Aaron on The Walking Dead is a Really, Really Good Impersonator [Video]

Ross Marquand who plays Aaron on The Walking Dead is not only a good actor, he’s also a GREAT impersonator. Check him out as he impersonates a bunch of a-list actors in the roles of characters they never played. His Christopher Walken in The Sixth Sense impression is just perfect!

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Super Friends Forever [Comic]


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Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Quadcopter with 4K Camera, RFID Blocking Wallet, LED Lanterns, and MORE!

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Artist Transforms Sons’ Drawings Into Gorgeous Anime Illustrations [Pics]

Pro anime artist Thomas Romain has two sons, and occasionally, he loves to take some of their drawings and turn them into amazing-looking illustrations that seem to come out straight of the pages of a manga! Check ’em all out below!

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Japanese Robots Rap About Their Artificial Intelligence [Video]

My silicone brings all the bots to the yard, and these reasons I’ll tell you why.

“Robot’s Delight – A Lyrical Exposition on Learning by Imitation from Human-Human Interaction”

[Dylan F Glas]

Schoolboy Spots NASA Data Error

Credit: https://principia.org.uk/activity/timpix/

NASA has thanked a teenage student who noticed an error in International Space Station data. It’s a unexpected benefit of a schools research program.

The TimPix project involves schools getting access to radiation data collected from Timepix detectors on the ISS, with the name also being a nod to it having been collected during ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s time on board.

The project is mainly about students learning more about how radiation data can help researchers infer the effects of both the Sun and stars beyond our solar system, though there’s also the hope that the fresh perspective of students might throw up new ways of looking at data.

17-year-old Miles Soloman was working on the project at school. When viewing the data spreadsheets, he decided not to concentrate on the data showing the highest levels of radiation, but instead looked at the very end of the list at the low recordings. He noticed a large number of entries listing the energy level as “-1”.

It turns out this was data points where the detector had recorded no result but rather than a zero or blank reading, the system had marked it down as a negative.

Soloman contacted NASA, which said it was aware that the system could generate such an error, but was previously under the impression it happened at most a couple of times a year. In fact, Soloman had spotted it took place multiple times each day.

[Via: BBC]

The 5 First Minutes of the New Ghost in the Shell Movie are Online [Video]

Paramount Pictures has just released the first 5 minutes of the new Ghost in the Shell movie featuring Scarlett Johansson, and I have to say, I’m sold!

Watch (below) and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

DEADPOOL MUSICAL: A Beauty and the Beast “Gaston” Parody [Video]

Who knew the “Merc with a Mouth” could sing?

Warning: Language! Also, be sure to stay past the credits for a little something “X-tra!”

Our hapless hero, Deadpool, enters a bar looking for a little trouble (what else?) – and then the musical mayhem begins. From the beautiful baroque intro of the bartender (Mack Dugger), Deadpool fights off a bevy of mercenaries all hoping to kill our hero and win the dead pool. Luckily, Black Widow (Monette Moio), Rogue (Jennifer Wenger), and Psylocke (Christina Benthall) happen to be in the bar, but less than willing to help our mutated mouthy hero. Thank goodness Spider-Man (Christopher Troy) literally drops in to lend a hand before the final battle involving everyone in the bar.

[Deadpool Said]

Meet the Tardigrade, the Toughest Animal on Earth

Without water, a human can only survive for about 100 hours. But there’s a creature so resilient that it can go without it for decades. This 1-millimeter animal can survive both the hottest and coldest environments on earth, and can even withstand high levels of radiation. Thomas Boothby introduces us to the tardigrade, one of the toughest creatures on Earth.

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HOW TO: Be Socially Acceptable [Comic]

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Man Sings Star Wars Song to Clear the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane [Video]

This is the proper way to get people off the dedicated bike lane when you’re crossing a bridge. Thank you unknown bicyclist! Filmed on the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year’s Day in New York City.

[Edwin | Via LS]

Honest Game Trailer: HORIZON DAWN ZERO [Video]

From the developers that brought you space nazis, comes a game that asks the question – what would the Flintstones be likes if the dinosaurs were killer robots? It’s Horizon Dawn Zero!

Editor’s note: Horizon Dawn Zero is the best game I’ve played so far this year. Nope, I haven’t tried the new Zelda yet and I’ve just started playing Mass Effect Andromeda, but so far, the killer dinosaur robots game has my vote!

[Smosh Games]