iPhone Survives Two Days In The Sea

An iPhone that had been on a seabed for two days has been returned to its owner – in full working order thanks to a waterproof case. A Canadian tourist dropped the phone while kayaking off the southern coast of the United Kingdom and assumed it was gone for good before returning home. Two days […]


iPhones Biggest Clue To Having High Income

Owning an iPhone is the single most accurate hint that an American is rich according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The organization revealed the stat in a research paper on the pattern of a growing divide in the cultural, lifestyle and economic choices of differing demographic groups in the US. One of the […]

Apple To Offer Music, Magazine & Video Bundle

Apple is said to be considering an all-in-one subscription for its music, news/magazine and TV services. It may be a way to get customers over the initial hurdle of subscribing to yet another online video service. The plan, reported at The Information, is to still have the various services available for individual subscriptions, but also […]

Apple Offers Free Repair For Sticky MacBook Keys

Apple has confirmed its thinner keyboard design for recent MacBooks is indeed more prone to breaking. It’s offering free repairs, though that could mean being without the computer for some time. The problem is with the “butterfly” switch design introduced to MacBooks and Macbook Pros in 2015. They have a v-shaped switch mechanism where the […]

App Store ‘Monopoly’ Case Goes To Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will rule in a seven year battle over claims the iOS App Store is an illegal monopoly. The case was originally based on two facts: that iOS users can’t (officially) download apps from any other source, and that Apple takes a cut of the app revenues. The plaintiffs say the former point […]

The History of The Mac Startup Sound (RIP 1984-2016)

The startup sound has been an iconic part of the Macintosh since 1984. With Apple discontinuing the sound, Jim Reekes, the creator of the sardonic sound we know today—voiced his opinions. To pay homage, let’s time travel through Mac startup sound history. [Computer Clan]

iPhones Getting Harder To Crack

Police will find it harder to read a suspect’s iPhone without permission thanks to a security change. They’ll have to be much quicker to access the data on the phone. The change means that the data connection in the Lightning port will be disabled after a set period if the phone is locked, a feature known […]

Apple Adds ‘Download Your Data’ Tool

Apple has launched a one-stop shop to download all the data it has stored about you. It’s European-only but will be available worldwide at some point. The “Data and Privacy portal” covers 11 categories of information including Apple ID accounts, game center activity, iCloud contacts and calendars and even activity in retail stores. Users can […]