EVEN THE CUTEST KITTENS: A Sex Health PSA Dance Music Video

From Berlin-based comedy songs duo Sticky Biscuits: Whether you’re straight or queer, poly or mono, here’s a lil SEX HEALTH PSA in the form of a poppy chiptune disco song to listen to before you go out venturing into the big wild world hungry for adventures. [STICKY BISCUITS]

A Detailed Look at Adventure Time’s Tree Fort [Pic]

Check out this amazing cutaway illustration by Russian artist Max Degtyarev featuring the tree fort from Adventure Time. I’ll include the complete picture below as well as some enlarged versions of certain sections so you can all admire how ridiculously detailed the whole thing is. [Max Degtyarev | Via IO9]

Winter is Here: Game of Thrones S7 Gets a New Massively Epic Trailer #WinterIsHere

Today might be the first day of summer, but Winter will be here on July 16th. [HBO]

Nathan Fillion is an Evil Man

Yesterday, Nathan Fillion posted the picture below on Instagram along with a few words: “What do you want to believe we talked about?” Please note that the pic might take a few seconds to load. What do you want to believe we talked about? @alantudyk @baccarin.morena @charissabarton photo credit Une publication partagĂ©e par Nathan Fillion […]

Wil Wheaton Gets Reunited With His Original Wesley Crusher Uniform

After 30 years, Wil Wheaton recently got reunited with his original ensign uniform from Star Trek: TNG, and unsurprisingly, it doesn’t fit anymore. A lot of us tend to get “thicker” as we grow older unfortunately. It doesn't fit, but it sure was cool to see and hold Wesley's acting ensign uniform for the first […]

Hidden Meaning in Doctor Strange (According to a Bushy-Browed Alien) [Video]

What if an alien in the future stumbled upon Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange? Welcome to Earthling Cinema, where we examine the last remaining artifacts of a once-proud culture and try to understand what human lives were like before their planet was destroyed. I’m your host, Garyx Wormuloid. [WiseCrack]

GIZMODUCK The Live Action Movie [Video]

A funny live action version of Gizmoduck by the folks from Corridor Digital. Check it out! [Corridor]

The Characters of Game of Thrones Sing “I Will Survive” [Video]

The first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones sing “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, enjoy! [Sung By Movies]

You Can See the Actual Real Life Millennium Falcon on Google Maps!

Last year, several scenes from The Last Jedi were shot near Longcross Studios in Surrey, England, and most of these scenes featured the Millennium Falcon. With that in mind, it stands to reason that the starship would still be in the studio’s vicinity, and thanks to the power of Google Maps, we can now all […]

A Tribute to Dads in Movies [Video]

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a tribute to memorable dads of the cinema featuring Johnny Cash’s cover of Cat Stevens “Father and Son”. [Robert Jones]

When a Dying Robot Falls in Love With a Scarecrow [Short Film]

A beautifully sad and poignant love story between a robot and a scarecrow. This one is a must-watch, geeks. Warning: Get a box of tissues out before hitting that play button. Set amidst the euphoric madness of a summer music festival, Robot & Scarecrow is a uniquely modern fairytale about love. When a robot pop […]

Women of the World Pay Tribute to Wonder Woman with Swords #WWGotYourBack

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman, I’m sure you remember that scene where Princess Diana “hides” a sword in her dress by tucking it in the back. Now, women all over the world are paying hommage to the character by doing the exact same thing and putting the pictures online. Warning: Do not do this with […]