Xbox Getting Accessibility Controler

Microsoft is working on a special Xbox controller for people with accessibility needs. It looks to be designed to balance functionality with simplicity of use.

The image above was leaked by a Twitter user (@h0x0d) and appears to be legitimate, though exactly how it works has largely been inferred.

The two giant buttons (A and B) look to be user-programmable. There’s also a set of “grooved impressions” at the top that each match a function of the standard controller. The theory is that these allow users with visual disabilities to easily select a function to assign to one of the giant buttons.

The controller also has a traditional d-pad and Xbox button, along with an audio jack and USB port. While that could just be for charging purpose, it’s also possible the USB connection could hook it up to a computer for easier programming.

There’s also a three-light LED display, the theory being that users can switch between several pre-programmed configurations, for example for different types of game, or when using the Xbox for non-gaming functions.

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