Android To Get One-Tap Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing Android devices with Bluetooth gadgets will get easier with a new system that’s reminiscent of Apple Airpod pairing. Unfortunately it will only work with a limited range of gadgets for now. In theory at least, Fast Pair won’t involve pressing multiple buttons on both your phone or tablet and your gadget. Instead, as long […]

AI Takes Human Approach To Beat Captchas

Artificial intelligence bots have reclaimed the advantage in their battle with Captcha challenges – and the scary part is they’ve done it by aping what was thought to be humans’ advantage. The Captcha challenges in question are the ones that involve identifying a string of characters despite distortions such as wavy text or cluttered backgrounds. […]

Microsoft Ditches The Kinect

Microsoft has stopped manufacturing the Kinect, meaning only stock currently with retailers will be sold. The technology will instead continue to be developed in Microsoft’s HoloLens device. The news was revealed in an interview with Fast Company, with Microsoft also noting it will continue to support the Kinect for console users. The general reaction has […]

Blurred Out QR Code Was Key To $1,000 Bounty

Two code enthusiasts earned themselves $1,000 by deciphering a QR code from a TV broadcast despite It being blurred out. Clement Storck and Michel Sassano were able to reconstruct the code, which represented a Bitcoin private key. It was part of a competition that turned out to be considerably more difficult than designed. Robert Ver, […]

Upcoming Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia Comes In Gorgeous ‘Golden Cartridge’ Edition

Deluxe editions are often little more than fancier packaging, but the upcoming The Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia’s deluxe edition is very fancy indeed. Apart from the gold casing, it also has both the look and (as much as possible with cardboard) feel of a NES cartridge. There’s also a protective sleeve similar to a box […]