IT EXISTS: A Gatling Gun That Shoots Meatballs [Video]

No arsenal–or kitchen–is complete without a meatball gatling gun. Check out how this ultimate convergence of meat and firepower came to be, then see it in delicious action. Take cover or grab some napkins.

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WANT: The GIANT Netflix & Chill Sack is a 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair!


Ok, it’s not called the Netflix and Chill sack (just the chill sack) but we think the former name is better. Just the thing you need for 1, 2, or who knows, maybe even 3 people… or 1 angry Jabba the Hutt.

Looking for a large bean bag chair? look no further! our 8 foot sack is the largest foam bag chair on the market. It’S big enough for even the largest families and huge pro athletes, this chill bag is perfect for a family that is looking for a unique piece of furniture to enjoy in their home theatre or for someone that wants the biggest and the best out there. The highest quality fabrics with the most color options on the market set this chair apart. V we call them bean bag chairs, but you’ll find no beans or Styrofoam pellets here. Just the softest, highest quality shredded foam for a totally unique lounging experience. Dimensions: 96” x 96” x 34” weight: 130 lbs.


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Staring at Our Screens Isolates us and Makes us Anti-Social [Comic]


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Russian Superhero Film “Guardians” Gets a New Trailer + US Release [Videos]

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Set during the Cold War, a secret organization named “Patriot” gathered a group of Soviet superheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of four individuals, in order to defend the homeland from supernatural threats.

The group includes representatives of the different nationalities of the Soviet Union, which each one of them have long been hiding their true identity. In hard times, they settled down to business and gather to defend their homeland.

Also, be sure to check out this cool fight scene as well as the first trailer below:

Guardians is a Russian movie, but the english version should come out sometime in 2017.

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Modern Games [Comic]

I don’t know how the update and installation process is on the Xbox One, but this comic reflects how installing a new game on your PS4 feels like, especially when you buy it a few months after release when a few patches already came out for it.


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These Official Star Wars Suits Are the Suits You’re Looking For!


The folks at OppoSuits have just release two Star Wars-themed suits that ought to grab the attention of anyone you’re crossing. Both come with matching ties (see above and below) and are available for purchase right now.

Strong Force: Are you looking for the latest fashion trend on Tatooine? Do you want to know what everybody is talking about on Naboo? Wear this official Star Wars™ suit from OppoSuits and the Force will show you. Suit up, you must.

Stormtrooper: Close the blast doors! We know there’s a bit of darkness inside of you. We can sense it. Wear this official Stormtrooper suit from OppoSuits and show your allegiance to the Empire. The Empire wants you.





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Deal of the Day: 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering a selection of what they think are 100 of the most epic and awesome sci-fi and fantasy books you should read in your lifetime. There are many great authors in there, including books by Neil Gaiman, Arthur C. Clarke, George R. R. Martin, Ray Bradbury, Asimov, and many, many more.

Most of these have some nice discounts on them, so I invite you to check them all out at the link!

100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime

Happy Birthday! [Comic]


Well, it’s my birthday today, which I also like to call “Facebook Wall Spam day!”

I don’t know about you guys, but getting all those messages on FB is nice, but you have to wonder how many people would truly recall your birthday if the social media site wasn’t there.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me holding a sign with a very important message.


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The Perfect Organism to Protect Your Savings: The Alien “Big Chap” Bank


The Alien “Big Chap” bust bank: Long-term savings, minimal chestbursting!

Big Chap was designed by H.R. Giger for the classic 1979 Ridley Scott film Alien, and is recreated with incredible detail by sculptor Eli Livingston for this bust. This perfect organism has a coin slot and access door, which transforms it from a deep space killmachine to a fully-functioning coin bank! Made from durable vinyl and spanning approximately 8″ in length, it will terrify anyone seeking to make a withdrawal… even you.


[Alien “Big Chap” Bank]

Ryan Reynolds Approves: When Pikachu Meets Deadpool, Pikapool Emerges [Pic]

Ryan Reynold recently posted this on Instagram, and I have to say, mixing Deadpool to about any characters that exist can only lead to awesomeness. Except for Barney. No one want to see Barneypool become a thing, unless it’s Deadbarney. Oh, and the Teletubbies too.

#MaximumEffort — Just found out who did this… @zbrushatpixologic

Une photo publiée par Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) le

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