GitHub Gets Got: Microsoft Buys It Out

  Microsoft has confirmed it’s bought GitHub for $7.5 billion. It says the platform will remain independent and open, prompting speculation about exactly why it’s made the purchase. The price, to be paid in Microsoft stock, is considerably more than initial reports suggested, particularly given that GitHub has been far from profitable. It’s the latest […]

Star Citizen DLC Pack Costs $27,000

The forthcoming Star Citizen game will include a DLC pack that costs a mere $27,000. As you’d hope, it includes virtually every available item in the game. The game itself has been crowdfunded through Kickstarter and is turning into quite the development saga, having been in the works since 2011. To date the project has […]

Atari Co-Founder Ted Dabney Dies

Ted Dabney, theman who helped create Pong and co-founded Atari, has died aged 81. The news was announced by Dabney’s friend Leonard Herman, author of Phoenix, one of the leading histories of the video game industry. Dabney had worked at several tech companies including tape manufacturer Ampex where he met colleague Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell had […]