Accused music pirate turns the tables on the RIAA

By Mark O’Neill I think I have just found my new hero. A 45 year-old single mother accused of stealing music on the internet (subsequently sued by the RIAA and vindicated) has now decided to turn the tables against her former accusers—by suing THEM for $5 million, citing conspiracy and illegal investigative practices. Tanya Andersen […]

Russian Billionaire Plans “Snob” Version Of FaceBook

By Mark O’Neill Obviously getting poked online is not good enough for a Russian billionaire.   So Mikhail Prokhorov is going to do what any self respecting billionaire would normally do and set up a Facebook-style networking website for the upper-class, and he is calling it, ironically enough, Snob. Which just goes to show he has […]

Silicon oxide nanowires art will astonish you

Silicon oxide nanowires have the amazing property of arranging themselves into unique patterns. By observing them under a scanning electron microscope, you can end up looking at something that closely resembles like a bunch of beautiful, eerie-looking sunflowers. The picture we’ve posted above has been colorized to further enhance the resemblance, but you have to […]