Netflix To Trial “Choose Your Own Adventure” Branching Storylines

Netflix is reportedly working on a “choose your own adventure” style feature with branching endings. It will test the concept with an upcoming kids’ show before moving on to more complex uses of the technology. The reports come from the Daily Mail newspaper, quoting both an unnamed source and Netflix chief Reed Hastings. The newspaper […]

League Of Legends Cheat Service Fined $10 Million

A site that offered help to cheat at League of Legends has been ordered to shut down and pay $10 million to developers Riot Games. A court ruled LeagueSharp had violated digital copyright laws. The website charged would-be cheats $15 a month to run one account and $50 a month to automate multiple accounts. It […]

IBM Patents Out-Of-Office Email

IBM has been granted a patent on a variant the out-of-office email. But it’s already agreed to release it into the public domain. The application dates back to 2010 but only made it through the US Patent Office review procedure a few weeks ago. It’s in the usual legal jargon, including a 314 word sentence, […]

Nintendo Switch Leaves Bitter Taste (Literally)

Nintendo has confirmed that the memory cards for the Switch console do indeed taste disgusting. It’s a safety measure rather than a punishment for the mildly curious. It’s not clear who was the first customer to carry out the taste test, but pre-order sales were reportedly strong and one research firm is predicting five million […]

Richard E Grant: It’s Time For A Female Doctor

As the hunt for the successor to Peter Capaldi continues, a former Doctor (of sorts) says its time for a female incarnation. Richard E Grant, who played the Doctor in an animated series that’s now generally considered non-canon, discussed the topic in an interview with SyFy Wire.

NASA Pluto Chief Wants Moon To Be Planet

A recently published paper by a NASA scientist argues that our moon should in fact be classed as a planet. Alan Stern says the current definition of a planet is only useful for astronomers. At the moment, what is and isn’t considered a planet is decided by the International Astronomical Union. It has three criteria, […]

Women of NASA Lego Set Gets Go Ahead

Lego has confirmed it will be producing a special set commemorating leading female figures in NASA history. The idea came through its Lego Ideas campaign that lets people come up with suggestions, with the company considering those that get more than 10,000 supporters. The set — which is shown here in concept form — will […]

Braille Smartwatch Becomes Reality

The makers of a braille smartwatch for blind people have confirmed it will ship next month. It follows a lengthy development process and redesigns. The Dot smartwatch works with four sets of six balls that can be magnetically raised or lowered, which allows it to “display” four characters at a time in braille. As with a […]

Twitch To Sell Games

Twitch is to start selling video games, effectively using streaming sessions as a commercial. The people playing the games online will get a cut of the sales from their stream. It’s an idea that makes so much sense, it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before. People watching Twitch are inherently interested in gaming, while seeing […]

Study: Smoke Alarm Pitch Too High For Kids

Researchers believe smoke alarms may sound at too high a frequency to wake up children. They are testing a combination of a lower frequency and a female voice. The project is led by Dave Coss, a fire investigator whose local area covers a house where six children died in a fire despite an alarm sounding. […]

Missing Footage Still Missing On Rogue One Disks

Missing footage from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story won’t be showing up in the initial disk releases. There’s no sign of deleted scenes in the wealth of bonus material, despite the original trailers having footage that wasn’t in the movie. The release on April 4 has DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray versions. There’ll also […]

Candy Color Sorting Machine

A Dutch inventor has created a machine that automatically sorts M&Ms and Skittles by color. It cost around $500 to make, though Willem Pennings says it was well worth that for the learning experience. The machine is based on an Arduino controller, with various 3D printed parts and, most importantly, an RGB sensor. It sorts […]