Minibus Offers 3-For-1 On Tech Trends


Think of some recent tech trends and you might name self-driving cars, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. All three have now been combined in an electric vehicle. Olli is a 12-seater self-driving minibus that’s partially operated by IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence system that famously beat two Jeopardy! champions and has since been used for […]

Cable Industry Holds Out On Set Top Box Changes

By Andrew Currie [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Cable operators say they are willing to compromise in the dispute over third-party cable boxes, but are holding out on letting customers make recordings on such boxes. The proposal comes after a meeting with the Federal Communications Commission, which recently threatened to introduce tighter regulation. The FCC says in principle cable companies should let customers […]

Producer: Female Zelda Lead Wouldn’t Work


The producer of the Legend of Zelda series has explained why he and colleagues decided against having a female lead in the latest instalment. Eiji Aonuma said making Princess Zelda the main character would leave Link without a purpose. Speculation about a possible female lead has been running for two years since a trailer showed […]

Xbox One/PS4 Upgrades Confirmed


Sony and Microsoft have both confirmed upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One with support for 4K graphics. Sony also detailed some of the high-profile virtual reality games on the way. Sony hasn’t revealed any details about the new machine other than confirming it will be named the Neo, replacing the codename of “PS4.5” […]

“First Law” Robot Acts Like A Prick


A robot that can “decide” to harm humans is the latest attempt to provoke debate about artificial intelligence. But it’s debatable whether there’s any intelligence involved. The “First Law” robot is the work of Alexander Reben, a designer at University of Berkely, California who “designs robots and novel interfaces to explore our evolving relationship with technology.” […]

Star Trek Delta Coin Is Legal Currency


The Canadian mint now offers a range of Star Trek-themed coins including the world’s first delta-shaped currency. They are legal to spend, though in most cases you’d be behind on the deal. The only coin being sold at face value is a $20 silver coin with the Enterprise on one side. It’s one of three […]

Real “Deus Ex” Prosthetic Arms On The Way


Designs for prosthetic arms based on Deus Ex are to be released royalty-free for use on 3D printers. It follows a man receiving an arm based on Metal Gear Solid. While the MGS arm was a high-tech one-off sponsored by Konami and designed by an artist, the Deus Ex arms will be manufactured by the […]

GPS Fail Not Hacking, Lexus Says

Credit: @jrodriguez1203

The built in navigation systems in many Lexus vehicles have been hit by a “purple screen of death.” Despite some initial excitement, the problem appears to be a failed software update rather than hacking. While reports from owners are mixed, it appears the problem may affect all Lexi (to give the correct plural) from 2014 […]

Original Star Trek Gets Barbie Dolls


Mattel has released three Star Trek themed Barbie dolls to mark the show’s 50th anniversary. It’s the first time Barbies have come as original Star Trek series characters rather than merely Ken and Barbie dressed up. The dolls are based on Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and Lt Uhura from the original run, as portrayed by […]

Wireless Gadget Gets Pregnant Women A Train Seat


South Korean train passengers no longer need risk the embarrassment of mistakenly implying a woman is pregnant. A pilot program uses wireless sensors to trigger a light when a pregnant woman approaches a seat. The ‘Pink Light’ program in Busan involves the women carrying a small beacon that runs for six months on a single […]

The Sims Drops Gender Boundaries


The latest update for The Sims 4 has removed all gender boundaries that affect the appearance and behavior of a character. The makers say the changes are “to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to.” According to Maxis, more than 700 content pieces that were once restricted to a […]

Google AI Makes Music


A Google artificial intelligence project has written a mediocre piano melody. It’s definitely a case of the process being more interesting than the product. The project, Magenta, is part of Google Brain which is the company’s machine learning department. Magenta is an attempt to advance machine learning beyond understanding content to creating art and music. […]