Apple Gets More Compliant

It may be too soon to say Apple has adopted a less combative approach in the post-Jobs era, but the company has taken three steps in close succession that are at the very least conciliatory. They involve privacy policies on apps, iPad sales in China, and the labor practices of suppliers. On the app front, […]

Apple’s grand Frand demands

Apple has asked European officials to make changes that could reduce the number of lawsuits in the mobile tech industry. But while the changes are arguably valid, it’s notable that they are largely beneficial to Apple itself. The call comes in a letter to the European Telecommunications Standard Institute, sent last November but only just […]

Psycho Siri Says: It is futile for you to run and hide [Video]

iPhone users, beware: You better all switch to an android-based phone soon else something like this could very well happen to you in the near future. You’ve been warned. [Andrewmfilms]

Siri Helps Owner Do Push-Ups [VIdeo]

Siri here. I believed that since my owner had no brains, he might have some brawn. Unfortunately, that was too optimistic. [Via]

Android Users’ Bathroom and Bedroom Secrets Revealed

Android users in North America are more likely than other handset owners to put out on a first date. But if you do find yourself benefiting from that statistic, another finding means you might want to be wary of touching your new buddy’s handset. The first stats come from dating site It conducted a […]

Samsung patent lawsuits may be unlawful

We’re well used to tech companies suing one another for patent violations (and likely passing the legal bills on to us in higher prices.) But now the tables may have turned, with the European Union investigating whether Samsung misuses its own patents. In recent years, Samsung and Apple in particular have been engaged in a […]

Tech Giants Accused of Recruitment Collusion

The case against major tech firms that allegedly colluded to keep engineer salaries down looks to have become a lot stronger with the publication of e-mails between the companies. It’s for a civil court to decide whether the agreement between companies such as Apple and Google was unlawful, but it now appears incontrovertible that such […]

Christmas Gadget Explosion is Thankfully Figurative

Despite the hard economic times, it appears it was a bumper Christmas for sellers of handheld gadgets. The number of Americans owning tablet computers and e-readers appears to have almost doubled in the space of a few weeks. According to the latest figures from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, the proportion of US […]