When Comic Book Characters Become Old [Gallery]

When Russian artist Lesya Guseva draws, she does it to make people smile. In her latest series of illustrations, she decided to depict what comic book characters (from the universes of Marvel, DC, and Disney) would look like as old people. Check it out! Advertisements


Compressorhead: The World’s Heaviest Metal Band (Litterally) Now Has a Robotic Singer! [Video]

We’ve featured Compressorhead many years ago on GAS, but after stumbling on this video of the robotic band this morning, I noticed that it now has a singer, a robot called Mega-Wattson! Here’s one of their latest songs, Compressorhead, from their newest album, Party Machine: Compressorhead is a project of Berlin-based artist Frank Barnes and […]

Make it So: McFarlane to Release Gorgeous New Star Trek Action Figures

Sure, there’s been quite a few Star Trek action figures released for Star Trek fans in the past, but if you wanted the good stuff, there was only one possibility: Sideshow Toy figures. Unfortunately, at around USD$180, these are a little on the expensive side. But now, thanks to the folks over at McFarlane, some […]

New Honest Trailer Shows The Absurdity of Jurassic Park 3 [Video]

Before you watch Jurassic World 2 be sure to check out the movie that made the franchise stop for 15 years – it’s Honest Trailers for Jurassic Park 3! Apparently, plenty of animals say Alan, not just dinosaurs! [Screen Junkies]

These Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels Are a Happy Abomination

That’s right geeks, Toy Story themed light-up heels for adults. You know you want a pair. Behold: Made by the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice, these officially-licensed Toy Story light-up heels feature bright white LEDs on each shoe that light up when you walk and chunky heels that are composed of rotating blocks. The right […]

The Heaviest Banjo in the Universe: A Hillbilly Metal Banjo Cover [Video]

A heavy metal banjo cover of Gojira’s “The Heaviest Matter in the Universe” by Rob Scallon and Leo Moracchioli. The best part of this video? The straw hats, obviously. Straw hats make everything better. Oh, and banjos too. [Rob Scallon]

Infinity War: What Happens After of the Snap [Illustrations]

The vast majority of you guys have seen Infinity War by now, so I’m sure you all know, or heard, about what happens at the end. Artist Stephen Byrne decided to illustrate the aftermath of the snap and how those left behind reacted to the event. Check it out: [Source: Stephen Byrne on Facebook]

Obi-Wan Is Such a Liar [Pic]

[Via Memebase]