Upcoming Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia Comes In Gorgeous ‘Golden Cartridge’ Edition

Deluxe editions are often little more than fancier packaging, but the upcoming The Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia’s deluxe edition is very fancy indeed. Apart from the gold casing, it also has both the look and (as much as possible with cardboard) feel of a NES cartridge. There’s also a protective sleeve similar to a box […]

3DS Gets SNES-Tribute Casing

If you can’t get your hands on a Nintendo SNES Mini console, you can still get a mini Nintendo console that looks like a SNES. That’s thanks to a special edition design of the 3DS XL. The $200 handheld is in most respects simply a 3DS XL with a casing design that resembles the colors […]

Google’s AlphaGo Destroyed By Less Humane A.I. Successor

Remember Google’s program that learned to beat champion Go players? It’s been comprehensively beaten by its successor, which learned the game from scratch. AlphaGo Zero, which worked without any game history data, beat the original AlphaGo in a 100 match series by a margin of 100 games to zero. Go has always been a challenge […]

Young PS4 Users Get Mini Controller

Sony has licensed a mini PS4 gamepad for children who struggle with the full-size controller. The Mini Wired Gamepad is 40 percent smaller than the standard DualShock 4. The “Mini Wired Gamepad, produced by Hori, is a single curved rectangle rather than the inverted bunny ears of the standard controller. Sony says that makes it […]

Activision Patent Would Profit From Mismatches

Activision wants to arrange mismatches in online games so that the less experienced player spends more on microtransactions. That’s not a conspiracy theory but rather a directly stated goal of a system it’s just patented. It’s arguable whether this should be considered to its credit or not, but there’s absolutely no subtlety or euphemisms in […]

Gold-making, Spacetime-rupturing Waves Hit Earth 130 Million Years Later

A collision between two neutron stars – a kilonova – has been detected for the first time. It took place 130 million years ago and produced gravitational waves, rupturing spacetime in the way predicted by Einstein. The collision also produced gold and platinum, a process that was the accepted theory for those elements but only […]

Facebook Funds Anti-Bullying Training

Facebook is paying to train British schoolchildren as “digital safety ambassadors.” They’ll help their peers deal with online bullying and similar issues. The company has offered £1 million (approximately US $1.33 million) in total funding for the United Kingdom’s 4,500 schools. The recipients will be trained through two schemes already run by charities. One, The […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide Returns To Radio

The BBC is making a new series of the radio drama of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It will be based on the sixth book in the “trilogy” plus unpublished Douglas Adams material. The series will be titled “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Hexagonal Phase” and will largely be an adaptation of the […]

Unsent Text Message Accepted As Will

An unsent message on an Australian man’s phone has been accepted as a legally valid will. A court made a rare exemption to a normally tightly interpreted law on what counts as a will. The man took his own life and had not written a will on paper. That situation would normally have been governed […]

Latest Kindle Oasis eReader from Amazon Is Waterproof

Amazon has finally produced a waterproof Kindle. The new Oasis model remains the most high-end Kindle, albeit painfully expensive. It costs $250 (down from $290 for the original Oasis), so it certainly isn’t an impulse buy or a stocking stuffer. The most visible change, besides an all-metal casing, is a seven inch screen. That’s the […]

Apple Wants Self-Fitting Watch Band

Apple is working on self-tightening bands for the Apple Watch. Despite getting a patent, it hasn’t actually decided how it will work. While putting on a watch isn’t exactly life’s most cumbersome task, an automatically tightening band would allow more precise fitting than using a buckle and holes. (That said, Apple did recently sell a […]

No, Apple Isn’t Slowing Down Old iPhones

Independent benchmarking has dispelled the theory that Apple deliberately slows down existing iPhones when a new model is released. While it’s normally preceded by phrases like “I’m sure I’m imagining it, but…”, it’s certainly not uncommon to see people mentioning their handset feels like it’s running slower when a new release is imminent. Indeed, Google […]