Billy Mitchell: King Of Kong Dethroned For Good

Billy Mitchell, star of the documentary King of Kong, is no longer officially the first man to score a million points on Donkey Kong. Twin Galaxies, the leading data keeper on competitive gaming, has removed all his records after investigating allegations of cheating. The organization investigated disputes into three of his Donkey Kong scores: the […]


Pokemon Coming To Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios is adding a Pokemon section in Orlando. It appears it will be part of the kids area rather than a new Nintendo park. The news comes from ABC’s Channel 9 in the city. It reports that the Pokemon park will be added to Universal’s KidZone section. That’s an area that’s come in for […]

FTC: Warranties Can’t Ban Third-Party Servicing Or Parts

The FTC has privately warned six companies that customers using third party components or servicing can’t automatically void warranties. The companies haven’t been named but are “six major companies that market and sell automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems in the United States.” The move isn’t introducing any new rules but rather warning the […]

Clever Font Adds Braille To Signs

A Japanese designer has created a typeface that allows written characters and Braille to appear in the same space to save space. Kosuke Takahasi hopes it will be adopted for signage when Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. The idea is to get around the problem of a lack of space deterring […]

Ridesharing Apps ‘Make Traffic Worse’

‘Ridehailing’ services such as Uber are making traffic congestion worse rather than more efficient according to a newly-published study. The results contradict previous studies and forecasts. Bruce Schaller explored data from New York streets over the past four years. He notes that the number of licensed ‘ride-sharing’ drivers is around five times the number of […]

Anime Pioneer & Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Isao Takahata Passes Away

Isao Takahata, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, has died aged 82. Alongside colleagues including Hayao Miyazaki, he was a key figure in the development of Japanese animation. While Studio Ghibli began in 1985, Takahata worked on television and movies from the early 1960s and made his name directing 1968’s The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince […]

Valve’s Steam Gaming Machines Alive, If Not Well

Valve says its dedicated Steam Machines project is still active, despite the boxes apparently disappearing from its online store. It’s also committing to ongoing work on Linux-powered gaming. SteamOS, a Linux-based system designed specifically for PC gaming, debuted in 2013. It was followed two years later by the first Steam Machines, dedicated computers running the […]

The 80s Classic Fireball Island Board Game Returns Bigger And Better

Fireball Island is coming back in a “reignited and restored” form after destroying its Kickstarter target. It’s the latest project from a company that updates classic board games for a modern age. Restoration Games takes out-of-print board games that are fondly remembered but have simplistic or outdated rules that mean they wouldn’t appeal to hobby […]