Stealth Airplanes: How Do They Work? [Science Video]


Youtuber “Real Engineering” takes a look at the science that makes stealth airplanes almost invisible to radars. Check it out! [Real Engineering]

Watch Lightning Hit Earth In Super Slow Motion [Video]


Professor Ningyu Liu at the Geospace Physics Laboratory caught a beautiful lightning show from a recent storm. It’s recorded at 7000 frames per second and the playback speed is 700 frames per second. The video was filmed on May 20 near the Florida Institute of Technology’s Melbourne campus. [Florida Institute of Technology | Via Gizmodo]

Could You Survive 2.5 Million Years Ago?


We often take things like medicine and science for granted. Would you be able to survive on the Earth millions of years ago? [Life Noggin]

Does Having A “Wingman” Actually Help You Get A Date? [Science Video]


Does a ‘wingman’ of ‘Wingwoman’ make you more attractive to the opposite sex? Find out in ASAP Science’s latest science video! [ASAPScience]

Potato Gun vs. Watermelon in Super Slow Motion [Video]


In this fantastic Video, Dustin from SmarterEveryDay explains how a potato gun works and films one firing at a watermelon in super slow motion. [SmarterEveryDay]

How Long Would it Take to Fall Through The Earth? [Science Video]


If you’d fall in a hole that goes from one side of the planet to the other, how long would it take you to go through? [Minute Physics]

The Universe Explained (Quite Ridiculously) in 4 Minutes [Video]


A highly entertaining explanation of the universe in just 4 minutes by Youtuber Exurb1a. [exurb1a]

Is Makeup Bad For You? [Science Video]



What Outer Space Does to Your Body [Video]


Great Big storyteller Leland Melvin is back in another installment of “The Astronaut Life.” When you go to outer space, your body changes. Your spine gets longer, your heart doesn’t work as hard and your vision gets worse. Leland lets us in on his body-morphing experiences as a NASA astronaut. [Great Big Story]

Random Number Generation Takes Step Forward


Two computer scientists have won an award for a paper describing how to make random number generation more efficient. The solution is simple to describe — combining two weakly random factors to make one strong one — but has been described as a masterpiece by those in the field. David Zuckerman and Eshan Chattopadhyay will […]

The Science Behind the Morpho Butterfly’s Magnificent Blue Wings [Video]


What does it mean to be blue? The wings of a Morpho butterfly are some of the most brilliant structures in nature, and yet they contain no blue pigment — they harness the physics of light at the nanoscale. Watch this video from Deep Look to learn more about the science behind these magnificent wings. […]