Apple To Offer Music, Magazine & Video Bundle

Apple is said to be considering an all-in-one subscription for its music, news/magazine and TV services. It may be a way to get customers over the initial hurdle of subscribing to yet another online video service. The plan, reported at The Information, is to still have the various services available for individual subscriptions, but also […]

Computers To Make Wimbledon Tennis Highlight Packages

IBM computers are to automatically edit highlight reels of Wimbledon tennis matches. They will look for player emotional displays among other cues. The videos will be uploaded to the website of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, which organizes the Wimbledon Championship. The idea is to have clips of every game on the six main […]

Xbox Games To Support Keyboard & Mouse Controls

The Xbox One will soon support keyboards and mice. Gamers will even be able to use Razer keyboards that light up with visual cues. The news came out with the leak of promotional material for a Microsoft-Razer tie-up, but it’s now been confirmed the support will be for all manufacturers. It should work with any […]

Apple Offers Free Repair For Sticky MacBook Keys

Apple has confirmed its thinner keyboard design for recent MacBooks is indeed more prone to breaking. It’s offering free repairs, though that could mean being without the computer for some time. The problem is with the “butterfly” switch design introduced to MacBooks and Macbook Pros in 2015. They have a v-shaped switch mechanism where the […]

New Portal ‘Game’ Is VR Demo

Valve has technically made a new Portal game – but it’s solely a demo for developers using a new virtual reality controller. ‘Moondust’ is on Steam, though doesn’t appear in the main listings, instead being accessible only through a dedicated link. It’s arguable whether it’s actually a game, with perhaps a more accurate description being […]

Virtual Reality Plans Scrapped For Xbox

Microsoft has confirmed it won’t be bringing virtual or ‘mixed’ reality to the Xbox One range. It says PCs are the best place for such technology. The confirmation has been awaited for two years ever since Microsoft first announced the Xbox One X in 2016, at that point referring to it as Project Scorpio. At […]

App Store ‘Monopoly’ Case Goes To Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will rule in a seven year battle over claims the iOS App Store is an illegal monopoly. The case was originally based on two facts: that iOS users can’t (officially) download apps from any other source, and that Apple takes a cut of the app revenues. The plaintiffs say the former point […]

WoW Classic Developers Detail Drums Of War Do-Over

Blizzard has revealed more details of the World of Warcraft classic edition. It will combine the 2006 state of the game with 2018 technology. The idea is to blend nostalgia for the classic version of the game (before the first Burning Crusade expansion) with the benefits of modern editions, including measures to prevent cheating The […]