If Super Mario Bros Were Designed in 2018 [Gallery]

By designer Zack Hiwiller, an idea of what Super Mario Bros. might look like if it had been recently designed. It’s all in fun, though: While this post is meant to be humorous, it isn’t meant to be humorous at the expense of my fellow designers. I know we all try to do what is […]


DEAL: The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle – $4.75 (5 Courses, Over 26 Hours of Content)

Thanks to the Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle, cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mmre in This quick, 5-course intro to coding! Just $4.75 instead of $1,740 with promo code BFBUNDLE75. What’s included: -Introduction to HTML (2.5 Hours) -Introduction to SQL (16.5 Hours) -Introduction to PHP (2.5 Hours) -Introduction to JavaScript (2.5 Hours) -Introduction to CSS […]

Officially-Licensed Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Power Bank

An officially-licensed Han Solo in carbonite power bank that can fully charge most smartphones a little more than 2 times. If you’d enjoy having a tiny Han Solo forever captured in carbonite in your pocket, this power bank is for you! We all know it’s a pain when your battery is running low on the […]

Amazing Pre-Cyber Monday Deals: Save BIG on STEM Toys, Power Banks and Chargers, Harry Potter Illustrated Collection, and MORE!

With Cyber Monday just around the corner, Amazon has decided to reward us with awesome deals! It pays to be good! Check ’em all out below! –Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection (Books 1-3 Boxed Set) – $120.00 $51.50 (Use Promo Code NOVBOOK18) –Save up to 50% on our favorite STEM toys –Save up to 40% […]

These Stargate-themed Anubis Ear Cuff and Horus Pendant Look Fantastic!

Russian artist and Etsy user Olga Volodina specializes in silver jewelry, and among her creations are a series of gorgeous Stargate-inpired pendants and ear cuffs. I especially like that Anubis ear cuff. I think it looks totally badass. [Stargate-inspired jewelry by Olga Volodina]

Paperwork [Comic]

[Source: Chris Hallbeck – Maximumble | Like Maximumble on Facebook | Follow Maximumble on Twitter]

Montreal Mini-Comiccon 2018: Where the Holidays Meet Cosplay

Each year, the folks behind Montreal Comiccon organize a free holiday version of the event (Montreal Mini-Comiccon) where cosplayers and shoppers alike meet to partake in a celebration of pop culture and joy. Naturally, my beloved and I were on site to photograph your favorite characters in Christmas attire. Here is our picture gallery of […]

Hacking the Brain: The Future of Prosthetics [Science Video]

We usually think of ‘hacking’ as a bad thing, but scientists are working on ways to hack the brain that will greatly benefit people with prosthetics, and maybe someday people with paralysis. [SciShow]