STAR WARS: Rogue Wha? (A Rogue One Parody) [Video]


This video reveals the Rebels secret weapon to fight off AT-ACT walkers, An awkward Tie Striker landing and the Death (Metal) Troopers. [Darren Wallace]

The Best Harry Potter Rap Ever: Hufflepuff Puff Pass [Video]


Check out this amazing hip-hop anthem to the kind-hearted wizards living in Hogwarts’ most unsung house, Hufflepuff. I usually don’t like geek themed raps all that much, even though I post them most of the time after finding them, but this time, I genuinely enjoyed this song! Hufflepuff Puff Pass! [Source: Amontiock on Youtube]

Movies that Would Have Turned Out Better With Smartphones [Comics]


Internet provider Plusnet visualized (into comic form) how adding a smartphone to the plot of various movies would have made the endings of said movies a whole lot happier. Check them all out below: Lord of the Rings: Psycho: Castaway: The Shining: Fight Club: The Ring: Jingle All the Way: [Source:]

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wall Charger

From Thinkgeek: The Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wall Charger is modeled after Dr. Emmett Brown’s device that makes time travel possible. This plugs in any standard three-pronged outlet (Type B) and charges devices via USB. When your phone hits 88 percent, you’re gonna see some serious… stuff. Probably pictures of corgis and kittens, […]

Princess Rap Battle: Rapunzel & Flynn vs. Anna & Kristoff [Video]


Two couples and their parallel love stories go head to head when Rapunzel and Flynn meet Anna and Kristoff in the eighth installment of WHITNEY AVALON’s wildly popular PRINCESS RAP BATTLE. Alongside Avalon, this tour de force stars the wonderfully talented ELIZA DUSHKU (Buffy, Dollhouse) as Rapunzel, TOM LENK (Buffy, The Cabin in the Woods) […]

Netflix Finally Adds Offline Viewing Feature


It was about time! People have been asking for an offline viewing option on Netflix for years, and starting today, the company has finally started offering the feature for the smartphone and tablet version of their app. While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we’ve often heard they also want to continue their Stranger […]

This Harry Potter Christmas Tree Will Make You Believe in Magic!


This absolutely beautiful Harry Potter Christmas tree was made by Kathryn Burnett and is entirely covered in Harry Potter ornaments, from bottom to top. This is the second time Kathryn has done the tree, and this year, she added even more ornaments to it! Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if […]

How Much It Would Cost To Power The Death Star For A Day [Infographic]


In celebration of the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: Rogue One, the folks from OVO Energy have partnered with Professor Alexander Barnett of the Department of Mathematics at Dartmouth University, and the Editor of Physics Central Stephen Skolnick, and together worked out exactly how much it would cost to power the Empire’s ultimate weapon, […]

If The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Was Live Action [Video]


From Philysteak: I wondered what it would look like if Batman form 1989 – 1997 would look like if Batman was made like the Lego batman from the new Lego batman Movie. [Philysteak]

This 4-Minute OK Go Music Video Was Filmed in Just 4.2 Seconds


OK Go have some of the best music videos I’ve ever seen, and this one featuring the song “The One Moment” from the album “Hungry Ghosts” is no exception. The whole thing was filmed in just 4.2 seconds via a a high speed camera and then played back for a little more than 4 minutes […]

Star Wars BB-8 Heat Change Mug


An officially-licensed Star Wars BB-8 heat change mug by the folks at Thinkgeek: The BB-8 Ceramic Mug with Lid features one of your favorite astromech droids in a hefty mug, big enough for a Hutt, but made for a human. This mug has a nifty little lid in the shape of the Beebs head to […]

The BEST 2016 Online Cyber Monday Deals! (Updated)

Cyber Monday Deals So this year again, right after the crazy that is Black Friday, here comes Cyber Monday! As with last week, here is our selection of deals for today. We’ll make sure to update this post a few times during the day and add new deals when we find them, so be sure […]