Sony: PS4 On The Way Out

Sony says the PS4 is “finally entering the final phase of its console life cycle.” The company also hinted game sequels could dominate until the console’s successor arrives.

The comments came from Sony Interactive Entertainment chief John Tsuyoshi Kodera who was speaking to investors. Exactly what he meant by the phrase is open to interpretation, but it most likely means Sony is putting less resources into marketing the PS4 and developing new games and more into actively working on the PS5.

That would certainly fit in with a 2020 release, a timescale that’s been tipped partly thanks to clues such as job hirings and component orders and partly because it would mirror the same 7-year gap that came between the PS3 and PS4.

The comments were largely intended to convey to investors that Sony’s revenue from console sales is likely going to dip from now until the PS5 comes out.

Kodera also spoke about first party investment (ie Sony’s own spending) on PS4 games, saying “it isn’t necessarily only about increasing new IPs. Part of it is about refreshing current IPs, and enhancing contents by developing franchises for successful IPs.”

That’s likely business speak for “we’ll be playing it safe until we’ve got a new console to push.”

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