Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Bluetooth Headphones, Multi-functional LED Flashlight, Indoor 50 Miles HDTV Antenna, and MORE!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning: -Today Only: TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo Earphones, IPX5 Splash Proof Secure Fit for Sports with Built-in Mic – $21.99 (Regular price not listed) –OxyLED Solar Power & […]

Alternate Me [Comic]

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Sega Actually Built a Real Warhammer 40k Power Fist to Promote Dawn Of War III [Video]

Ever wondered what might happen if you applied technology from the year 40,000 to every day DIY tasks? Wonder no more, SEGA, Relic Entertainment and Rewind have recreated a Space Marine Power Fist from Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III and tackled all manner of DIY tasks. Enjoy! [Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III]

Reebok Unveils New “Final Battle” Alien Sneakers

Last year, Reebok released a pair of Alien themed sneakers that very few people could get their hands on, and while the whole world went berserk over the shoes, the company only released them in men’s sizes… for sneakers that were originally worn by a woman. Today, the company learned from its mistake and unveiled […]

A Fantastic Compilation of Mass Effect Cosplayers from Beat Down Boogie [Video]

A fantastic cosplay video from Beat Down Boogie featuring tons of Mass Effect cosplayers, including Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard a,nd Rana McAnear, the model for Samara. [beatdownboogie]

.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop at 170,000 FPS

In a previous video, Destin from Smarter Every Day tried shattering a Prince Ruperts Drop by firing a regular .22 lead bullet at it. In this video, he tries the experiment with a .22 full metal jacket magnum bullet, and after, a .38 special, which is another full metal jacket bullet, but a much larger […]

Youth [Comic]

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This Rube Goldberg Machine Movie is Better Than Most Action Flicks! [Video]

Watch as two balls, who play the role of two brothers, go to the rescue of their third brother who’s been trapped by a big and evil black ball. One of the most entertaining thing I’ve seen this week! [Via Neatorama]

Dragonfire Is a New D&D Deckbuilding Game

The makers of Shadowrun are producing a cooperative deckbuilder with the Dungeons & Dragons licence. Dragonfire aims to bridge the gap between tabletop games and RPGs, a sometimes tricky task. The game – which doesn’t yet have a release date — is based on the core engine of Shadowrun: Crossfire, though makers Catalyst Game Labs […]

Office Purrsonnel [Comic]

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Nerdy Nummies: How to Make Star-Lord’s Mixtape Cookies [Video]

In this episode of Nerdy Nummies, show host Rosanna Pansino shows us how to make mixtape cookies in honor of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Check it out! [Rosanna Pansino]

A Fabulous Theremin Cover of Ennio Morricone’s The Ecstasy of Gold [Video]

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone play the theremin that well. Most impressive! Composed by Morricone for the legendary movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly featuring Clint Eastwood and heavily used by Metallica before the shows. Using the Etherwave Pro by Moog Music and RC-50 Loop Station, PS-6 Harmonist and DD-7 Digital […]