Building the Ultimate D&D Gaming Table [Video]

In this episode of Awe Me’s “Super-Fan Builds” Fon Davis and his team from Fonco Creative Services builds the ultimate D&D gaming table for a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons and role-playing games in general. Check it out below! [AWE Me]

Carrie Fisher Remembered + The Actress’ First Star Wars Audition [Video]

A fantastic video from ABC News taking a look at the life of Carrie Fisher, who was born into Hollywood royalty and struggled with bi-polar disorder. Also, be sure to check out her first Star Wars audition below! [ABC News]

Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film [Video]

“Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film” is an awesome UNOFFICIAL live action version of Futurama! Check it out above! Also, be sure to check out the awesome Hypnotoad for the last 10 minutes of the video! [Cinema Relics]

Hilarious: Carrie Fisher Roasts George Lucas at AFI Life Achievement Award [Video]

If you need to be reminded how hilarious Carrie Fisher was, you absolutely need to listen to her roast of George Lucas at the 2005 AFI Life Achievement Award. [American Film Institute]

May the Force be With You, Princess [Comic]

A lovely comic by Brazilian comic artist Dalcio Machado paying homage to Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you, Princess. [Source: Dalcio Machado]

Deal of the Day: These Kevlar Micro USB cables are the Toughest We’ve Ever Used, and They’re Super Cheap Right Now!

Anker’s Kevlar Poweline cables are the toughest cables I’ve ever owned. I have both lightning and Micro USB versions, and with kids using them all the time, they need to be tough else regular cables end up not working after a few months of use. I use them to recharge both my Apple and Android […]

10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity: 2016 Edition [Video]

2016 has been dubbed ‘the worst year in history’. But how much do the year’s news stories live up to this title? From the Filipino death squads, to the killer clown craze, AllTime10s brings you 10 News Stories That Make You Lose Faith In Humanity. [AllTime10s]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From March-April 2016)

Let’s continue our look back at some of the news stories we’ve covered here at GaS in 2016 as well as following up on later developments. In March the Department of Defense launched a challenge for “white hat hackers” to try to breach their computer systems. Sensibly enough it was limited to approved US participants […]

The “Cold” Truth About Fat [Science Video]

With the feasts and festivities of the holidays in full swing, we’ll be kissing the passing year goodbye, but not without the addition of a couple extra pounds as a souvenir. Lucky for you, the winter also brings something that might actually help you lose that 2015 souvenir of yours: freezing cold weather. Today we’re […]

The Very Best Japanese Commercials of 2016 [Video]

From JPCMHD: The time has come! (☆^ー^☆) Let’s have a look back at all those great Japanese commercials that 2016 gave us (∩_∩) The selection process was tough again with more than 2200 commercials to choose from so, as I always say, sorry if your favorite commercial was not included! With all the good quality […]

A Beautiful Piano Cover of Leia’s Theme [Video]

From Player Piano: We put together a special cut of just the Princess Leia Theme from our Ultimate Star Wars Medley in tribute to the amazing Carrie Fisher. We will miss you. [PlayerPiano]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill [Video]

Watch as Theodore Roosevelt fights Winston Churchill in the latest episode of Epic Rap Battle of History! [ERB]