What You May Not Know About Stan Lee

Everyone will remember Stan Lee as the lovable grandpa of the Marvel universe. All those wonderful cameos aside, Stan Lee was a cornerstone of the comics industry dating all the way back to 1939. For eight decades, Lee compiled a remarkable list of achievements and changed comics forever — but there’s still plenty that many Marvel fans don’t know about his life and legacy. Let’s take some time to remember and appreciate Stan Lee for introducing us to Earth’s mightiest heroes…



Brute Force [Comic]

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Rainbow Jell-O Being Smashed in Super Slow Motion [Video]

Watch as the Slow Mo Guys hit rainbow Jell-O in super slow motion…

[The Slow Mo Guys]

Never Seen Before Early Prototype of Apple Pay [Video]

Twitter user Per Buer (@perbu) got his hands on an early prototype of Apple Pay, which he demonstrates in the video below. Behold: (Might take a few seconds to load)

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Acceptance [Comic]

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How Loneliness Can Affect Your Health

Loneliness isn’t much fun, but it might also be harmful to your heart—not just in a metaphorical sense, but your actual physical heart, as well as some of your body’s other functions.

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This is Project Ebon Blade – A Blizzcon 2018 Warcraft Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video by Mineralblu featuring some of the best Warcraft costumes seen at Blizzcon 2018.