11th Doctor: Matt Smith & the New Doctor Who Companion

With David Tennant departing from the show, the big news in Doctor Who world early this year was the casting of newcomer Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (perhaps even overshadowing the other big news that Steven Moffat is replacing Russell T. Davies as head writer). And a couple of months ago it was announced that the new companion will be played by Karen Gillan (who appeared in a bit role in the episode “Fires of Pompeii”); all that is known about the character is that her name is Amy Pond.

In any case, the new season has begun filming, and the first pictures have surfaced. You might notice that Matt is still wearing Tennant’s clothes in this scene. Remember how Tennant looked swimming in that leather jacket of Eccleston’s?

Still not sure how I feel about this injection of youth into the show (especially since Moffat is known for injecting romance in as well, something that Who fans are pretty divided on), but you have to admit that Karen is very attractive.

[Image Source: alun_vega (CC)]

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