Dragon Ball Stop Motion – Goku VS Batman [Video]

Youtuber and stop motion animator extraordinaire counter656 teamed up with Bugoo to create this fantastic animation featuring Goku fighting a jacked up version of Batman with a bunch of unlikely allies each on their side. [counter656]

Stealing Ideas: The Origin of the Oreo Cookie [Video]

Did you know that “Oreo” is a knockoff brand? I’m fairly sure that most people think that Oreos are the original cookie and cream sandwiches, but the truth is, Hydrox is. A company named ‘Sunshine Biscuits’ first marketed the cookies back in 1908. Then, the National Biscuit Company, who would later become the brand we […]

Princess Dance Battle: Beauty and the Beast vs. Frozen [Video]

Watch as Belle from Beauty and the Beast wanders a little too far from her land and ends up in Arendelle where she ends up doing a dance battle against Elsa and Anna. [ScottDW]

I’m Here to Help You [Comic]

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Complete Strangers Do the ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Pasta Scene Challenge [Video]

This is adorable. Watch what happens when two complete strangers have to come together and try to recreate the classic spaghetti scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. [Oh My Disney]

Will Arnett, The Voice of LEGO Batman, Prank Calls a Toy Store; Walks Across a Bed of Lego Bricks [Video]

Watch as Will Arnett, the voice of LEGO Batman, prank calls a toy store as the Dark Knight on the Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1. Also, be sure to check him out below as he attempts to walk across a bed of Lego bricks on Jimmy Kimmel Live! All he has to do […]

Big Confusion [Comic]

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Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Bluetooth Headphones, LED Flashlights, and Even MORE Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: –Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones (Available in 4 Colors) – $79.99 $29.99 (63% Off) –Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight, Pocket-Sized LED Torch, Super Bright 400 Lumens […]

A Villain Who Unintentionally Always Does Helpful Things

Don’t you just love how this guy wears a monocle over his glasses? [ProZD]

Taking a Second Cup of Coffee Might Not Be Such a Great Idea [Video]

Written, performed and directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren and animated by Michael Cusack. [Michael Cusack]

Pac-Man: The Story of Toru Iwatani and the Pizza That Revolutionized Arcade Games

There are few video game characters as iconic as Pac-Man. This is due in large part to the deliberately simple design for the character, created by Toru Iwatani, as he sat one day in a restaurant, eating a pizza. [Video Game Story Time]

“Pink Noise” Could Save Hearing In Crashes

Think car crash injuries and you probably think concussion or whiplash. But Mercedes-Benz wants to tackle another risk: hearing damage caused by the sound of the impact. IEEE, which spotted an upcoming “Pre-Safe Sound” feature in a new car range, notes that a crash can produce sounds inside the car of 145 decibels, which can […]