Ethernet Cable Houses Android Computer

We’ve seen several computers built into USB sticks, but a new design puts an Android computer in an Ethernet cable. The InnCable designed mainly for hotel travellers but could well be adapted for other uses. The cable has an Ethernet plug at one end for plugging into a hotel wall Internet socket; there’s also support […]

SNES Mini Pre-Orders Sell Out

Nintendo has revealed details of the Classic Mini SNES, which will ship with 21 games. The company says there’ll be a much bigger production run than with the Classic Mini NES, but scalpers are already cashing in. The console, officially titled the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, launches on September 29 and costs […]

Amazon’s Dash Wand Not Quite Magical Yet

Amazon has released a wand, though it’s far from an essential right now. The Dash Wand is effectively a version of the existing Dash button with a built-in barcode reader. The Dash buttons are simply Wi-Fi connected buttons that perform a specific action when pressed. In the case of most of the buttons available right […]

Bots Learn The Art Of The Deal

Facebook reports that artificial intelligence bots can not only learn to negotiate, but can do so while using what could be described as a “non-human language.” The study from the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab aimed to get chatbots to use conversations to negotiate. One negotiation involved splitting up a set of objects (books, hats […]

FBI Kept List Of D&D Players

The FBI gathered a list of D&D players as part of the Unabomber investigation, newly-published files reveal. The suggestion players were involved appears to have come from a particularly paranoid player. The documents were published by the Muckrock site, which specializes in obtaining documents under the Freedom Of Information Act. They include a memo written […]

Sega Games Come To Mobile

Sega is launching a range of classic games to play on iOS and Android. They’ll be free to play with ads, or $1.99 ad-free. While the Sega Forever games will be a mix of straight ports and emulation, they’ll also have some more contemporary features such as game saves, an online high score leaderboard, and […]

Interactive Stories Debut On Netflix

Netflix has unveiled the first three shows to offer an interactive story mode. There’s bad news for Android and Apple TV users though. Reports about the concept broke back in March when rumor had it Netflix would test the idea with a children’s show before extending it to adult stories. The first show, Puss in […]

Atari Making New Console

Atari has confirmed it’s making a new console. As with the NES Classic, it’s hardware design is modelled on a retro original, namely the Atari 2600. The company put out a teaser trailer showing the familiar wood grain styling, albeit with a major sheen, along with the name Ataribox. While that prompted some debate about […]

GTA Modding Tool OpenIV Shut Down

Take-Two has forced the shutdown of one of the most popular ways of modding Grand Theft Auto. It says it ordered the removal of the OpenIV tool because it was enabling player harassment in GTA Online. The developers of OpenIV say they received a legal letter from Take Two earlier this month demanding a shutdown. […]

Sprint Offers Free Service For 13 Months

Sprint is offering free unlimited calls and data for more than a year to try to win customers from rivals. There are no major catches, but a big ulterior motive. The deal isn’t being widely promoted and is mainly being directly marketed to known Verizon customers. However, it appears the emphasis on Verizon is merely […]

LA To Shine The Bat-Signal

The bat-signal will shine in the skies of Los Angeles tonight as a tribute to the late Adam West. The city’s mayor Eric Garcetti and police chief Charlie Beck will switch on the signal at a public event at City Hall at 9pm. It’s already got its own hashtag, namely #BrightKnight. Fans are invited to […]

When a Mousepad Becomes a Wireless Charger

Logitech has produced a mouse pad with a built-in wireless charger. One downside is that it’s a proprietary technology. Seeing your wireless mouse run out of battery is certainly one of modern computing’s annoyances, often prompting the realization that you didn’t quite get around to recharging a spare battery and you’re going to have to […]