The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant [Video]

This short film is based on a story by Nick Bostrom. The moral of the story: The ethical argument that the fable presents is simple: There are obvious and compelling moral reasons for the people in the fable to get rid of the dragon. Our situation with regard to human senescence is closely analogous and […]


Pokemon Coming To Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios is adding a Pokemon section in Orlando. It appears it will be part of the kids area rather than a new Nintendo park. The news comes from ABC’s Channel 9 in the city. It reports that the Pokemon park will be added to Universal’s KidZone section. That’s an area that’s come in for […]

Lesser Known Mythological Creatures From Around the World [Pics]

This series of illustrations by Dark Corner Books list some really creepy mythological creatures from around the world that a lot of people do not know about. Check ’em all out below!

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

Please note that the “Greek God Family Tree” is available as a print from the Veritable Hokum Store. [Source: Korwin Briggs – Veritable Hokum]

All the Roles You Never Knew Alan Tudyk Played

Imgur user GifFortuneTeller wrote this post in honor of Alan Tudyk and all the roles you probably never knew he played! There’s probably a couple missing from this list too! Can you name a few? Let us know in the comments section below! Let me tell you about this beautifully underappreciated bastard, Alan Tudyk. This […]

Apple Proposes Disability Emoji

Apple has proposed nine new emoji to better represent people with disabilities. It says the selection is based on the quantity of online searches for particular terms. According to Apple: The current selection of emoji provides a wide array of representations of people, activities, and objects meaningful to the general public, but very few speak […]

Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth

Two hours off the coast of Colombia is a small island home to over 1,200 people. As the entirety of Santa Cruz del Islote only spans the length of two soccer fields, residents live in close quarters, making the island four times as dense as the borough of Manhattan. Despite the circumstances, the community makes […]