Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone 4 Case

If you want one, you better hurry and get one before Apple hears of this and require that the online store take the product down. [$35 @ | Via Obviouswinner]

Macs vs. PCs [Infographic]


LOL: OpenSUSE Chameleon’s First Contact with Apple’s iOS [Video]


In the Know: Should Unemployed Americans Buy Apple Gear?

Ok everyone, now let’s all drink a big tall glass of refreshing Apple Kool-Aid… Mmmkay?

“Demise of the PC” May Simply Be Semantics

Worldwide PC sales figures have taken a tumble — and everyone has an explanation why. Two separate estimates show the same pattern in sales figures for January through March this year, compared with the same period in 2010. IDC estimates there were 80.6 million shipments worldwide, down 3.2%, while Gartner puts the total at 84.3 […]

The Truth About Apple Fandom [Pic]

Artist Jesse Lenz tried to capture the essence of what Apple fandom is (according to him) with this funny piece titled “impetuous.” [Source: Jesse Lenz – Flickr]