Epic Scottish Rapper Looks Just Like Half-Life 2’s Father Grigori

Yesterday evening, while idly browsing the web, I stumbled upon the video of a Scottish rapper named “TheChielMeister”. Apart from being totally unintelligible to my ear (Can anyone translate what he says in the comments?), the guy made me think of Half-life 2’s Father Grigori. Check him out below! The desperate plight of a Moray […]

Microsoft Releases 3 New Bing Ads: Search Overload

Yesterday, Microsoft released 3 new Bing commercials trying to sell the idea that the new search engine is there to prevent search overload syndrome by making sure you find the answers you need to the questions you ask. Google already does that just fine as far as I’m concerned, and while Bing returns relevant results […]

Microsoft Unveils Awesome New Wireless Controller: The Human Body

Yesterday, as part of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, the company unveiled Project Natal, the much rumored motion controller we’ve told you about a few weeks ago. If you think the Wii and its Wiimote were the next best thing since sliced bread, boy will you be in for a shock when you see how this thing […]