The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From January-February 2017)

It’s that time of year again when we look back at some of the news stories we’ve covered in 2017 and update you on later developments. We kick off in January when Razer showed off its design for a fold-out triple-screen laptop for ‘big’ screen gaming on the move. It turned out to be so […]

Glass Polymer ‘Self-Heals’ At Room Temperature

A newly created glass polymer can ‘heal itself’ without the need for extreme heat. But suggestions it could be used for phone screens might be a reach. Several polymers already exist with self-healing properties, meaning that with the application of heat they can reform their bonds and thus repair cracks. Aside from the fact that […]

Apple Admits: We Do Slow Down Older iPhones

Apple has admitted it does intentionally slow down older model iPhones, but says it’s to make them work more reliably rather than to push people into upgrading. The admission comes despite recent benchmarking that suggested the idea older iPhones suddenly get slower when a new model is released is a myth. Benchmarking company Futuremark said […]

Portal Meets Bridge Constructor In New Game

A new Portal game is out, but it’s not the sequel you might be hoping for. And no, you’re not the first person to note it’s a case of Valve being allergic to 3. The game’s title of Bridge Constructor Portal functionally explains which two games it has merged, and it’s one of those partnerships […]

Chrome Stops Noisy Autoplay Videos

Chrome’s next edition will let you block entire sites from autoplaying videos when you visit a page. It will also have a couple of new tricks for fighting rogue pop-ups. The changes debut in Chrome 64, which is already out in the Beta channel, meaning it should be rolled out in the standard edition in […]

iPhone Game Raises Eyebrows

A new iPhone game lets you control a character with your eyebrows. It’s mainly an experiment to use a new feature on the iPhone X camera. Rainbrow plays a little like Frogger, albeit without any side-to-side motion controls. You simply move a character up and down between seven rows of a rainbow trying to hit […]

Amazon And Google Start Playing Nice

Amazon has decided to sell the Chromecast and Apple TV for the first time in two years. The move suggests Google’s blocking of YouTube on some Fire devices was a successful negotiating strategy. Last week Google announced it would pull YouTube from the full range of Fire TV sticks from January 1, as well as […]

Wet String Used For Broadband

Forget “how long’s a piece of string?” — the question now is “what’s its bandwidth?” That’s because an ISP has successfully carried broadband data over two meters of string. It’s the work of an engineer at Andrews and Arnold who was presumably at a loose end in the office. He decided to test the theory […]