Apple gets more triumphant

Yesterday we reported several Apple policy changes that appeared to show the company on the back foot. But today the company has had some good news from both analysts and courts. After CEO Tim Cook made an address this week that referred to the rapid take-up of devices such as the iPhone in comparison to […]

Apple Gets More Compliant

It may be too soon to say Apple has adopted a less combative approach in the post-Jobs era, but the company has taken three steps in close succession that are at the very least conciliatory. They involve privacy policies on apps, iPad sales in China, and the labor practices of suppliers. On the app front, […]

Apple’s grand Frand demands

Apple has asked European officials to make changes that could reduce the number of lawsuits in the mobile tech industry. But while the changes are arguably valid, it’s notable that they are largely beneficial to Apple itself. The call comes in a letter to the European Telecommunications Standard Institute, sent last November but only just […]