Opera Unite — should be “Untie”?

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] Well, paint me in a two-tone pattern of “smug” and “disappointed”.  I correctly predicted that Opera’s self-styled “reinvention of the web” would have something to do with breaking the traditional model of web client/server that we’ve all come to know and curse.  But their execution on that grand […]

Disney Taps Kiddie Laptop Market

Not long ago I read the results of a study about litte girls and Disney Princess dolls, which pointed out the massive amount of branding involved – i.e., you can wake up in your Disney Princess sheets, brush your teeth with a Disney Princess toothbrush, eat breakfast out of your Disney Princess cereal bowl… and […]

Bathtub V: Keith Loutit Releases New Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Masterpiece

Remember Keith Loutit, that amazing Australian photographer we featured a few times here on [GAS] for his awesome tilt-shift videos? Well friends, to our greatest joy, Keith has recently released a new clip named Bathtub V, and as usual, the video totally rocks. This one was realized with the help of Sydney’s Ports Corporation and […]

Destroy Build Destroy Teaches Kids how to Blow Up Stuff

Destroy Build Destroy is a new TV show premiering June 20th on Cartoon Network. It features two teams of kids blowing up stuff, building new things out of the remaining parts, and then blowing them up again! And we’re not talking about small-scale explosions here… oh no! Sounds fun doesn’t it? Although I’m not sure […]

Opera to reinvent the web – web waits for fat lady to sing

By Sterling “Chip” Camden Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the David vs. Goliath battle of the browsers, Opera has always played the part of the mosquito – it preys on both of the major contestants, but it doesn’t eat much (although it has chewed out a nice niche in the mobile browser market).  You’ve got to […]

Palm smartphone carrier at the end of its tether

Palm has “politely” asked a website to block users discussing how to use its latest smartphone to provide internet access to a computer. It’s a sign of how cautious the firm is to avoid upsetting Sprint, with which it has an exclusive carrier deal. The Palm Pre launched earlier this week to generally strong reviews. […]