Q*bert Bug Busted By Bot

An AI bot appears to have destroyed Q*bert high scores by discovering and exploiting a bug. It’s the result of the unconventional method it took to learning the game. Researchers at Germany’s University of Freiburg were using isometric platform game Q*bert to try out different ways for the system to learn and master the game. […]


Teaching Computing… Without A Computer

A teacher in Ghana helps students prepare for a computer studies exam – despite the school having no computers. Richard Appiah Akoto demonstrates the features using a blackboard. Ghanaian students in the year they turn 15 must pass an exam to move on to the next level of education (high school) and the exam includes […]

Moon To Get 4G Network

If you can’t get decent 4G coverage in your area, there’s an extreme solution: two companies plan to build a network on the moon next year. Don’t book your flight yet, though: the network isn’t designed for human use. Instead it will be used for two lunar rovers as they explore the moon. You may […]

Video Game Boxes Get In-Game Purchase Warning

Boxed video games will soon carry a content warning if they allow in-game purchases such as loot boxes. The warning will be along the same lines as those for violence and sexual content. The move may be an attempt to head off legislator concerns about whether loot boxes are a form of gambling and thus […]

Museum: Let Us Play Network Games Legally

A museum wants the right to revive abandoned online games. It’s called for a special exemption to copyright laws. The idea comes from Oakland, California’s Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE), which has proposed an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That’s the law that says its illegal to manufacture or develop something […]

Steve Jobs Job Application Up For Auction

A Steve Jobs job application form is up for auction with an estimated sale price of more than $50,000. The form dates from 1973 when Jobs would have been around 18. Perhaps the most ironic part is that he listed himself as not having a telephone. He was a college student at the time and […]

Global Smartphone Sales Suffer First Fall

The number of smartphones sold worldwide has fallen for the first time, but it’s still a ridiculously huge industry. The figures come from Gartner and are (well-informed) estimates, though the trends should be accurate as the company has been tracking sales since 2004. They refer specifically to sales to users rather than shipments to retailers. […]

Google ‘Smart Reply’ Coming To More Apps

Google is extending its ‘smart reply’ feature to third-party apps. It’s also going to get a little smarter when suggesting replies. The feature is already available in the mobile Gmail app. When reading an incoming message, users see three suggested quick replies that are based on the content of the message. Tapping any of the […]