The Greek myth of the serpent’s curse

Cadmus, a skilled warrior and heir to the Phoenician throne, lived just a few generations removed from his divine ancestors. From Mount Olympus, the gods watched and meddled in mortal affairs. Despite his prowess, Cadmus made a critical mistake: he killed Ares’ sacred serpent. This act brought down the wrath and retribution of the gods, […]

Stunning Cosplay and Happy Faces: Highlights from Montreal Comiccon 2024! [Gallery]

Montreal Comiccon 2024 is currently underway, and as we’ve been doing for over a decade, we were on location to capture the magic and creativity of this wonderful event. The beautiful costumes on display were truly a sight to behold! We were only there on Saturday, but from what we’ve heard so far, the weekend […]

How was popcorn discovered? An archaeologist on its likely appeal for people in the Americas millennia ago

Could a spill by the cook fire have been popcorn’s eureka moment? Paul Taylor/Stone via Getty Images Sean Rafferty, University at Albany, State University of New York Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to [email protected]. How was popcorn […]

An homage to the dad joke, one of the great traditions of fatherhood

Sometimes lameness – not laughter – is the point. AHPhotoswpg/iStock via Getty Images Ian Brodie, Cape Breton University and Moira Marsh, Indiana University “Dad, I’m hungry.” “Hi, hungry. I’m Dad.” If you haven’t been asleep for the past 20 years, you’ll probably recognize this exchange as a dad joke. The term dad joke is credited […]

The Great Sandwich Debate: Are Hot Dogs Secretly Sandwiches in Disguise?

Is it an age-old question or just an excuse for the internet to start another epic keyboard war? Today, we’re diving into the meaty (and sometimes cheesy) debate about what truly makes a sandwich a sandwich. Did the Earl of Sandwich really invent this tasty creation, or did he just get all the credit? And […]

2 knights, 1 horse − how a legendary Knights Templar symbol has puzzled and fascinated since the Middle Ages

Did this seal symbolize the order’s poverty, homosexuality or companionship with Christ? Hinterkappelen/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA Andrew Latham, Macalester College The Knights Templar, a legendary monastic military order forged in the fires of the Crusades, continue to enthrall 21st-century audiences. From the time of their founding in 1119 C.E. to their dissolution in 1312 C.E., […]

Scooping Through Time: The Sweet Journey of Ice Cream from Ancient Civilizations to Today’s Favorite Treat

Did you know that the origins of ice cream can be traced back to ancient times? As far back as the first century, records hint at the existence of cold desserts enjoyed by ancient cultures such as Rome, Mughal India, and the Tang Dynasty in China. These early versions likely consisted of ice or snow […]

Spelling Bee Gone Wild: Untangling the Evolution of English Spelling!

Spelling reformers have been advocating for changes to make English spelling more intuitive and less irregular. One example of its messiness: take the “g-h” sound from “enough,” the “o” sound from “women” and the “t-i” sound from “action,” and you could argue that “g-h-o-t-i” spells “fish.” So, how did English get like this? Explore the […]