Siri: Ultimate Combat Assistant [Video]

Siri, Ultimate Combat Assistant or UCA, was meant to be an A.I. capable of any combat situation, equip-able by a HUD it assist the user with such tasks as Gun Statistics displays, Proximity alarms, Predator Vision (TM), Automatic Control & would even tell you the location of the nearest bad guys location. [SneakyZebra]

Apple and Samsung Dominate 2011 Phone Profits [Graph]

Profit Shares of 8 Mobile Phone Vendors

2011 was a fortuitous year for Apple and Samsung. According to Asymco, a software development and consulting service, “Apple obtained 73% of operating profits, Samsung 26% and HTC 1%. LG remains on the borderline and both Sony & Motorola “haven’t had profits for years”. Will Samsung’s new Galaxy S III overtake Apple? Only time will […]

iPhone Music Puzzle [Video]

A pretty cool music video using 4 iphones to create something that can only be described as a visual puzzle. I really doubt that the people behind the video were able to make everything work on the first take. [Via Brandflakes For Breakfast]

Just How Big is Apple? [Infographic]

It Doesn’t Get Any More Hipster Than This [Picture]

Seriously, it doesn’t get more hipster than this! [Via]

Apple e-book pricing dispute heads to court

The Department of Justice has decided to go ahead with a lawsuit against Apple and two book publishers over alleged e-book price-fixing. Divided commentators are predicting everything from a major price cut for book buyers to a humiliating government climbdown. The case centers on two different ways of setting prices for e-books. When Amazon first […]

Malware creates half a million dirty Macs

If you somehow still believed that Apple computers are immune to malware, it’s time to get real. A security researcher is reporting that more than half a million Macs have been infected with a Trojan known as Backdoor.Flashback. According to Doctor Web, a Russian seller of anti-virus software, the Trojan works along lines that are […]

I Don’t Buy Apps! [Pic]

[Source: @tychadwell]