favorite chair. Featuring Diana the warrior princess herself, as depicted in the DC Extended Universe films.

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Internet Addiction [Comic]


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Loungefly Unveils Gorgeous Star Wars Comic Logo Crossbody Bag

Loungefly has just unveiled this gorgeous Star Wars comic logo crossbody bag that features the iconic logo in bold letters and colors. The interior lining also looks amazing! The perfect handbag for any Star Wars fan! Matching wallet also available right here (pictured below.)

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