Play-Doh Smell Is Trademarked

Hasbro has successfully trademarked the smell of Play-Doh. It says there’s no plans to use the trademark for legal action. The trademark is in the sensory mark category, which is far less widely used than visual marks such as logos. That’s partly because applicants have to describe the flavor, scent or texture in a way […]

Nintendo Ditches Switch Dock For New Bundle

Nintendo is selling a Switch console without a dock in Japan. It’s explicitly marketing it to people who’d like two Switches in the same home. The “Nintendo Switch 2nd Unit Set” comes with the base console tablet, the two clip-on Joy-Con controllers and a pair of straps. The controllers come in a range of seven […]

Apple Adds ‘Download Your Data’ Tool

Apple has launched a one-stop shop to download all the data it has stored about you. It’s European-only but will be available worldwide at some point. The “Data and Privacy portal” covers 11 categories of information including Apple ID accounts, game center activity, iCloud contacts and calendars and even activity in retail stores. Users can […]

Sony: PS4 On The Way Out

Sony says the PS4 is “finally entering the final phase of its console life cycle.” The company also hinted game sequels could dominate until the console’s successor arrives. The comments came from Sony Interactive Entertainment chief John Tsuyoshi Kodera who was speaking to investors. Exactly what he meant by the phrase is open to interpretation, […]

Google Still Says “Don’t Be Evil”

Google has removed “Don’t Be Evil” from the start of its code of conduct. But contrary to some reports, those exact words still feature – they’re just now at the very end of the document. Since 2000, the phrase has been not just an unofficial slogan, but also among the very first words to appear […]

All Change For Google’s Web Security Warnings

Google is changing the way it indicates secure and insecure websites in Chrome. It’s a measure of https:// becoming more of a norm. The changes affect the description of the site in the address bar. Right now, https:// pages come with the traditional padlock and the word “Secure”, both highlighted in green. That policy’s been […]

Google Ready To Launch YouTube Music

Google has confirmed it’s relaunching its premium YouTube services. YouTube Red will split into free music, paid music and paid music & video options. The Red name is being dropped altogether, which makes sense given it doesn’t describe either the concept or the content. Instead there’ll be a revamped YouTube Music service available through dedicated […]

No, The Senate Is Not About To Save Net Neutrality

If you’re excited (or indeed worried) by reports that the Senate is about to save net neutrality, it’s time to calm down. The outcome of a vote today will almost certainly make no practical difference. The excitement is over a Senate vote to repeal the recent FCC rule changes to stop enforcing the principles of […]