New Verizon Commercial Spoofs iPhone Ad: “There’s a map for that.”

Apparently if you were watching the Vikings play the Packers on Monday Night Football (and weren’t taking a bathroom break during the commercials), you saw the new Verizon ad that spoofs Apple’s “there’s an app for that” campaign.

Are you wondering why you (you, being the dude with the Verizon phone) can use all your shiny Internet stuff while that guy (i.e., the one with the iPhone over there) has coverage too spotty to be able to use anything? “There’s a map for that.” You know, the map that shows America’s “most reliable 3G network.” (As a side note, I am amazed by how quickly things go up on YouTube sometimes.)

According to the Twitter masses (er, which is how I heard about this, as I was not watching football), opinion is about equally divided on those who think it was pedantic and lame and those who think it was a well-placed jab. As an iPhone user, I for one will say this: touche, Verizon, but kind of petty. I still like my iPhone enough to cope with the occasional spottiness (granted, I live in the middle of a large city).

By the way – reading Twitter while watching Big Bang Theory instead of Monday Night Football? There’s an app for that.

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