Top 10 Hilariously Awful Movie Fights

Movie fights are supposed to be epic, but these 10 are just epic fails. Warning: Gore. [WatchMojo]

You’ve been busted, now go wash your hands! [Pic]

An email my friend Scott over at Faildesk received: Don’t you just love how he explains his crappy grammar right out of the gate? [Via Faildesk]

Only Slightly Exaggerated: Oregon is Just Like a Sudio Ghibli Movie

According to Travel Oregon, the state is just like the lush landscape you’d see in a Studo Ghibli movie. One of the best tourim ad I’ve seen in a while! [oregon]

The Emotional Reunion Between Mark Hamill and Leia Left me in Tears [Video]

Here’s the reunion between Luke and Leia as seen in The Last Jedi while it was being filmed on set. This scene is part of the documentary “The Director and the Jedi,” which will be included as a bonus feature on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi blu-ray release. I'm in tears — Star […]

The Watcher [Comic]

[Source: Slack Wyrm Comics |

AI Writes a Hilarious Saw Movie Script

Writer and comedian @KeatonPatti recently forced an AI to watch over 1,000 hours of the Saw movies and then asked it to write a script for yet another sequel of its own. Here’s the first page: [Source: @KeatonPatti]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Einstein vs Stephen Hawking [Video]

I’m republishing this post that dates back from 2012! Totally fitting since Hawking passed away on Einstein’s birthday! I know this one is kind old, but somehow, I missed it when it was initially released. Anyways, a rap battle involving Stephen Hawking against Einstein, how can you go wrong with that?

Plugging Old Internal Hard Drives for Quick Access is a Breeze With This Cable

Update: Out of stock. Here’s a product from another company that does the exact same thing. If you’re like me, you have a few old hard drives stored in a closet somewhere just in case you need to access your old data back. If you ever need that data, you either need to plug the […]