The Lord of the Rings: Random Facts That Every Fan Should Know – Part 4

A new infographic from the “The Lord of the Rings: Ramdom Facts That Every Fan Should Know” series. If you missed the previous parts, they’re here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. [Via 9gag] Advertisements


Which Magical Wizarding Profession Should You Choose? [Flowchart]

If you’d live in the Potterverse, what do you think would be your magical profession? For those who don’t know, the folks from have created this simple flowchart to help you decide! Be sure to click the picture to enlarge it! [Source:]

The First and Final Frames of Complete TV Series [Video]

A video that compares (side-by-side) the first and final frames of popular TV series such as Breaking Bad, Lost, Dexter, and many others! BEWARE, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS OF: Hannibal Twin Peaks American Horror Story Breaking Bad Prison Break The Sopranos Californication The Wire Frasier Oz The Newsroom Carnivale Lost Rome Six Feet Under Sons […]

Fantastic Knight Rider BANJO cover [Video]

A fantastic cover of the Knight Rider theme by the always amazing Banjo Guy Ollie! [Banjo Guy Ollie]

Hagrid’s New Pet May be More Than he Can Handle [Video]

Hagrid has always had a fascination for dangerous and terrifying animals. But his latest acquisition may be more than he can handle. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]

Playing Korn With Corn [Video]

Youtuber Davie504 plays Korn using corn. Yeah. That’s pretty awesome. Other videos: Red Hot Chili Peppers played with red hot chili peppers Eminem played with M&M’s [Davie504]

This “Infinity War” Remix Uses Sounds from the Movie [Video]

For this Remix, Eclectic Method used sound samples from Infinity War to create an original action-packed song. Check it out! [Eclectic Method]

LOTR: The Nazgul at Weathertop Were NOT Trying to Get the Ring Back! [Video]

Frodo and his companions are cornered by Nazgul….but it’s the not the Ring they are after this time. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]