Google Rebadges App Scanner

Google is rolling out a security measure called Play Protect for Android devices. It’s actually just a clearer way of informing users about security scans that were already being made. Play Protect is effectively a higher-profile user interface for the existing Verify Apps tool that regularly scans in the background to look for any potentially […]

How Does Caffeine Keep Us Awake (Video)

Grab a cup of hot java and relax with this explanatory video… then find out why you can’t relax. [Via: Laughing Squid]

BBC: Female Doctor Is Canon

The BBC has issued a formal response to people complaining about the casting of a female actor as the next incarnation of Doctor Who, pointing out that it’s already been established that Time Lords can switch gender. The comments come as part of the BBC’s formal complaints review process in which it publicly responds on […]

Ron Howard Reveals Lando’s Capes And More

Ron Howard, director of the Han Solo spin-off movie, has shared several images of shooting. Above is a wardrobe shot which he titled “Care to guess whose closet this is?” The consensus is that there’s little mystery and it’s Lando Calrissian’s. The shot below is of Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo reviewing a shot. Look very carefully […]

Kangaroo Bounces Flummox Self-Driving Car

Volvo has confirmed its self-driving car is baffled by kangaroos because they bounce. The company is working on autonomous vehicles with a planned 2020 release. Because of the markets it plans to target, it’s including a system to detect large animals such as deer and elk, which can be calamitous for animal and driver alike […]

Stan Lee Honored At Hollywood’s Chinese Theater

Stan Lee has become the latest figure from the movie world to imprint his hands and feet outside the famed Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. His name is already among the 2,500 stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame but this latest honor is more exclusive, putting him in a club of around 300.  

Self-Healing Gel Could Protect Phone Screens

Melbourne University researchers are working on a self-healing gel that could mean cracked phone screens could repair themselves. The gel is made from poly(hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate), which is one of the key materials used to create contact lenses. The researchers have manipulated it such that it is normally firm, but can flow more like a […]

Star Wars Hotel Coming To Disney World

Disney is to build a Star Wars-themed hotel with staff in character and costume. There’ll also be new Star Wars sections in Disneyland and Disney World. The hotel won’t just be a place to stay, but a full-on immersive experience. It’s designed to replicate travelling on a spaceship, so there’ll be no external views: instead […]

WiFi Users Agree To Clean Portable Toilets

22,000 WiFi users in the UK have unwittingly agreed to unblock sewers by hand. They failed to read a clause placed in terms and conditions as a stunt. Purple provides Wi-Fi services that businesses and other facilities offer as public Wi-Fi for customers. To access the connection, customers need to confirm they accept a set […]

Google Play Adds HDR Movies

Google is adding high-dynamic range (HDR) movies to its Play Store. They’ll only work on compatible TV sets and carry the same eyewatering cost as 4K videos on the service. HDR isn’t about resolution, but rather increased contrast (with more detail visible in very dark or bright scenes) and a bigger color range, both of […]

Overwatch Gets Pro League With City Franchises

Blizzard has announced seven teams for a city-based Overwatch league. The NFL-franchise style league will include owners from sports and business. Unlike most North American sport leagues, the franchised teams will cover the globe, with the initial teams being in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami/Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. The plan is to […]

Battery-Free Phone Works But Isn’t Practical

A new cellphone design works without any battery. But it has some major drawbacks and would require some major infrastructure work to take off. The phone is the work of University of Washington researchers. Although it doesn’t have a touchscreen or any smartphone apps, it does use Skype technology for voice calls. The energy use […]