Scientists Find Gold Makes Titanium Even Tougher


Researchers have unintentionally created an alloy that’s four times harder than pure titanium. It could be an unexpected solution to knee and hip implants wearing out. The alloy is beta-Ti3Au, a combination of titanium and gold. A team lead by Professor Emilia Morosan of the Rice University in Houston originally created it as an experiment […]



The last VHS recorder may be produced in the next few days. It comes only a few months after Betamax finally bit the dust. The Nikkei newspaper reports that Funai Electric Company will cease production this month. While the report states that Funai was the only Japanese company making VCRs, it appears it may also […]

Netflix Customers Cut Loose After Price Rise


Netflix appears to have driven away customers with its latest price hike. However, it’s still growing overall. The company’s figures for the second quarter show it increased its US subscriber base by 160,000 and its worldwide number by 1.5 million. The problem is that it had forecast figures of 500,000 and 2 million respectively. It’s […]

ARM Purchased: Major Chip Designer Could Boost Internet Of Things


The company that powers most smartphones has been bought for more than $30 billion. The new owners of ARM Holdings plan to harness its capabilities to boost the Internet of Things. ARM, based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, is best known for having designed the ARM processor and related software architecture. The approach meant […]

Drones Could Boost Stadium Wi-Fi


AT&T plans to use drones to improve wireless coverage at events with large crowds. It’s the next step in a program that’s started with the drones inspecting cellphone towers. The company says it has a national drone program and will try to use the unmanned vehicles in as many different ways as possible to boost […]

Google Street View Becomes Sheep View 360


Tourism staff on a remote island chain have recruited sheep to help map the island. It’s part of a campaign to get Google to add the Faroe Islands to its Street View service, Google has so far passed up the opportunity to send its vehicle-mounted cameras to the Islands, largely because they are 200 miles […]

Distorted Speech Could Trick Voice Recognition For Mobile Attacks

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Researcher say its possible to hide garbled commands among other noise and surreptitiously trigger voice control on a phone. But it seems highly unlikely the method could be used for a genuine attack in its current form. A group of eight researchers from Georgetown University and University of California, Berkely investigated the proposition that its […]

Deleted Tweets Archive Deleted


A site that republished deleted tweets from public figures has stopped its service after a cease and desist demand from Twitter. PostGhost was told it fundamentally violated the terms and conditions of the Twitter API. The service was designed to highlight tweets that politicians and other celebrities had made and then removed. The theory was […]

Bae, Noms & Dranks: Microsoft Brings The Cringe


A Microsoft email inviting interns to an after-party has attracted mockery from people amused by its attempts to appeal to the youth market. The cringeworthy message begins “HEY BAE INTERN! <3” which is somewhat overfamiliar to say the least. The message, which includes a variety of underlining, block capitals and colored text goes on to […]

Aussie Cops Tell Pokemon Fans To Stay Outside


Australian police have (politely) warned Pokemon players not to enter a police station during their search for virtual pokemon. It’s an unintended result of a mobile augmented reality game. Pokemon Go involves hunting down pokemon and related items in real world locations. When found, the character appears as an overlaid graphic on the real image […]

The End of a Bitter Dispute: Netflix Comes To Comcast Cable Boxes


Comcast says its next generation of cable boxes will include a Netflix streaming app. The deal appears to end a bitter dispute between the two companies over net neutrality issues. The streaming will be available through the X1 platform, which will include a unified search tool (covering Live TV, DVR recordings and On Demand content) […]

Minecraft User Makes Working Game Boy


Minecraft lets you build anything from walls to temples. Oh, and a Game Boy Advance with a playable copy of Pokemon Fire Red. A user with the screenname Reqaug has taken advantage of the way the building blocks in Minecraft aren’t simply structural but can also be functional. While some people take advantage of that […]