Feelings, Pictures, and Ideas: A very simple theory of why good stories are good

Youtuber exurb1a and his simple theory of “Feelings, Pictures, and Ideas” explaining why good stories are good. [exurb1a]

Today’s Hottest Deals: Save BIG on Logitech G300s Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse, JBL Bluetooth Headphones, 200GB Micro SDXC Card, and More!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are a few great deals we stumbled on while browsing the web this morning, starting with Logitech’s awesome G300s ambidextrous gaming mouse. –Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse – 9 Programmable Buttons, Onboard Memory – $39.99 $19.99 –Sandisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter […]

Cosmic Dust [Comic]

[Source: chiliktol on Instagram]

Google Translate Movie Quotes ft. Jimmi Simpson [Video]

Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson acts out movie quotes that have been fed to Google Translate multiple times. The result is rather funny at times. Check it out! [Good Mythical Morning]

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 Gets a TV Adaptation [Trailer]

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Fahrenheit 451 is based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel. In a future where the media is an opiate, history is rewritten and “firemen” burn books, Jordan plays Guy Montag, a young fireman who struggles with his role as law enforcer and with his “mentor”, played by Shannon. Premieres […]

Can you Solve the Seven Planets Riddle?

Your interstellar police squad has tracked a group of criminals to a cluster of seven planets. Now you must apprehend them before their reinforcements arrive. Of course, the fugitives won’t just stay put – they’ll try to dodge you by moving from planet to planet. Can you devise a sequence for searching the planets that’s […]

DEAL: AUKEY Retro Style Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switches) – $29.91 (With Promo Code)

Today, Amazon has Aukey’s awesome KM-G10 retro style mechanical keyboard for just $29.91 instead of $43.99 with promo code GWSGXK6D. The KM-G10 is perfect for those who love old-school typewriters and clean, simple modern design. First-time mechanical keyboard users will find it an easy switch but refreshing change of pace. Its frameless, metal material case […]

Museum: Let Us Play Network Games Legally

A museum wants the right to revive abandoned online games. It’s called for a special exemption to copyright laws. The idea comes from Oakland, California’s Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE), which has proposed an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That’s the law that says its illegal to manufacture or develop something […]