Rubik Solve Record Broken Again

The world speed record for solving the Rubik’s cube has fallen again – but humans may remain slower than robots. Feliks Zemdegs solved a standard 3x3x3 cube in 4.22 seconds, beating his own record of 4.59 seconds. The rules that he followed meant he was given a randomized cube and allowed to examine (but not […]

Four Games Join Video Game Hall Of Fame

Final Fantasy 7, John Madden Football, Tomb Raider and Spacewar! are this year’s entries to the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The titles join the 15 previous entrants since the hall was created in 2015. It’s administered and housed in The Strong, a Rochester, New York facility that describes itself as the national museum […]

Jim Henson Celebrated With Typeface

A design agency has created a typeface in tribute to the late Jim Henson. As a wonderful pun, it’s titled Kernit. The makers, Collins, developed it for the permanent Henson exhibition at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. They say it “is meant to capture the same imagination, fun and whimsy which we came […]

Ataribox Console Renamed VCS

The Atari retro console has got a new name. The former Ataribox, now the VCS, will be available for pre-order from the end of this month. Unlike many similar retro console remakes, including several Atari models, this isn’t simply a gadget with a bunch of old games. It’s a Linux-based PC that’s designed to play […]

Pig Brain Kept ‘Alive’ After Death

Researchers have kept pig brains ‘alive’ for 36 hours after being removed from dead animals. Now they say they need clear ethical guidelines to cover future uses of their techniques, including potentially working on humans. The researcher at Tale used a system they call BrainEx which involves hooking the disembodied brain up to a closed […]

13-Year-Old Becomes Fortnite ‘Pro’

A 13-year-old has been contracted as a “professional” Fortnite player. Kyle Jackson isn’t being paid to play, but will earn a share of his team’s winnings if and when there’s a competitive league. Team Secret, which already has squads competing in leagues for other games, sought out a player using the handle Mongraal after seeing […]

Loot Boxes May Break Gambling Laws

Game developers have been warned they face hefty fines and even prison sentences if they continue to offer some types of loot boxes. The warning follows Belgium’s Gaming Commision ruling that Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 18 and Overwatch are all breaching gambling laws. The games must now remove the loot boxes for players in […]