LEGO Unveils New Meter-Tall NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Initially proposed as a LEGO Idea project by LEGO enthusiast saabfun, this LEGO Apollo Saturn V Rocket was recently unveiled as an official LEGO kit. Just like the real Saturn V rocket, which is the biggest and most powerful rocket NASA has ever made, the LEGO model is an impressive one too, measuring 1 meter […]

What Happens In a One Minute?

60 seconds doesn’t feel like a long time and yet 83,300 people are getting intimate, 25 million Coca-Cola products are consumed, and 600 bolts of lightning hit the earth in a single minute. Find out this and even more in ASAP Science’s latest video, which happens to last 60 seconds as well. [ASAP Science]

Blood Test Could Spot Cancer Comebacks

A new blood test uses DNA to spot early signs of returning cancer. It could mean more effective early treatment, though that’s yet to be confirmed. The test is based around a simple concept: that cancer’s mutation shows up as defective DNA. In the study, researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London took samples […]

.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop at 170,000 FPS

In a previous video, Destin from Smarter Every Day tried shattering a Prince Ruperts Drop by firing a regular .22 lead bullet at it. In this video, he tries the experiment with a .22 full metal jacket magnum bullet, and after, a .38 special, which is another full metal jacket bullet, but a much larger […]

Very Hungry Caterpillar Degrade Plastic at Record Speed

Researchers have found a type of caterpillar can breakdown one of the world’s most common plastics much faster than previously seen. It could be a step towards dealing with water pollution. The creature in question is a waxworm, the caterpillar larvae of a wax moth and an enemy of beekeepers as it’s a parasite in […]

Why Do Humans Have Menopause? [Science Video]

The human body is full of mysteries, but we can start to solve those mysteries with help from science and the bodies of grandma whales. [SciShow]

How Smart Are Animals, Really? [Science Video]

Measuring ‘intellect’ is a difficult task. Check out one way scientists are attempting to make this endeavor more testable. [SciShow]

The Science of Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself [Video]

You might be susceptible to “tickle attacks,” but have you ever wondered why you can’t tickle yourself? Learn all about why in this video! [SciShow]

The Human Story: Untangling the Branches of the Human Family Tree [Video]

The folks from “It’s OK to be Smart” have just started a new series of videos called “The Human Story” where they tell the tale of the evolution of our species. In the first episode, they attempt to untangle the branches of the human family tree. [It’s Okay To Be Smart]

Why Some Molecules Have Evil Twins [Science Video]

A tiny change in a molecule’s geometry completely changes its effects on the human body. This video takes a look at a few of these molecules. [Minute Earth]

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) Answers Science Questions From Twitter [Video]

Watch as Bill Nye (The Science Guy) uses the power of Twitter to answer some common science questions. As always when it comes from Twitter, some are better than others, but Bill is always entertaining. Check it out. [Wired]

See-Through Model Rocket Engine Burning [4K Slow Motion]

From Warped Perception: We made a see-through Model Rocket Engine to film the inner workings in 4k Slow Motion and Ultra Slow Motion. These are standard estes model rocket engines found everywhere on the planet and I always wanted to see how they burn, I figured I would cut one in half, rig it, and […]