Guitar Teacher? – There’s an app for that.

Will the guitar teachers soon be replaced by the Apple gizmo? The people at Incident, running the gTar Kickstarter campaign are hoping so. Or, at least, they want to create a guitar that anyone can play. It basically involves docking in your iPhone and letting you play by pressing the frets that light up and […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 70% Off MiniSuit Microfiber Leather Case Cover for iPad – $14.95

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has a MiniSuit Microfiber Leather Case Cover for iPad with Multi-angle viewing + Built-in magnet for sleep / wake feature for just $14.95. That’s 70% off the case’s regular list price of $49.95. This 2-in-1 case and cover is a smart combination of two qualities: 1) […]

Fake Apple Store [Pic]

Apparently, this is some kind of fake Apple store located somewhere in China. How awesome is that? :) [Via]

Is this the ultimate iPod accessory?

There are several ways to make sure you don’t lose your iPod. Pockets work for many people. A belt-clip does the job for some. A few go a step further and buy a specialized wristband with a pocket to hold the device. But if you’re a professional body piercer, it seems there’s one more dramatic […]

Apple ditches “4G” name for iPad

iPad has changed its marketing of the “4G” iPad after complaints it was not compatible with 4G services in all countries where it was on sale. But the company has stopped a little short of admitting it was at fault. As we’ve previously covered, the new iPad was marketed as coming in two version: “Wi-Fi” […]

Siri: Ultimate Combat Assistant [Video]

Siri, Ultimate Combat Assistant or UCA, was meant to be an A.I. capable of any combat situation, equip-able by a HUD it assist the user with such tasks as Gun Statistics displays, Proximity alarms, Predator Vision (TM), Automatic Control & would even tell you the location of the nearest bad guys location. [SneakyZebra]

Apple and Samsung Dominate 2011 Phone Profits [Graph]

Profit Shares of 8 Mobile Phone Vendors

2011 was a fortuitous year for Apple and Samsung. According to Asymco, a software development and consulting service, “Apple obtained 73% of operating profits, Samsung 26% and HTC 1%. LG remains on the borderline and both Sony & Motorola “haven’t had profits for years”. Will Samsung’s new Galaxy S III overtake Apple? Only time will […]

iPhone Music Puzzle [Video]

A pretty cool music video using 4 iphones to create something that can only be described as a visual puzzle. I really doubt that the people behind the video were able to make everything work on the first take. [Via Brandflakes For Breakfast]