Steve Jobs Portrait Made Out Of 3750 Apples

For those who didn’t know, last Sunday was the first official Steve Jobs day, and to pay homage to the man, Montreal-based artist Olivier Lefebvre has created a portrait of the Apple co-founder using 3750 deer apples, right here in the city where I live, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC. Check it out:

Edit: In reply to the hater who has emailed me, no this is not a waste. These are deer apples, meaning apples that have fallen down their trees and have started rotting.

Merci Benoit!

19 Responses to Steve Jobs Portrait Made Out Of 3750 Apples

  1. I find it important to mention to all of you that all the Apples used where deer apples, I would never use human consumption grade food for art. So yeah i got my hands dirty. Made for a really nice apple aroma tho! Cheers from


  2. I love the tribute, but as a photographer, I would be pretty disappointed if that is the best angle we could get of the tribute. I hope someone got up way high on a cherry picker or something.

  3. Very good, How long did it take? =o .
    It is however unfortunate we may not see anything like this for Dennis Ritchie, who was much more of a influential figure in the history of computing.

    RIP to them both.

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