New Homes Could Get Electric Charge Points

One government plans to make it mandatory for all new homes built in towns and cities to have electric car charging points. It’s part of the United Kingdom’s long-term plan to phase out traditional cars. The plan is to ban the sales of new petrol (gas) and diesel cars from 2040 onwards, a target that’s […]

New Options Emerge For GameCube Nostalgia

Nintendo trademark filings have offered a hint — albeit an unreliable one — of a retro-Gamecube console release. For those who can’t wait, a highly unofficial emulator is in the works for the Switch. The trademarks are for the Japanese market and relate to the GameCube in the context of both videogame hardware and software, […]

iPhones Biggest Clue To Having High Income

Owning an iPhone is the single most accurate hint that an American is rich according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The organization revealed the stat in a research paper on the pattern of a growing divide in the cultural, lifestyle and economic choices of differing demographic groups in the US. One of the […]

Europe’s Politicians ‘Save The Meme’ by Rejecting Changes to Copyright Law

European politicians have rejected changes to copyright law that would have put more responsibility on sites like YouTube to vet piracy. Critics of the proposals said it could have restricted ‘fair use’ such as remixes and memes. Had the ‘Copyright Directive’ completed the European Union’s legislative process, 28 European countries would have been required to […]

Folding Galaxy Phone A Step Closer

Samsung is said to have developed a high-capacity curved battery. It would be a key part in plans to make its flagship Galaxy phone foldable. The Galaxy X is widely expected to go on sale next year, with the main point of contention being whether it will be an ordinary level of expensive or eye-wateringly […]

GTA VI Release ‘Announcement’ Is A Prank

An in-game message from Rockstar revealing GTA VI is coming out next year has been confirmed as a hoax. Several people playing GTA V online spotted a pop-up message just above the mini-map, supposedly revealing the news. While it might seem plausible for a sequel to be ready six years after its predecessor, the message […]

8K TVs On The Way

Samsung is to sell 8K televisions by the end of the year. Meanwhile some 4K set owners can while away the wait for widespread content by turning their home into a licensed art gallery. The 8K sets are likely to be officially launched at a tech show at the end of August and then put […]

Google Gaming System Rumors A Buffet Of Maybes

Rumors of a Google gaming platform are doing the rounds, though it’s very much a case of piecing together a puzzle at the moment. Since February, there’s been talk of Google working on gaming under the codename of Project Yeti. Now Kotaku has brought together tips from five first- and second-hand sources, but how these […]