Which Is Worse: Underpopulation Or Overpopulation?

In the following video, MinuteEarth addresses the once-dire predictions of an unsustainable global population explosion that have not come to pass. The video explains how demographic fears from the Baby Boomers’ era about exponential growth have been mitigated by a combination of factors, leading to a slowdown in global population growth. It highlights the complex […]

How does alcohol cause blackouts? [Science Video]

Alcohol has been shown to have strange and selective effects on the brain. Many intoxicated people can perform complex tasks like holding a detailed conversation or navigating a walk home. Yet for those experiencing a blackout, the memory of these events is quickly forgotten. So, how does alcohol cause these memory lapses? Explore how alcohol […]

Shining a Light on Disinfection: Unlocking the Potential of Far-UVC Rays

When we think about disinfecting, wipes, gels, and sprays often come to mind, but what about light? UV light has been known for over a century as a powerful germ killer, yet it’s been largely overlooked. But why? For many, the it’s all about the association with harmful UV rays from the sun, which can […]

Anger, sadness, boredom, anxiety – emotions that feel bad can be useful

A bad feeling can trigger behavior that leads to something better. Rawpixel/iStock via Getty Images Plus Heather Lench, Texas A&M University Remember the sadness that came with the last time you failed miserably at something? Or the last time you were so anxious about an upcoming event that you couldn’t concentrate for days? These types […]

Perils of pet poop – so much more than just unsightly and smelly, it can spread disease

Responsible pet owners are on diligent poop patrol. Hannah Sussman, CC BY-ND Julia Wuerz, University of Florida Have you ever been out on a walk and as you take that next step, you feel the slippery squish of poop under your foot? It’s not just gross. Beyond the mess and the smell, it’s potentially infectious. […]

Mechanical Engineer Answers Car Questions From The Internet

Mechanical engineer and Stanford professor Chris Gerdes answers the internet’s automotive questions. Why aren’t solar powered cars a thing yet? How do self-driving cars see? How can Teslas crash when on auto-pilot? Is hacking a big threat to autonomous cars? Chris answers all these questions and much more! [Wired]

Lunar science is entering a new active phase, with commercial launches of landers that will study solar wind and peer into the universe’s dark ages

The dark, far side of the Moon is the perfect place to conduct radio astronomy. AP Photo/Rick Bowmer Jack Burns, University of Colorado Boulder For the first time since 1972, NASA is putting science experiments on the Moon in 2024. And thanks to new technologies and public-private partnerships, these projects will open up new realms […]