It Doesn’t Get Any More Hipster Than This [Picture]

Seriously, it doesn’t get more hipster than this! [Via]

Apple e-book pricing dispute heads to court

The Department of Justice has decided to go ahead with a lawsuit against Apple and two book publishers over alleged e-book price-fixing. Divided commentators are predicting everything from a major price cut for book buyers to a humiliating government climbdown. The case centers on two different ways of setting prices for e-books. When Amazon first […]

Malware creates half a million dirty Macs

If you somehow still believed that Apple computers are immune to malware, it’s time to get real. A security researcher is reporting that more than half a million Macs have been infected with a Trojan known as Backdoor.Flashback. According to Doctor Web, a Russian seller of anti-virus software, the Trojan works along lines that are […]

I Don’t Buy Apps! [Pic]

[Source: @tychadwell]

I Wanna Annotate on My iPad!

[Photo Credit] I was at work the other day and my boss had to go to a client meeting, but also had to review a piece of work I had done for a different client before we sent it to them. She recently bought an iPad and I was like – duh, that’s a reason […]

iPad 4G: What’s in a name?

Apple has reportedly agreed to refund buyers of the new iPad in Australia who are disappointed to find it does not offer 4G speeds. The company may face similar problems in Sweden and the United Kingdom. The 4G feature on the new model only works on specific wireless frequencies, namely 700MHz and 2100MHz. Those aren’t […]

Apple to Refund iPads Down Under

She won’t be so happy when she finds out how inadequate it is…[Credit theunquietlibrarian] This be one for the Apple haters: Apple’s been attacked by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for engaging in “conduct that was misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive.” How come? Because down in Aus, there’s no […]

Hey Dad, Do You Like That New iPad We Gave You as a Present? [Video]

Daughter: Dad, I meant to ask you, how do you get along with the new iPad that we gave? you as a birthday present? Dad: Good. Daughter: You also get along with all those apps? Dad: What apps? Can you please move a little bit …. so ….. What? [Via]