Apple rejects eight million faulty iPhones

To make one faulty iPhone is unfortunate. To make eight million faulty iPhones would appear to be somewhere beyond careless. Insiders at controversial component manufacturer Foxconn are reported to have said the firm will pay a heavy price after Apple rejected of batch of between five and eight million iPhones (and what’s three million handsets […]

Apple hit by bogus parts replacement scam

Apple has fallen victim to a particular ironic scam in China. The same warranty program loophole that the company exploited until being exposed by a state-run TV program has now been mirrored by a creative money-grabbing scheme by staff an at electrical store. Once a year, Chinese state TV airs a high-profile consumer rights show. […]

Steve Jobs designs the iPhone 6

A government lawyer suggests the next two models of iPhone could both be the work of Steve Jobs. The tidbit leaked out in an article in the San Francisco Examiner about physical security in the smartphone world. It profiled the troubles district attorney George Gascon has faced in his efforts to get manufacturers and service […]