Overwatch Battle Royale Mode Not In The Works

The man in charge of Overwatch says he’d love to incorporate a battle royale mode. Unfortunately Jeff Kaplan says a couple of major barriers mean it might not happen soon. Calls for such a mode – in which a huge number of players compete in a last man standing clash – have followed the success […]


Google Home Now Pairs With Bluetooth Speakers

Google has finally made the Google Home smart speaker compatible with other Bluetooth speakers. It’s a plus for audiophiles and makes the Home Mini much more viable for some users. Until now, if you wanted to listen to music or podcasts with the Google Home’s voice control, you either had to stick with the built-in […]

Playstation VR Gets Another Price Cut

Sony is cutting the cost of its PlayStation VR technology, with the cheapest package now $299.99. That marks the second major price cut, suggesting Sony has exhausted the market for early adopters paying a premium. The entry package is the Doom VFR bundle, which includes the headset, camera, a game demo disc and Doom. That’s […]

Luxury Watchmaker Welcomes Smartwatch Competition

The head of a luxury watch firm says his industry should welcome smartwatches rather than seeing tech firms as a threat. Jean-Claude Biver, head of several watchmaking firms including Tag Heuer was speaking to the BBC at an industry trade event. He said the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung should be invited to exhibit […]

Apple Proposes Disability Emoji

Apple has proposed nine new emoji to better represent people with disabilities. It says the selection is based on the quantity of online searches for particular terms. According to Apple: The current selection of emoji provides a wide array of representations of people, activities, and objects meaningful to the general public, but very few speak […]

Vinyl Revival Not All It Seems

CDs and vinyl are outselling digital downloads in the US for the first time since 2011. That’s something of a misleading statistic however. The figures come from the Recording Industry Association of America and aim to cover all revenue derived from recorded music. They only cover money that comes directly from customers, so don’t include […]

Google Play Games Work Without Installation

Google is letting users try out Android games without installing them. It builds on an existing system for trying less demanding apps. The Play Store already has a “try before you install” option for some apps. It’s based on the idea that some users have limited space and want to see if it’s worth installing […]

Oldschool Handheld Video Games Now Playable Online

The Internet Archive has added 75 handheld games to its collection of playable archived games. While there’s a big omission, the collection does have some wonderfully obscure games. The archive already included thousands of PC, console and arcade cabinet games, but this is the first time it’s added standalone handheld games. Popular in the 80s, […]