Extortionately priced Smurfberries lead to Apple payout

Apple has agreed to pay up to $100 million in compensation to parents whose children made in-app purchases without their knowledge. But the settlement only covers a specific 45 day period and won’t protect parents with the same problem today. The case doesn’t involve purchases of apps themselves, but rather in-app purchases such as for […]

Return of the Citysearch

“Remember when Nintendo re-invented itself with the Wii?” “Remember when Old Spice, founded in 1934, re-invigorated their brand with those amazing Mustafa spots?” Is that what people are going to say a couple years from now about Blackberry, who just launched their hail mary with a surprisingly awesome new Z10 smartphone? Or about Citysearch, once […]

The Original Macintosh…Made From LEGO! [Pictures]

Here’s what the Mac looked like when it first arrived on the scene in 1984: And here’s what artist Chris McVeigh built from LEGO: Super-cool, eh?? [Source: Chris McVeigh | Via HiConsumption]

Judge to Apple and Amazon: Get a room

The judge hearing one of the dumber tech intellectual property rights disputes of recent years (and that covers quite some ground) is trying to keep the case from reaching a trial. Elizabeth Laporte has told Amazon and Apple that they must make a serious attempt to settle the case of the “App Store” term. Apple […]

Cheap iPhone Rumors Resurface

Apple is said to be working on a cheaper iPhone, though it’s not clear exactly how it will cut the costs. It’s not the first time that the company has considered such an idea, though. The rumors were reported in the Wall Street Journal, citing “people briefed on the matter.” According to the story, one […]

Apple Promises To Fix Glitches In Map Software By Rearranging Earth’s Geography

Another hilarious video from The Onion: Apple is working hard to move streets, buildings, and natural features of the Earth itself to be consistent with their heavily criticized Maps software. [The Onion]

One step back, two steps forward for iOS app piracy

When I was a teenager, computer piracy involved a twin tape deck and a photocopy of an instruction manual. But in 2013, a fifteen year old has figured out how to pirate iPhone and iPad applications on devices that haven’t been jailbroken. At the end of last year, Apple bosses will likely have been celebrating […]

Apple puts kibosh on awesome charging gadget

UPDATE: Apple lifts block on combo 30-pin+Lightning charging accessories How do you fancy a handy charger that can power multiple portable devices without you having to worry about tangled up cabling? Well we’re sorry to tell you that Apple says you can’t have it. A licensing dispute means that a developer will have to refund […]