Windows 10 Computer Really Does Fit In Pocket

A pocket computer running Windows 10 appears to be the first of its type to include an Ethernet port. The Ockel Sirus A is designed for plugging into a monitor or TV, but also includes a 6” touchscreen for standalone use.

Most of the specs aren’t that different from a decent smartphone, but the combination of a slightly chunkier design (which allows for a sloping screen when the device is laid flat) and the absence of telephone components leaves room for a barrage of sockets. As well as micro-USB and micro-SD slots of the type you’d find on a phone, the device includes HDMI, Ethernet and two full-size USB slots.

There’s also a DisplayPort socket that – with an adaptor – allows an analog connection to monitors. And there’s even room for a fingerprint sensor.

The main downside is that although it’s promoted as suiting multiple purposes (computer, media center and even portable systems analysis tool using the Ethernet port), it’s fairly pricy if you’re only going to use it for one thing. There’s a 4GB RAM/64GB storage version for $699 and an 8GB/128GB version for $799.

The other limitation is that it’s not a phone replacement. The makers say they’d like to include phone capabilities to make it a true all-in-one device, but can’t do so while supporting Windows 10.


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