Meta Mark Hamill Meets The Joker

In this animated short, The Joker kidnaps Mark Hamill only to discover a surprise about himself. To say more would be to spoil it…

T-Rex Tribe Lies In Wait For School Bus

What’s weirder than donning a costume to freak out a child coming home from school? Getting four family members to join you… (Via: Neatorama)

Christmas Meets Hallowe’en In Epic Home Light Show

YouTuber Tom BetGeorge produces spectacular home light shows for most holidays. His latest effort is a Hallowe’en show based around the music of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Be sure to check out his channel for his previous work.

Tim Peake Gets Asked The Big Question

Sometimes when you go on TV, you get asked well-researched, insightful questions. Sometimes, not so much…

Minecraft Gets Stranger Things Skin Pack

Minecraft has unveiled a pack of skins based on Stranger Things characters in multiple outfits from the show. These are a few of the images: you can check out the full set on the Minecraft site, though be warned a few of them might serve as season two spoilers if you analyze them too intensely.

How Time Travel Works In Fiction

Different works of fiction have different logic and physics takes on exactly how time travel works in their creative universe. Here’s a great rundown of some of the variants.  

AI Takes Human Approach To Beat Captchas

Artificial intelligence bots have reclaimed the advantage in their battle with Captcha challenges – and the scary part is they’ve done it by aping what was thought to be humans’ advantage. The Captcha challenges in question are the ones that involve identifying a string of characters despite distortions such as wavy text or cluttered backgrounds. […]

Fireplace In A Briefcase

At one time, mankind’s greatest achievement was making fire. Today, you can bring the fire with you. Just don’t try getting this briefcase through airport security. [Via: Geekologie]

It’s Harry Pottery With New Dinner Set

Potter fans will never mix up their dinnerware again — as long as they each have a favorite house. This 16-piece collection from Think Geek features a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl and cup with house illustrations and even text from the Sorting Hat’s introduction. As you’d expect, there’s one set each for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, […]

Today’s Hottest Deals: OVER 6000 Blu-ray Movies For Under $10 Each

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has over 5000 blu-ray movies for under $10 each! If you’re looking to complete your movie collection with a few extra titles, be sure to check out these amazing deals! –Action and Adventure Blu-Ray Movies for Under $10 –Sci-Fi Blu-Ray Movies for Under $10 –Fantasy Blu-Ray […]

Contra To Become Movie

Konami is to make a movie of the 80s coin-op game Contra, with an accompanying TV show. Details are slim, but it will be live action rather than animated. Konami didn;t give any details of the plot of the movie. The game of course featured two Contra members using guerilla war tactics to infiltrate an […]

When A Smart Watch Becomes A Hero

In this short movie, we meet a smart watch that wants to save society. Well, that’s the official story, but I’m not sure I trust anyone who sounds that much like GLaDOS…