Aussie Cops Tell Pokemon Fans To Stay Outside


Australian police have (politely) warned Pokemon players not to enter a police station during their search for virtual pokemon. It’s an unintended result of a mobile augmented reality game. Pokemon Go involves hunting down pokemon and related items in real world locations. When found, the character appears as an overlaid graphic on the real image […]

The End of a Bitter Dispute: Netflix Comes To Comcast Cable Boxes


Comcast says its next generation of cable boxes will include a Netflix streaming app. The deal appears to end a bitter dispute between the two companies over net neutrality issues. The streaming will be available through the X1 platform, which will include a unified search tool (covering Live TV, DVR recordings and On Demand content) […]

Minecraft User Makes Working Game Boy


Minecraft lets you build anything from walls to temples. Oh, and a Game Boy Advance with a playable copy of Pokemon Fire Red. A user with the screenname Reqaug has taken advantage of the way the building blocks in Minecraft aren’t simply structural but can also be functional. While some people take advantage of that […]

Overwatch Includes Tribute To Deceased Fan


An Overwatch player has spotted a tribute to a fan who died just a day before the game was released. Wu Hongyu was killed while attempting to foil a motorcycle theft. Wu, a 20-year-old student in China, saw a friend’s motorcycle stolen from campus. He chased after the thief on his own bike but suffered […]

Tetris Movie Turns Into Trilogy


A planned Tetris movie will now be a trilogy. The makers say it isn’t a money grab but instead is needed to properly tell the story they have planned. Producer Larry Kasanoff isn’t saying anything about what that story will actually be, but says the most obvious approach with some form of anthropomorphized blocks is […]

10-Year-Old Wins Summer Fellowship for Computer Scientists


A 10-year-old girl has won a place on a summer fellowship designed for computer scientists. She’ll be helped to make robots to cheer up the people of Paris. The Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship offers two weeks of funding and practical assistance to help “city problem solvers” find ways to improve the French capital. The company […]

AI Beats Professional Fighter Pilot In Dogfights


An AI system that could run on a Raspberry Pi computer has comprehensively beaten a former fighter pilot in simulated air combat. The system, ALPHA, appears to triumph over human abilities with two of the most common advantages of computers over people: speed and endurance. The system is said to be able to figure out […]

Chatbot Beats Parking Tickets


A free chatbot has reportedly helped 160,000 people overturn parking tickets. The man behind DoNotPay now plans to create similar services for other legal complaints. Joshua Browder, a student at Stanford University, created the bot to help inform people of their rights when challenging parking tickets. While it appears to the user as if it […]

$4 Smartphone Continues To Raise Eyebrows

Credit: Screenshot from Gadgets 360 video (

An Indian company says it will start shipping a $4 smartphone this month. The move comes despite serious scepticism about the economics involved. The phone, the Android-based Freedom 251, is far from exactly top-spec, but sounds perfectly serviceable for very basic use. It has a 4 inch, non-HD screen, 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of […]

Study Asks If Self-Driving Cars Should Make Moral Choices


Most people questioned in a study say self-driving cars should aim to save as many lives as possible in a crash, even if that means sacrificing the passenger. But they also said they wouldn’t choose to use a car set up in such a manner. The study was conducted by three academics in the Department […]

KFC Box Meal Includes Phone Charger


KFC is offering a free powerbank in box meals for Indian customers to charge their phones. It’s a great deal, but is merely a promotional offer. The Watt-a-Box is a limited edition version of an existing box meal and costs the usual price of 150 rupees (around US$2.20.) As well as the usual five food […]

FAA To Drone Operators: Get Out Of Town


The US government has given a thumbs up to commercial drones but with some potentially crippling restrictions for would-be delivery firms including an effective ban on flying over urban areas. The new rules follow a lengthy consultation process by the Federal Aviation Administration into what it formally calls “small unmanned aircraft systems.” The FAA first […]