Steve Jobs Vowed to Destroy Android

In the fast-moving age, it appears two weeks is how long it now takes from lauding a deceased figure to taking a more critical view. Or at least that’s the case when you’ve got a biography to sell.

Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs, which includes details from what appears to be Jobs’ last interview, hits the shelves on Monday but early details are already in the public domain. The most notable come from the Associated Press, which has an advance copy of the book.

The big revelation is just how angrily Jobs reacted when he believed Android handsets were made using Apple concepts and technology, a move he described as “grand theft” and requiring a “thermonuclear war” response.

It appears the subsesquent lawsuits weren’t just an attempt to get financial recompense, but rather Jobs had decided to “destroy Android.” He told Isaacson that ” I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong.”

The book also claims Jobs met Google chief Eric Schmidt in a cafe and told him no offered settlement would halt the lawsuit, and that he would even turn down $5 billion. It’s perhaps fortunate that this didn’t come to light while Jobs was still alive, as Apple shareholders might not have been too impressed.

Among the other headline-making revelations in the book are that Jobs chose to delay medical treatment for his pancreatic cancer for nine months, instead trying alternative therapies. The AP notes that it’s impossible to say conclusively whether this worsened his chances of survival.

The book also has a few trivia notes, such as the Apple name being created while Jobs was on a fruit, nuts and seeds-only diet, and the molded plastic design of the Apple II being inspired by Cuisinart food processors, which were booming in popularity at the time.

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  1. …and yet Cuisinart isn't suing Apple for stealing the idea of gadgetty tech in a molded plastic case! What a dumb fight in the times of open innovation and world challenges far bigger than any one person or company.

  2. I think I would find better things to do with my last dying breath. I love Apple, my iPhone, my iMacs, iPods, Apple TV etc… and think that Steve Jobs was a marketing genius, but reading this, it sounded like he had an explosive case of butt hurt. There's nothing that original with the iPhone or iOS. It's just it was packaged nice and made easy to use, but the concepts were already in use.

    • I also find it kind of funny that Android is still around. Sorry Steve… Without Android, the iPhone would still have a sucky notification system, no customizable text tones, no Siri etc. All of the things that made iOS 5 awesome were really already being done on Android… just not as well. Competetion in the market place is great for the consumers and I love watching the big guys trying to out do each other because that means the consumers win on all sides, especially Android and iOS. WP7 still has a chance, but Rim has yet to come to terms that they are on a sinking ship.

  3. Well I was never of the illusion that Steve Jobs was a spiritual guru, or really even much of a spiritualist, I think he just lorded it over people that he "spent time in an Ashram" and fancied himself some kind of revolutionary icon. He was a tycoon, he dedicated his life to business, not Truth. He picked up some neat mantras and teachings but didn't make the journey.

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