10 Most WTF Superhero Movie Costumes Of All Time

Getting the costume right is an integral part of any comic book film. As we all know by now, fans will painstakingly dissect each and every component of the suit to ensure that it’s up to par. The reaction to a superhero’s outfit could make or break the movie before it’s even released. And sometimes, the one seen in the final product isn’t even the first design. As creators search for an iconic look for their characters, they go through several variations, some of which could have been a disaster. Here are 10 most WTF unused superhero costumes of all-time.

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Nerf War: King of the Hill [Video]

Andrew and his nerf squad plan to take down King Turk, the diabolical keeper of the Ultimate Playground. The four nerf warriors band together and deliver justice to the evil king!


The Reason Why a Tesla is Better Than an Edison [Comic]


For those who don’t get it, the comic is a reference to this event: Edison Fries an Elephant to Prove His Point. Hoewever, many sources seem to indicate that Thomas Edison was not involved with the electrocution of the elephant.

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The Harp Twins Cover the Elwynn Forest Theme Song From WOW [Video]

Listen as The Harp Twins cover the Elwynn Forest theme song from World of Warcraft in their latest video.

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WANT: Sonic Screwdriver Bottle Opener


From Thinkgeek:

Pop a top, 11th Doctor style! This sonic screwdriver has been specially calibrated to open all sorts of bottle tops, from beers to sodas to… whatever else might be in a bottle with a cap. And you’ll know it’s a real sonic screwdriver when you use it, because each time you press down to open a bottle you’ll be greeted with that familiar sonic screwdriver sound. Wrrrrrr… your drink is ready!


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The Movie Pitch [Comic]


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10 Confusing Movie TIMELINES No One Can EXPLAIN! [Video]

Most movies are not ambiguous narratives but instead easily understood with their comprehensible chronology. However, not all movies are created equal and whether it be through alternative dimensions, time travel mishaps or just lazy storytelling, there are still plenty of films that leave audiences bewildered by the start of the closing credits. Here are 10 Famous Movie Timelines that Make No Sense.

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Free eBook: “The Best Web Programming Languages to Learn”


For today’s free ebook, learn all about the best web programming languages you can learn as a programmer on the web.

In this guide, we inspect the most important aspect of the modern web, programming languages, which form the core of every single web page we see on the internet every day. Specifically, we’ll have a look at some of the best programming languages a developer should have knowledge of in order to make an impact on their lives (either personal or professional).

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Forget Pokémon Go: It’s Paperback Go As Belgians Hunt Books


A school principal who wanted to clear out his bookshelves has created a game that’s attracted nearly 50,000 people. Belgium’s Aveline Gregoire says he was inspired to create the “Book hunters” game by the success of Pokemon Go.

Unlike the Pokemon game, the book hunting game (known locally as “Chasseurs de livres”) doesn’t use GPS or cameras. Instead it’s simply a Facebook-based treasure hunt. The idea is that players who finish reading a book hide it somewhere (usually in a protective cover) and post a photo and hints about where to find it.

At the time of writing, 46,815 people had joined the Facebook group, though it’s unclear how many are actively hunting books. It is clear the game has spread far beyond Gregoire’s home town and includes many more books than he originally “released.” Gregoire told Reuters that he’s considering developing a dedicated app for the game.

Even for those who don’t join in, the group’s welcome page has some excellent advice even in auto-translated form:

And above all, and in all circumstances, we stay zen, we keep the smile and we don’t take the head.

Old People are The Best [Comic]


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BB-Gate: The Big Twist for “Star Wars: Episode 8” That No One is Talking About [Video]

BB-8 is the key to the new Star Wars trilogy. This young lady knows what she’s talking about.

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