Creative Coding Catches Presidential Hopeful Off-Guard

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Cross-site scripting is being blamed for a campaign trail hack. Someone took advantage of weak security to redirect visitors from’s “Community Blogs” section to rival Hillary Clinton’s home page over the weekend. A user identifying himself as “Mox” claims credit for the move on a post written just […]

Dying professor’s YouTube “Last Lecture” becomes instant best-seller

By Mark O’Neill A university professor who is dying of cancer and whose “Last Lecture” became a viral sensation on YouTube is now seeing that lecture become number one on online bestseller lists. Randy Pausch, a computer-science professor from Carnegie Mellon University, is dying from pancreatic cancer and at the time of his lecture last […]

Organize your Twitter followers into “crowds”

By Mark O’Neill

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might from time to time find it difficult to keep track of who is following you. I personally only have a couple of hundred people following me and I don’t religiously follow everything that they all say (not that I’m rude, I just don’t have the time). But if you’re a really heavy user with a couple of thousand people following you, you might find it difficult sorting through everyone. You might also miss a good message or two. That’s where CrowdStatus comes in to mix things up and make things interesting.