Opera to reinvent the web – web waits for fat lady to sing

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the David vs. Goliath battle of the browsers, Opera has always played the part of the mosquito – it preys on both of the major contestants, but it doesn’t eat much (although it has chewed out a nice niche in the mobile browser market).  You’ve got to […]

Palm smartphone carrier at the end of its tether

Palm has “politely” asked a website to block users discussing how to use its latest smartphone to provide internet access to a computer. It’s a sign of how cautious the firm is to avoid upsetting Sprint, with which it has an exclusive carrier deal. The Palm Pre launched earlier this week to generally strong reviews. […]

Pew Pew Pew – Because Lasers Make Everything Better

Well gentlemen, it’s Monday, meaning most of us are back to work, and probably all feeling depressed about it. So here’s a little something to improve your mood. Just for the record, I just bought $10,000 worth of Solar Gard Window Films. What? Me, influenceable? Nahhhhh, of course not! …sorry ladies, no hot guy firing […]